Samsung Galaxy S11 Model Numbers S11e 5G (SM-G9810), S11 5G (SM-G9860), and S11+ 5G (SM-G9880)

Samsung Galaxy S11 Model Number S11e 5G (SM-G9810), S11 5G (SM-G9860), and S11+ 5G (SM-G9880)

Recently there was a significant security issue found in Samsung Galaxy S10. The fingerprint stored in the device had some effect. There were some conditions that anyone can open the Samsung S10 using the fingerprint on the main home screen. In this guide, we will see Samsung Galaxy S11 Model Number and Variants. 

This one was the big blunder from the company now Samsung Galaxy S11 coming out in February. So there is a lot of pressure on the company. We will see how a company like Samsung will handle the situation and calm down its users.

We can expect some more features in Samsung S11. Recently, Samsung Galaxy Model Numbers also have some rumors that S11e 5G (SM-G9810), S11 5G (SM-G9860), and S11+ 5G (SM-G9880) is coming in 2024.

Three Samsung Galaxy S11 Models with 5G 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 came with many designs with Samsung S10e, and that was Lineup design. They have introduced the Galaxy S10e because they want to broaden the lineup. Similarly, we are expecting the same in the Samsung Galaxy S11 that it will come with three different devices.

We are not sure, but one of the Chinese company leaks from the Korean tech guy who said that Samsung is going to Introduce the New Samsung Galaxy S series with three modes.

He added all three devices would have 5G connectivity. We are expecting these devices, S11, S11e, and S11+.

Samsung S11 Model Number and Name

  1. S11e 5G (SM-G9810)
  2. S11 5G (SM-G9860)
  3. S11+ 5G (SM-G9880)

Samsung Galaxy S11 Model Numbers S11e 5G (SM-G9810), S11 5G (SM-G9860), and S11+ 5G (SM-G9880)

5G Connectivity in Samsung S11e (SM-G9810)

The Good News is 5G connectivity is coming in the Samsung S11e model number also. Now chiefly in South Korea, People will get benefits from the 5G connectivity, and South Korean customers will get benefits from this technology.

In the field of networking and providing more user-experiences for data coverage. Samsung is no doubt working a lot, not for only the people, but they are introducing new tech to the World.

As we have seen that Samsung S11 features were just amazing. They introduced a Snapdragon 865 and Primary camera 108 MP. They are more focusing on zoom lenses to provide precise results.

Final Words About Samsung S11 Model Number and Name

We have some more rumors that Samsung this time is using 5X Optical Zoom and 10X Lossless Zoom in their new models. Samsung is going to use the latest M10 display. We have more rumors that Samsung is collaborating Samsung S11 and Note 11 and will provide a stunning device with powerful features.

As time passes, we are getting more News. For now, Samsung Model numbers S11e 5G (SM-G9810), S11 5G (SM-G9860), and S11+ 5G (SM-G9880) with devices name are making more interest in the users, and they are desperately waiting for devices. 

We recommend that you get updated with us for all the information about these Samsung Galaxy S11 Model Number. We will share All the Samsung S11 Latest News.