When Will Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus Coming out

When Will Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus Coming out

Samsung Galaxy S11 coming out: Since there is no official statement of releasing the Samsung S11 or Samsung S11 Plus. But according to the rumors, it will launch in mid of February 2024. There are many rumors we hear from the Samsung S11. We have missed a lot of features in Samsung S10 and Note 10. We are expecting that Samsung will overcome on these features and will add missing features in the coming Samsung S11.

In this article, we will mention those features which we think Samsung will include in Samsung S11 or S11 Plus(if it released after the Samsung S11 or Samsung S11 Lite). We hope these new features will come with more fine forms in the next S flagship.

There are millions of Samsung users worldwide, and of course, everyone is inspired by the latest Technology of Samsung. Recently, we have seen some folding phones of Samsung like Galaxy Fold. It has amazing features.

The question in the mind of many users that when is the galaxy s11 coming out? So the answer to this question we already mentioned at the start. We will see some Samsung S11 Tips, Features, rumors, Price of Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus, News, camera specifications, other S11 specs, and some Leaks.

Before the move to complete analysis or review on features. Will we take a look at quick questions and answers to Samsung S11 or Samsung S11 Plus?

Release Date New Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus

One of the rumors, we heard that Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus are coming on 18 February. Officially, Samsung has not released any date of releasing the smartphone. We will update you about the latest News of Samsung Galaxy S11, like the exact release date and price as we get the News from Samsung Board. For this big launch, we can not rely on rumors.

If we talk about the previous year, we have seen the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with the Samsung Galaxy S10 in February 2019. Therefore, with this trend, we may see the Samsung S11 in February or March 2024.

One of the sources spoke with SamMobile that Samsung S11 would launch on February 18 as S9 and S10 also released in 2018 and 2019 February. If we see the Samsung release history of S series, then we will say the phones usually released within these two months of February or March.

On the other hand, if we go back and check the release date of Samsung S8, then it also released in these months. So we are sure that Samsung is going to release the S11 or S11 Lite in February or maximum at the end of February.

Samsung galaxy s11 coming our Camera Arrangement Front Facing

Price of Samsung Galaxy S11

If we see the actual price if Samsung S10, then the cost of S10 was $899 and AU$1349. Therefore, we must say that Samsung is releasing S11 with a rate of more than $899 and AU$1349.

We are expecting that Samsung S11 or S11 Lite price will be not so high than the S10 Price as we analyzed that S10 price was too high as compared to the Samsung S9 or S9+.

How many galaxies S11 Expected Cost: Rumors and we expect that the price of Samsung S11 will increase around the $1000 and AU$1500. It will be the lowest price for more memory, maybe price changes.

If Samsung users do not want to spend a lot of money, then its expectation that Samsung S11 Lite will come before the actual release of Samsung S11 and price will cheaper. So many of the S11 fans can buy the phone and amazed by the maximum features.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Possible Scrapping

We have seen one of the tweets of Evan Blass on Twitter that Samsung S11 will be a hybrid phone and maybe scrapped altogether. There are chances that it will replace a hybrid phone.

Blass discussed Samsung S11 release and gave Idea to Samsung to fuse the S11 and Note 11 and make one more most exceptional phone. He added that it would have more chances that the sales will increase if it provides more quality and features in one phone by combining Note 10.

Latest News Samsung S11 – Rumors of Samsung S11 

We have read some rumors and some of are our expectation if we see the S series history and some tweets from some users: Here we are discussing:

Top 8 Samsung S11 Latest News

  1. Before Releasing the Samsung S11, Samsung may release the Galaxy Samsung S11 Lite.
  2. The price of S11 Lite will cheaper as compared to actual S11 Price.
  3. The possible Launch date of S11 is 18 February.
  4. The phone will release in San Francisco.
  5. Spectrometer patent was awarded to Samsung, and we may seem it in Samsung S11.
  6. Powerful 108MP camera sensor first time in the history of Samsung.
  7. 5X Optical Zoom.
  8. An in-screen fingerprint sensor is more significant as compared to the Galaxy S10. The larger Fingerprint sensor will ease the users to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S11 fast.

Two Screens Samsung Galaxy S11?

Are we going to see the two screens of the Samsung Galaxy S11? We have not heard about it. But there are chances that there will be two screens. One small monitor on the backside of the phone. As we know, Samsung has a patent for this Galaxy S11 design.

Samsung galaxy s11 coming our with 2 screens

This design will remove the need for a Selfie camera. Users can use the second screen to frame pictures with the help of the primary Camera. Let’s see how this design will work, and it eases the user’s requirements. So all these designs are patented by Samsung.

Galaxy S11 Design and Full-Screen Display?

As many designs come in the history of smartphones, include folding, edge to edge, and more. According to rumors in South Korea, Front-facing Cameras will behind the Display of the panel, as we discussed above. On the front side, Samsung wants to use the build-in sensor camera.

Some of the rumors said that there would be a pop-up camera, and some said there would a small hole type, as we can see in Samsung S10. Samsung S10 has a cutout, while in S10 Plus, we cannot know the Camera when we are not using it.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Cameras Features

We are in the World of 2024 when Samsung releases its Samsung S11, and it will the wish of every Samsung Fan to buy this Phone in February 2024. When we say Samsung has a 108MP camera, and you don’t believe it.

Is it true what? Are you sure? People are surprised, and their reactions are fantastic and desperate for the phone when they hear about 108MP S11 Camera.

108 MP Camera

Samsung has launched a triple-lens camera for the Samsung S10 and S10 Plus. Recently, Samsung announced a 48MP and 64MP cameras, and we can believe that a 108MP sensor camera is possible. Why are we so confident?

Samsung has announced the 108MP sensor, and it is the rumor and more added as they are releasing the 5X Optical Zoom lens.

One of the sources said about 5X optical Xoom that “this 5X lens will not be a normal one”.

We have read somewhere that Samsung is working on a lens that works more best on Xoom features. This time in Samsung S11, the lens is more flush. They are releasing more Xoom lenses at the back of the phones.

One of the Samsung Galaxy S11 sources said that “Galaxy S11 Lens will look more different and advances as compared to previously released lenses in S7, S8, S9, and S10”. So After this, not only fans, even we are excited about this come out of Samsung S11.

Samsung S11 Specifications and Features: What are we going to see?

On the Samsung Forum of tech, we have read that Samsung company, which is launching a big phone every year, has created a 12GB DRAM. The DRAM is more advanced as compared to other regular RAMS. It can read the data from phone memory more quickly.

The DRAM is officially going to be a part of Samsung Galaxy S11.

What is DRAM? The DRAM is Dynamic Random Access memory. It stores each bit of data on a separate capacitor. Therefore, the speed of DRAM as compared to RAM is faster.

Chipset: According to the Sina, Samsung is going to release a tiny 5nm Chipset. Till now, no phone is using this Chipset. Later on, Samsung will use this little Chipset in the next phones.

Spectrometer: Samsung has got the patent for the Spectrometer features on the phone. Samsung Spectrometer in Samsung S11 will use to check the chemical composition of different objects. It will perform outstandingly in Android Phones.

Snapdragon: After the Chipset of 5nm, they are using the 865 Snapdragon and can beat any other smartphones. It will be a promising feature as the phone is releasing as US Version.

Samsung Galaxy S11 R & D Code

Picasso is the code name Samsung is going to use this internally in Samsung Galaxy S11.

One of the sources said that Samsung Galaxy S11 and Samsung Note 11 would combine to make a new series and will get all unique user-experience.

Qualcomm Chip – Samsung S11 5G Technology

Qualcomm discussed the future of 5G chips in 2019. With the mobile processors, Samsung now wants to introduce the 5G Technology.

Cristiano Amon is the President of Qualcomm said that Technology would take it to the next level. In the flagship phones, Samsung will introduce this Technology. We say that it is a big step for the Qualcomm. It is one of the best and first 5G modems. X50 and shortly X55 are standalone chips.

There is already a 5G technology in Samsung Galaxy S10 on the 6.7-inch screen. It has a massive 4500 mAh battery.

According to the official Qualcomm, the new chip will more efficient and powerful. It will make the battery faster and for a long time.

SnapDragon 865 – Samsung Galaxy S11

We have talked a lot on the Qualcomm chip, but we cannot forget the Snapdragon latest technology whenever we talk about the features of Samsung Galaxy S11. Qualcomm announces the details in December for the Processor. Let’s see what Qualcomm will introduce this December. Snapdragon 855 in Samsung S10 gives power and colossal performance.

You don’t need to wait much at the end of the year, but we are expecting that Qualcomm Kona will go to introduce with multicore 12,946 results.

iPhone 11 processor is faster with the A13 Processor. Now we are waiting for how Technology will work more faster with Snapdragon 865.

What We Want and Our Expectation From Samsung S11?

Samsung galaxy s11 coming our Possible Design Samsung S11

We will update you whenever Samsung launches the new News about Samsung S11. We have a lot of rumor about features and Samsung S10, and S10 plus has given a lot of clues, and here what we are expecting from the Samsung S11?

Better Photos in Low Light: If we talk about google pixel 3’s night mode. Google has given the feature to capture the photo in the darkest way. iPhone 11 also performs well in the night mode. Now we are expecting from the Samsung Galaxy S11 to give a better result in dark mode.

More Natural Gestures: Most of the gestures in Samsung S10 we have seen already. But in 2024, we want to see more gestures with more natural results. Go home, back, and swipe, in all these three areas, we want a more quality experience.

Ditch Curved Display: Curved Display was in the Galaxy S10 and S10 plus. On the flat screen, there are fewer chances to press or touch on the screen accidentally. When you hold the phone, there will be fewer chances.

Improved the Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint will be on a Display screen, and Samsung has claimed that the in-display finger sensor will improve. The sensor on the finger becomes much more significant as compared to the Samsung S10. It will be easy for users to open the phone immediately.

On the other hand, Samsung has already registered a patent for dual-screen. One smaller screen on the back panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the quick questions and answers for the users to read quickly and get the answers in a single line.

When does the galaxy s11 come out?

Galaxy S11 release date is February 2024. It might be 18 February 2024.

Release date new Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus?

We are not sure about the Samsung S11 Plus, but Samsung S11 Lite is coming with the Samsung S11. So we are expecting the phone is coming in February 2024.

What is the Latest News About Samsung Galaxy S11?

Samsung S series S11 is coming in the next months in the mid of February 2024.

What will be the cost/Price of S11?

It will cost around or more than $899. In the Australian dollar, the Samsung S11 price will be more than AU$1,349. In Uk, S11 Price will more than £799.

Our Final Thoughts on Galaxy S11

We are waiting for the latest technology in the Samsung Galaxy S11; especially, we are looking for Camera features, snapdragon, 5nm chip technology, and more. According to the sina, Samsung S11 is the first phone in which this chip will place, and overall performance will increase.

There are no exact words about this chip, and we don’t know what chip is called. But the Latest Samsung processor is called Exynos 9825.

We recommend to bookmark this page, and we will update you here with the latest Samsung Galaxy S11 News and technologies. We will also mention the exact date of release on this page.

If you have something to share, you can write to us in the mail or tell us in a comment. Or have any questions, do let us know in the comment section.