8 Best Health Apps for iPhone in 2024

Nowadays, when everything around us moves at a fast pace, remaining healthy and maintaining a quality lifestyle may seem challenging. Health is affected on numerous levels on an everyday basis. Whether you haven’t had a good night of sleep, or you haven’t eaten regularly for a few days, your welfare is upset by all sorts of trauma and it corresponds accordingly. Likewise, you may have forgotten to go to the gym or to drink enough water after an exercise, therefore your wellbeing will stagger. There are multiple small things that, when taken all into account and reassigned to work for you, may improve the quality of life on a wider scale and impact your everyday welfare.

For a modern man, there is a global trend. Luckily, there are numerous apps created just for the sake of improving one’s life and are just one tap away, waiting to be downloaded on your iPhone. Whether you need to be reminded to eat at a certain time of a day or even to be told what you should eat according to your needs, there are apps designed to suit your needs. On the other hand, making excuse about forgetting your gym practice shall be useful, since there are apps crafted for that purpose solely. Apart from mere reminders, apps designed to identify what you need and aid you in achieving it are the thing we will talk about in the rows below. It is easy to better yourself when you are provided with the tools you need.

1. Headspace

Source: productcoalition.com

This app is a perfect tool when you want to take some time to relax and restore positive vibrations. Whether you want to meditate or you simply need a chill pill, Headspace will deliver. Since all that you hear comes with sound instruction, your only task is to tap your iPhone a few times and enjoy the rest of the session you have chosen.

2. Clue

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This app is specially designed to help the ladies. Apart from asserting the ovulation date and suggesting when your period should occur, it also uses data concerning your sleep and mood in order to help you deal with PMS. Clue proved itself a handy tool and keeps assisting ladies in need.

3. Lifesum

Source: dietspotlight.com

No matter what is your diet of choice, this app helps you control your calory intake. Since there are more than a thousand recipes arranged to assist you with eating healthy, you will have no trouble to stick to your preplanned diet. Not only can it be used as a snack planner but you can also use it as a form of a meal diary where you can track what you eat and when you eat.

4. MySwimPro

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There is an app designed particularly for passionate water sport enjoyers. Since it is compatible with the apple watch you can take it with you underwater. Whether you prefer butterfly, freestyle, or breaststroke, here you will be able to customize the training according to your needs and wants. Not only will you be able to plan and track your swimming progress, but also consult various videos advising you how to level up your swimming game. There are all sorts of personalized pieces of training available for you to pick from according to what you consider fun and useful.

5. MyFitnessPal

Source: time.com

The force is strong with this one, considering its treasury keeps data of more than astonishing five million different foods. Keeping track of what you eat is brought down to using a single app with one of the largest databases about food. Balancing the diet to get the optimal results from what you consume has never been easier. There are numerous tips on how to live healthy and various recipes for detoxication. On the other hand, if your skills in the kitchen fail to impress and you still want to detoxify your system, you may find numerous tips online. While certain websites provide you with the knowledge needed for preparing this kind of potions, others make them for you. Visit MedSignals if you want to find out more about the amazing properties of a whole-body detox and how Ready Clean detox drink makes your system free of unwanted pollutants.

6. Instant Heart Rate

Source: connectedhealthandfitness.wordpress.com

If you are looking for an app that can help you monitor your heart, Instant Heart Rate may be the ideal choice. It is one of the best-rated apps specializing in heart measurements. Besides measuring the heart rate, it provides additional data through charts and graphs where you can interpret the condition of your heart muscle. All of the aforementioned is free and even more impressive features unlock for a small fee required for a premium account.

7. Cardiio

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Another app with the ability to keeping the track of your heart rate. Apart from that, it teaches you how to get in the best possible shape by personalizing training to your body type and current condition. As you continue using Cardiio, it learns with you and about you continuously in order to provide you as detailed plan for your physical prosperity as possible. Combined with a few other apps, it almost completely replaces personal trainers, leaving the decision making and velocity of pieces of training for you solely.

8. Charity Miles

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Do you lack motivation for running? What can be more moving than the urge to help others in need, and that is exactly what Charity Miles allows you to. Namely, you are being paid a certain amount of money for running, walking, and cycling while using this app, and the money goes to the charity of your choice. Not only by doing mere activities but also for completing different challenges may you earn money and assist the ones who need helping the most. Hence, this is a rare opportunity to be noble to your body while being noble to somebody else, at the same time.

Those are just some of the little helpers you can find on your Appstore. Whether you need them to help you with the time organization or you need assistance with counting your calories, they prove to be more than helpful. With the help of the apps, your dull routines may become more pleasing and the things you do not usually do with ease can become your favorite part of the day.