How To Select The Best Contractor Scheduling Apps

The US construction industry is expected to expand by 4.5% at the end of 2024. The reason behind that expansion is more investments in construction businesses, transport, and technology.

Considering this rapid growth, more and more construction companies and contractors are now using advanced tools like Bridgit to streamline the construction processes. Such software helps them manage the project’s schedule and workflow.

Contractor scheduling apps also boost the overall productivity of the construction team. But how do you know which scheduling app is best for your business? This post will show you how to find the best contractor scheduling app for construction projects.

What to consider while investing in a contractor scheduling app?


Currently, over 20 contractor scheduling apps are available in the online market. They all serve a common purpose: schedule construction activities for the contractors. But with good, there is also some bad.

So before making a final decision, you must look for the following features in a contractor scheduling app:

1. Device compatibility

The scheduling app must be compatible with common and modern devices. For example, Apple devices use macOS and iOS operating systems (OS), while Microsoft devices use Windows OS. These two are the most common OS in the world.

However, the construction site and headquarters might differ from an ordinary office environment. That’s because construction teams need to run heavy software on their systems for different purposes:

  • Modeling – The construction model displays the building and its functional characteristics in digital form. Modeling needs powerful software to work.
  • Estimation – Project estimation includes construction costs, resources, and activities.
  • Blueprint – Generation of a detailed project’s architecture on blue paper labeled with white marks.

Due to heavy software requirements, ensure the contractor scheduling app is compatible with different OS. You can check the device requirements on the app’s specifications page. That will give you a better insight into the software.

2. Online integration

Sometimes the project headquarter and the construction site are far away. You must share and receive construction documents online using the contractor scheduling app.

It would be a nightmare if you buy the premium software and it doesn’t have the online integration feature. So, always ensure that the scheduling app is integratable online with other devices and apps.

Online integration of software has become a necessity because no one wants to cover long distances just to check out a piece of document. Moreover, cloud technology has enabled the online integration of different software. So, ensure that the software you buy has this feature in full working condition.

The online integration feature doesn’t mean you stop visiting the construction site. That app is for scheduling purposes. You must visit the construction site regularly to check the project status.


3. Online collaboration

The contractor schedule you want to buy must have the online collaboration feature. That allows you to connect with other project members regardless of time and space. You can also communicate with them and share and receive documents without additional cost.

The online collaboration feature is another important factor in today’s construction industry. According to a report, 70% of people said poor collaboration causes project delays and cost overruns.

The construction industry also has other risks associated with having no or poor online collaboration, including:

  • Accidents – One of the common reasons for job site accidents in construction is poor collaboration.
  • Equipment failure – Construction machinery might burn out if a clear message is not received on when to shut it down.
  • Stress – Employees suffer from stress when the project is behind schedule due to poor collaboration.

Collaboration in the construction industry also refers to communication with the project stakeholders and team members. So, always check the scheduling software has the online collaboration feature available.

4. Ease of use

The contractor scheduling app must be easy to use. Most of the time, the contractor or the project will use the scheduler.

Since app developers are using cutting-edge technology to develop these apps, users might not be aware of such technology. That’s a common problem in the construction industry, as contractors and schedulers cannot adapt.

You also know that change is never easy and even harder in the construction industry. Experienced contractors use their traditional way of making a construction schedule. As a result, they might show reluctance when you offer them a new tool, i.e., the scheduling app for construction apps.

So, the only way to convince them is to check out how easy the app is for old-school contractors. You can also test the app by using its free version. Although you might not get all of the features, you must check the ease-of-use feature of the app.

5. Customer support


Modern construction scheduling apps undoubtedly perform well. However, getting bugs or errors in the runtime is common while using any software. The only way to fix such issues is to contact customer support.

Now imagine you are about to complete the construction schedule with the stakeholders. Just before the final review, the app gets stuck. In such a situation, you must fix the issue without disturbing the construction schedule.

So, invest in a contractor scheduling app with 24/7 active and responsive customer support. The representatives would help you fix the issue and avoid embarrassment in front of stakeholders and clients.

6. Reviews

Last but not least, check out the reviews of each contractor scheduling app. If you are worried about the long list, just search for the best software to schedule a construction project. After that, filter out the top 10 and read their reviews.

That’s a time-consuming activity, but you will find a lot about each contractor scheduling app. Then, once you are done checking the reviews, go for the best one which fulfills your needs.


The contractor scheduling app you want to buy must have all the above features. Of course, you will find tough competition. That’s why you must get real-time reviews from other contractors. Their words will help you find the best contractor scheduling app for construction projects.