How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus (100% Free)

So you have purchased the Samsung Galaxy S11 or S11 Plus now you want to unlock the phone without any cost. If your Samsung S11 or Samsung S11 Plus is still locked, then it means that the phone is tied or binds with some specific carrier’s cellular service.

It is essential to unlock it because you want to use the phone for another carrier.

Contact Service Provider to Unlock Samsung S11 or S11 Plus

The first solution is you can go and contact the service provider and request them to unlock Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus. Let suppose you did not make any contract or paid yourself the fee for the phone; then, of course, the carrier can easily unlock your Samsung S11 Phone.

There are two ways either they can unlock it in the store, or they can also unlock free Samsung S11 or S11+ remotely.

So go ahead and read more. We are assuming that your carrier is not looking for your request. Now you have to unlock Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus Free yourself. There is one method on the internet available, or you can say one service available to free unlock the Samsung S11.

How to Free Unlock Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus – Codes and Tools

Here we are mentioning some of the unlocking tools to unlock Samsung S11 without paying, and it is free of cost available on the internet. Some of the services may now pay, but you can check. So let’s move on.

The first step is to find the Samsung Galaxy S11 Model Number.

Find Samsung S11 Model Number

 Remove the battery from the phone, and you will see there a model number of your Samsung Galaxy S11. Usually, now we heard that there are three models of Samsung S11 Phones.

  1. S11e 5G (SM-G9810)
  2. S11 5G (SM-G9860)
  3. S11+ 5G (SM-G9880)

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S11 Using WorldUnlock Codes Calculator Method#1

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator generates several codes for a lot of Samsung phones. They are providing codes from the major of the telephone like Huawei, Samsung, or Xiaomi.

You need to search it on google and download this. Then provide Samsung Galaxy S11 or S11 Plus model numbers, manufacturer, IMEI Number. Once you provide this information, it will give you access to code to unlock the phone.

Make sure while you are inserting the code in Samsung S11 or S11 plus, then remove the SIM card then place the code. That’s it. You have unlocked Samsung Galaxy S11.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S11 Using UnlockSamsungOnline Method#2

There is a program named SRS. You can visit the UnlockSamsungOnline website, and there is a proper step by step instructions to unlock the Samsung s11.

Unlock Samsung S11 Plus Using Free SIM Unlock Samsung Online Method#3

Go to google and search for Free SIM Unlock Samsung Online. Open their official website, and this tool will not let you download anything, and you can easily get the unlock code for your Samsung S11.

Unlock Samsung S11 Plus Using Universal SimLock Remover Method#4

Universal SimLock Remover is a third party software that can unlock a lot of phone models, including LG, Samsung, Xiomi, and many other phones in a single click.

Precautions During Unlock Your Samsung S11 Phones

When you unlock your Samsung Galaxy S11 yourself, maybe there are chances to lose the warranty. If you don’t have the experience, then the process can harm your phone. If already know then well and great.

We recommend that you should consult someone who knows about unlocking the Samsung Galaxy S11 or any other phones.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S11 Legal?

Most of the Samsung S11 users are asking this question that either it is legal. Then in most countries, including the USA, unlocking the Samsung Phone is completely Legal.

Benefits of Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus

Many users are always looking for the unlock code to unlock their Samsung galaxy s11 phones. Because once you unlocked, it will give you freedom of using the phone. You will get all the features of the phone.

  • Use new apps and software quickly.
  • You can make cheaper calls.
  • Give Freedom to Use Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus.
  • Installation of New Tools.

When you unlock your Galaxy S11 Plus, maybe it won’t work for all carriers. Because of technologies different among all the Service providers.

In case your Samsung S11 is working with other carriers, then it might be possible some features will not work as they were working with the previous carriers.

Carrier Compatibility Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus

If we talk about the USA, then there are two networks. One is GSM, and the other is CDMA. Only limited Hybrid phones are available for GSM and CDMA. Most of the carriers are moving towards the GSM Network standard.

Global System for Mobile Communication has SIM Slots. So any phone or tablet which has Long term Evolution(LTE) must contain the Sim card slot, and they are using GSM.

Before Unlocking, contact with the service provider and make sure your Samsung S11 model will match with the service provider after unlocking it or not.

Alternative Methods to Unlock Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus

There are many paid tools available in the market, and they are claiming that they have thousands of code for a different smartphone to unlock. So let’s take a look at these paid tools. Paid tools work more excellent as they are charging for the services, and of course, they will solve your issues too related to Samsung S11 and S11 Plus.

Unlock Samsung S11/S11+ with Dr.fone toolkit

Dr.fone ToolKit is a famous tool that is providing unlock code for all Samsung devices. The service is paid, but you can also use the free Trial.

Final Words about Unlock S11:

We have discussed a few methods to unlock Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 Plus. Some of the ways are free, and some are paid. Dr.fone is a paid method. If you don’t like it, you can also use the Cellunlocker or unlock base.

If you found any difficulty during the process, let us know. We will guide you. Further. You can read more about the Samsung S11 Problems and solutions from ComputerInspire.