5 Most Common Workplace Injuries For Tech Businesses – A 2024 Guide

A lot of people think that workplace injuries do not happen in tech businesses, however, that is not entirely true. In fact, accidents such as slip and falls and muscle strains happen every day. And, if you also believed that such injuries do not occur in tech businesses, you might be wondering – what are the most common ones?

Luckily for all of you searching for an answer to this question, this article might be able to help you. The text below is going to feature a list of the 5 most common workplace injuries in tech businesses, as well as some things that business owners are doing in order to lower the number of injuries. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Slipping, Tripping, And Falling

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No matter what the enterprise environment is – a store, factory, or an office – it is possible for employees to come across slippery areas or they might trip over something and fall down. Additionally, if the employee needs to operate at heights – such as installing a specific device or machine – it is possible that they fall down. These situations are most commonly known as slip and fall accidents and they are the most common injuries people in tech businesses sustain.

What can a business owner do? Well, in this case, they should first place signs where the slippery areas are and if they cannot eliminate the area, they might also opt for placing cords or wires that will stop people from walking over the surface. Additionally, they could also eliminate any clutter, as well as loose carpets and other items that might cause someone to trip and fall down.

2. Straining Muscles

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According to the workers’ compensation claims lawyers from Foyle Legal, another common injury is straining muscles from repetitive motions. In fact, it is one of the reasons why company owners need to make claims on the compensation policies. In the tech industry, individuals need to use computers and other devices all the time, which can lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome or different conditions that can affect people.

A company owner can do several things to ensure that this does not happen to their IT department. For starters, investing in better furniture such as ergonomic chairs and desks is crucial. Also, they can encourage people to focus on whether or not they are feeling signs of early pain since it can help hinder any condition from developing if caught early on.

3. Falling Items

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Again, no matter what environment an employee is in, there is a big possibility of something falling down and hitting them – which is something that can lead to serious and life-threatening injuries. Different objects can fall from almost any place, including high shelves and cupboards, and although an object might be small, if it falls down in full force, people can get seriously injured and hurt.

In order to avoid such accidents from happening, there are some things that can be done. Firstly, if there are any signs or objects on the walls, they should be checked frequently in order to secure them if they are not. Additionally, installing proper storage units is crucial, especially since people will be able to safely take and return an object.

4. Car Accidents

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There are times when IT employees need to travel from one place to another in order to fix or install something, which means that there is also a possibility of a car accident occurring. No matter if the person is driving a car, truck, or motorcycle, they can get into a collision, which is something that can lead to come serious consequences and injuries to all the individuals that were involved in the accident.

Hence, if the employee is driving a company vehicle, a business owner should ensure that the workers always put on their seatbelts, that they respect the speed limit, and that they know all of the rules and regulations while on the road. Additionally, people could also install cameras that will help with determining how is responsible for an accident.

5. Cuts And Bruises

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There is a wide range of things that can cause people to get lacerations, cuts, and bruises, especially when working on something. From tools and equipment to metal on different devices, they could cause people to get injured. One of the most common reasons for this occurring is bad training, insufficient procedures, and regulations, as well as the lack of high-quality protective equipment such as gloves.

Bosses in the technology industry can ensure that these accidents are prevented by investing in high-quality protection for their workers, as well as investing money into properly training all new and old employees. All of this can ensure that there are no injuries that can lead to further complications if not treated properly.

Do You Need to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

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A workers’ compensation claim is basically an insurance policy that any company can buy in order to provide monetary benefits to the people that sustain injuries while at the office. Any business can buy such a policy from the private insurance company or the government.

If you got injured while at the office and sustained light or serious injuries, you’ll probably be eligible for filing such a claim. Of course, you’ll want to talk to a lawyer in order to determine whether or not you are eligible, and you’ll also want to do it as soon as you can since there are specific time limits for filing a workers’ compensation claim. You can consult with the attorneys at Warnett Hallen to get proper compensation for your injury.


As you can see, there is a wide range of injuries that can occur in a tech business. Now, if business owners want to avoid such problems, it is best to focus on making their office buildings safe and hazard-free, especially since this will lower the chances of their employees getting injured while at work.

So, now that you know what are the most common workplace injuries for tech businesses, you might not want to lose any more time if you experienced such an injury at work. Instead, you should start searching for a lawyer on injurylawyer site that will help you with filing your workers’ compensation claim.