6 Essentials To Have in Your Home IT Office in 2024

We’re all aware of the fact that the IT field is climbing at a steep pace on the ladder of the most promising and useful modern disciplines and professions. A lot of time, effort and money is invested in hiring the best and most efficient professionals who keep the secrets of the computer world in their little finger, and this trend is currently present all over the world. However, in order for people who deal with such complicated and detailed things to be as productive as possible and bring solid and satisfactory results, a certain type of motivation is a must. Of course, a few words come to your mind in the first place. Money. Monies. Cash. And that’s absolutely true, it’s a fact. However, money’s also of no use if the basic need for appropriate equipment and work environment isn’t met. Neither if health and other problems occur due to inadequate conditions.

The work environment primarily includes the work space and the place where these people spend most of their day. If you know at least one, you know that sitting endlessly at a computer and handling a bunch of programming languages ​​and software is included and embedded in their job description. Sometimes fatal to both –  spine and legs.

However, in order to spend all that time in the most comfortable way (at least physically), things can’t be left to fate. Therefore, let’s remind ourselves of the elements that’ll make the office a more pleasant place, and the working hours easier to bear.

1. A proper desk 

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First and foremost. What does a good desk actually mean? Since we’re most familiar with the fact that the IT profession involves complex processes, it’s often necessary to make room for all the additional office things that might be helpful in this way.

So, the first thing – we make sure that there’s enough space on it for everything that should be at our fingertips – pens, paper, notebooks, chargers, phone, as well as manuals and books. For some things you might need two monitors, so you should keep that in mind as well. Also, quality and durable material ensures the longevity of this piece of furniture and saves you bunches of cash you’d give on multiple fewer quality desks.

Of course, not EVERYTHING can fit on it – but you should take care that at least it has enough drawers or side space that can be used to store things we want to save. So, as for the components, they’re number one. Depending on how much it’s needed, sometimes it’s desirable to have a sliding keyboard tray or some other valuable physical parts.

2. A comfy chair

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As we said above – when movement during working hours is reduced to short lunch breaks (and often they’re spent in front of the screen, too!), our body is the first to start protesting. Prolonged sitting on an uncomfortable and hard chair that isn’t intended for such jobs will definitely lead to that. So, point number two – the best chair you can find.

What really matters here? In the first place, just like a desk – it needs to be made of proper material. In this case, the chair needs to ‘breathe’, that is, that it doesn’t retain heat, because otherwise at some point it’ll become uncomfortable to sit on it. If the material is quality, but harder than you can bear, you can help yourself with a comfortable pillow that’ll soften the hardness of the chair.

Back support is just as crucial and beneficial for the spine and posture, as well as adjustable armrests. The possibilities are many, and of course, you can click here and check out what some of them look like – just so you know what to search for.

3. A stable internet connection 

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You know how annoyed you are when in the middle of the game or a movie and the internet starts to bug, or completely stops collaborating – how many times have you wanted to kill someone due to this? Now imagine how much worse that scenario might be in this situation when the internet is the key to everything.

What you simply can’t do without is a fast and reliable connection and traffic. It’s always possible for network services to get interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances, but every effort should be made to find stable packages that are recommended by people who do similar jobs. Even when the price is higher than you planned, it’s definitely worth spending more cash and ensuring your peace.

4. A power bank

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Most developers are constantly keeping in touch with their clients, whether it’s text messages, email, or phone conversations. The latter implies that for this type of communication you need your phone always by your side and that its battery should never go dead at key moments. However, what to do if all sockets are occupied?

Fortunately, there have been solid manufacturers of these amazing gadgets on the market for some time. Depending on the strength of the device, you can charge the phone with them one or more times and you absolutely don’t need a socket or electricity if the device is pre-charged. The great thing for emergency times, right?

5. Blue light glasses

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It’s not only the extremities and back that suffer from constant sitting – the negative impact is also reflected in the damage to sight, which is by no means surprising. Such problems lead to serious eye problems, but also to migraines, regular headaches and weakness.

To prevent this from happening, it’s advisable to keep a pair of glasses like this on your office desk. It has long been debated how effective they really are and whether it’s just good advertising or a kind of failed investment. However, based on many opinions and comments, it seems that this option not only protects eyesight, but also lowers eye pressure and contributes to a reduced feeling of fatigue, as well.

6. A proper lighting

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Developers don’t work only during the day, of course – their obligations and assignments are often being done late at night as well. Some even work at night only – it all depends on their productivity preferences. Accordingly, having in mind the strain that the light from the screen does to the and that it’s not enough for normal functioning, a decent choice of lamp should be ‘a mitigating circumstance’.

So, in the end, if we’re talking about a perfect lamp, the perspectives are different. Either way, an adjustable lamp, neither too big nor too small, which can be conveniently placed on a desk so that it doesn’t take up too much space would definitely be what you need. Make sure you have a free outlet near your desk or a USB port for lamps that work that way.