6 Cool Gadgets For Your New Smart  Pool – 2024 Buying Guide

The very hot summer is in full swing. We are all looking for a way to cool off, and nothing is better than swimming in the pool. Or just lying in the pool while drinking a cold drink. Especially this year when due to the coronavirus pandemic most international trips are banned and we are not able to travel to some distant, exotic destination to escape the heat and rest at sea while drinking cocktails.

That is why it is more important this year than ever to have a pool. If you are already one of the lucky ones to have it, then you need various cool gadgets to make the time even more interesting and enjoyable for yourself and your family and friends who come to cool off with you. If you have a state of the art smart pool, the enjoyment will be even greater. And then the choice of gadgets is even greater. We will introduce you to the best cool gadgets, and we will also explain to you what a smart pool is exactly if you are considering to make one.

What is a smart pool?

We all want to have a pool in our backyard and enjoy the summer months. But also, whoever has it knows that it requires a lot of work. To keep it long-lasting and keep the water clean and safe for customers, you have to constantly clean it, put chemicals in the right proportions to kill all bacteria, and keep the water safe for people and many other things around the filter, maintaining the walls of swimming pools, etc. The smart pool will spare you almost all of these jobs.

The latest technologies have improved everything, so since we have smartphones, we now have many other things that are smart. Now you will be able to control everything very easily. From water temperature, lighting to cleaning. It will be connected to your phone via wi-fi, so with just a few clicks, you will turn on all the necessary cleaning and all other functions available to you. Also, in this way, you will constantly have an insight into all the parameters and you will know when it is time to add chemicals and the like. With all that, the number of gadgets you can use is even higher. For more detailed explanations of how a smart pool works, you can find everything you are interested in on compassnewcastle.com.au.

Cool gadgets – 2024 buying guide

1. Waterproof speakers

Image source: unsplash.com

Make the whole space even more high tech. There is a solution so you don’t have to worry about water getting to your speakers. Buy waterproof speakers that you can put directly into the water. They have LED lighting on them, so they will contribute to an attractive look. You can also connect them via Bluetooth to each other and to your smartphone, so you will get an even louder sound that you will control via your smartphone, as well as the rest of the pool. Imagine how good it will look when a few speakers glow on the surface of the water at night while playing your favorite music.

2. Waterproof eReader

Do you want to relax after a hard day of work while reading your favorite book, all in the pool, or next to it where it can easily happen that your book gets wet? Waterproof eReader is the ideal gadget for you. The latest models have special screens that do not tire the eyes and you have almost the same impression as if you were reading a hard copy book and not eReader. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen to suit you, so you can use it at night.

3. LED color waterfall fountain

Make the look of your pool even more attractive. The fountains and waterfall themselves give a very nice look, and with the LED they will give an even more futuristic look. Imagine how beautiful a waterfall will look in different colors. To complete the impression, in addition to the waterfall fountain and speakers, add floating globes. They will float on the surface and illuminate the space with various colors. Your pool will look like from a science fiction movie.

4. Floating cooler

Surely you used to be annoyed that you have nowhere to leave your can of beer or Coca-Cola, but you constantly have to go out and into the pool. Or if you put it next to it, you don’t have to go out, but in the hot summer sun it will warm up quickly. Floating cooler is the solution to the problem for all beer fans. You can put 10 cans of your favorite drink and ice in it. They will float next to you, carrying perfectly chilled cans so you can enjoy all day.

5. Motorized kids swimming kickboard

Image source: thegadgetflow.com

Children get bored with everything quickly and then they interfere with your enjoyment. So buy them motorized kids swimming kickboard that will give them fun for a long time. Definitely the best gadget for kids. It has a speed of about one meter per second, and you can also use it at sea. It can also be used to help children learn to swim or overcome the fear of water.

6. Single lounger

Now that you have provided entertainment for your children, it is time to provide yourself with this high tech gadget. This single lounger will allow you to float comfortably while listening to your favorite music and drinking pizza. It has built-in speakers and a beverage holder. Ergonomically shaped, you will be so comfortable that you will not want to get up. You can also use Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, so you can listen through the speakers to what you see on the phone.


Complete your enjoyment with all these gadgets. With them, all the things that used to be inaccessible or complicated while you are in the pool are now very easily accessible.