Back to School Gadget Essentials – 2024 Guide

Who said back to school time has to be a bad thing? September is the beginning of a new year for students, and although you might feel a little apprehensive about the upcoming piles of books to read, it’s an incredibly exciting time of year! Before you know it, you’ll feel right at home and know your school’s campus like the back of your hand. 

To get into the school spirit, you’ll need some new gear. Nothing says “back to school” like shopping for sweet threads and the coolest gadgets to show off to all your friends and classmates. Shopping for supplies has come a long way from pencil cases and a few notebooks. These days, you can choose from so many innovative devices, from a backpack phone charger to a waterproof speaker.  

Check out this list of essential school supplies to help you embrace that collegial spirit and prepare you for the exciting year ahead.

Wireless Earbuds 


A lot of people talk about wireless earbuds these days. Wireless earbuds, with Bluetooth technology’s assistance, enable you to enjoy the sound quality that you receive from corded devices and headphones without the hassle of the cord. You can listen to music or your favourite podcast while going about your life hands-free — for example, you’ll be able to pick up calls without the need to place your phone on your ears. Your wireless earbuds will do all the work for you. They’re so much more convenient than having a regular set because there’s no annoying wire hanging down, getting in your way. Plus, the sound quality is incredible. Many wireless earbuds come with noise isolation and bass boosting technology. Look for such features if you want a truly pure sound while you’re studying at the library. 

Customized T-shirts


The right clothing can make you feel confident and ready to face a classroom of new faces and challenging material to learn. Even with all the right technology and supplies, it’s important to feel and look good because you’ll have a self-assured attitude. You must dress for success!

Sometimes, finding the right t-shirt that accurately portrays your personality and interests can be a challenge. It’s difficult to find shirts that reflect your individual style. Did you know you can design your own t-shirts and outerwear? And, you don’t even have to be a qualified fashion designer to do so.

Visit to discover the power of customized printing. Do you have a unique print in mind? Have you been searching — with no luck — for a t-shirt with your favourite anime character on it for years? Well, now you can turn that anime dream into a t-shirt reality by creating it yourself! 

Show off your cool factor and impeccable taste with clothing designed by you. The possibilities are endless with custom screen-printing — from artistic designs to funny slogans. 

Are you a member of a club or team? Talk with the manager about making team t-shirts. Branded team clothing offers a sense of kinship among members. It’s also an effective form of identification, and most importantly, excellent publicity because people all over campus will recognize you!

A Charging Backpack 


It’s such a pain when you’re in the middle of a lecture, with 12% left on your computer and nowhere to plug it in. Or when your phone is about to die, and you’re expecting a call back from a prospective job. Have you ever had to sit in a café for 20 minutes while your device charges? Usually, you end up reluctantly purchasing a coffee while you sit and wait.

Consider the benefits of a charging backpack. You’re going to need a new backpack to carry your laptop and all those books, so why not make it a useful one? Such a bag can charge your devices anywhere at any time. You won’t have to sit unwillingly in a café, and you’ll never miss an urgent phone call again. 

A Water-resistant Speaker


A small, water-resistant speaker to carry around is the perfect gadget you didn’t know you needed. Find a soundbox that can connect to Bluetooth and is not only water-resistant but dust and dirt resistant as well. 

You can bring it around to parties and gatherings to provide music and impress all your buds. This type of portable soundbox is also the perfect accessory for a presentation that requires audio — it’s easy to carry around and effortlessly produces sound in nearly any location. 

A Versatile Phone Case


How many cards do you carry on a typical day? There’s your debit card, student card, credit card, gym membership card, the coffee shop that gives you a free drink after ten visits card — the list goes on and on. 

And then, of course, is the phone. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone these days without a phone on them at all times. At this point, the mobile phone is a lifeline for many, many people. It holds all of your contacts, and via social media and the internet, it’s also your connection to the world.

Don’t settle for a mere phone case; look for one that also acts as a cardholder. There are cases available today that look like a sleek, leather wallet, but have a secret compartment for your phone. With a wallet-phone case, all of your necessities will be in one spot, and it’s less likely that you’ll lose them.

Lots of Face Masks


School might feel a little different this year because of the complications posed by the COVID-19 virus. Be prepared and be safe by making or ordering face masks

You can get creative with your facial coverings. Think about exciting designs or colours you like and make them into fitted masks to wear while walking around campus. With homemade cloth masks, you won’t have to produce excess waste by throwing them out after each use.

Going back to school is always an adjustment after a long, lazy summer, but once it begins, you’ll get in the swing of the things. With the right supplies and cool new gadgets, you’ll be excited to hit the books in style.

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