5 Common iPhone Battery Misconceptions – 2024 Guide

Since the iPhone is a legendary device that has been dictating technological trends for over a decade, it comes as no surprise that there are various misconceptions about it. Although products released by the Apple brand are considered to be top-notch and considerably surpass the competition, there are certain believes regarding a battery of their most prominent product, the iPhone, which have upgraded their status from a rumor to nowadays false legend. Even though most people believe these myths to be true, they are false and we will help you to recognize them and skip them in the future simply because they are not worthy of your time.

The work of Steve Jobs and the Apple company has influenced the world on a global scale and even after one of the most famous entrepreneurs to have ever lived has passed away, the company continues to develop his idea and upgrade it with every product released.

Therefore, it comes as no wonder that certain misconceptions are related to a brand of huge importance such as Apple. Myths are there to be believed in or to be debunked, and what we shall do in the following segments of this text is debunking! Therefore, think about common believes about an iPhone and see if one of them is on our list.

Since the battery is one of the most important parts of any device, believing in certain misconceptions can lead to inconvenient situations. Without your battery charged you can use your iPhone for anything else but its real purpose. It is the heart of your iPhone and it needs to be powered with energy in order for you to listen to your favorite songs, play videos, make phone calls, and capture photographs of moments important for you.

To release yourself from the unpleasant burden of false information about the heart of your iPhone, read through the following lines, and have fun while doing it! There is a chance that you have heard about some of the myths about the iPhone battery, but we are certain that you will stumble upon some fresh discoveries people believe are true.

1. You Should not Use Your iPhone While it is Connected to a Charger

Source: news.sky.com

And why wouldn’t you? Even if this were true, there are very few people, if any, that respect this myth. The belief is that using an iPhone while it is still charging damages the battery and shortens its lifetime. Also, it is believed that your phone will lose its battery capacity if you do not obey the myth, which is also untrue. The only thing that will happen if you use your iPhone while it still charges is that it will take insignificantly more time for the battery to fully charge, which is reasonable since you spend a certain amount of energy while you do what you do with your device.

What should people do before they believe in everything they were said is to gather as much possible information about the subject of their interest. When talking about the iPhone, that could be easily done by visiting websites specialized in this particular subject, so see this if you need to gather more info about iPhones and the novelties this brand offers.

2. Your Battery will be Damaged if You Leave Your iPhone Connected to a Charger Overnight

Source: cnbc.com

To be honest, this one is partially true. Well, it used to be. Nowadays, iPhones are constructed in a way that leaving your phone charging overnight will cause absolutely no damage to your battery since newer versions are upgraded with a chip that prevents the constant energy flow to your device. Therefore, your iPhone will instantly stop charging once it reaches its full capacity so neither will the battery suffer nor will you spend sufficient electrical energy.

3. If You do not Use your Original Charger your Battery Dies Out

Source: time.com

This one is also partially true. If you are in a hurry and you do not have your original charger at your side, feel free and use another charger in order to power up your iPhone. What you need to worry about is whether that charger is made by Apple or it is an alternative made by who knows who. The reason is simple, and it is because the false charger probably handles a different voltage than your device requires. Back in 2005, Apple launched MFI, which stands for “Made for iDevice” strictly for these reasons, thus, remember it is better to be safe than sorry!

4. Charge it All the Way Up

Source: dreammesh.ng

For years, people thought that charging their iPhone fully and draining the battery completely will affect the state of the battery. Fortunately, this is false, otherwise, you would be required to be left without your phone because it would turn off after the battery is completely empty. What is important to mention is that you would do better to your battery if you do not charge it completely, simply because charging your iPhone increases the overall temperature of the phone, which is bad for the lithium batteries. Fortunately, the structures of batteries are specific and they can heal themselves up to a certain degree if you keep them in cold.

5. Closing All Apps Can Save Battery

Source: theverge.com

Although this one sounds reasonable enough, the truth is that it is not true. Namely, even the vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, commented on the topic and reassured everybody that you will gain absolutely nothing by closing all apps. The reason for that is simple, and that is that the apps that work in the background use the battery no matter if they are opened or not, and the apps that you do not use stop spending the energy as soon as you stop using them. Therefore, they reemerge once you open them again and continue using power once they are actualized anew. Closing them and opening again causes them to even spend more energy since they require a certain amount of power in order to be initiated. Thus, save yourself from the trouble and leave them open.

There you have it! Hopefully, the list has been fun for you to read and, which is more important, useful. Once you read through the aforementioned myths about the iPhone battery, you will be able to change certain habits that did nothing but stealing your precious time.