9 Top Smart Pool Gadgets – Make The Pool Even More Fun 

When the outside weather is sunny, many people like to relax in their swimming pool, enjoy poolside activities, sunbathe on the chairs, and so on. Equipping your backyard with suitable smart gadgets can make the whole scenario more fun.

9 Best Smart Gadgets For Swimming Pool For A More Fun Experience

The latest smart gadgets designed for swimming pools will make it easy when it comes to maintaining and enjoying your free time in a more fun way.

1. Pool Alarm System

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When something or anybody enters the water, the smart alarm system will notify you so you can react as soon as possible, if necessary. Several of these systems also have sirens that go off when someone tries to enter the pool without authorization and motion sensors that detect movement. You can always be informed no matter where you are, thanks to the ability of the smart alarm systems to send notifications to your mobile or tablet.

2. Motorized Pool Lounger

You can unwind in the body of water with a motorized lounger. With the push of a button, this machine’s twin propellers will transport you around the pool in any direction. As there is a separate cup holder, you can put your drink without worrying about spilling it. The motorized loungers are accessible in different sizes and shapes, making it easy to pick the model as per your requirements.

3. LED Color Waterfall Fountain

Make the surroundings look even more appealing by investing in LED color waterfall fountains. Even though the fountains and waterfall already have a lovely appearance, the LED lighting will make them appear even more cutting-edge. You can see the beauty of the waterfall in many hues.

Get floating globes to be used near the waterfall fountain and speakers to give an elegant and incredible effect. These tools will float on the water and cast a colorful glow over the area. This way, you can even use the poolside for hosting night parties.

4. Pool Cleaner

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The robot cleaners can clean the pool. As they are remote-controlled, it is possible to begin your cleaning trial without moving around. These smart robot cleaners are generally provided with jets, brushes, and various mechanisms to assist in prompt and efficient cleaning.

Also, they come with sensors that help in detecting when the pool requires cleaning and sends instant alerts to homeowners. In addition, you can contact professionals at smartselfcleaningpools.com.au to help you build self-cleaning pools.

5. Waterproof Bluetooth Float Speakers

One of the most common things people often do to relax is listening to music. So, if you want to enjoy music while swimming or during your leisure time at the pool, it is best to invest in a waterproof Bluetooth float speaker.

Generally, the waterproof Bluetooth speakers often come in a compact size, making them easy to carry. In addition, they are sturdy, buoyant, rugged, and can float on water. It is better to choose a decent quality device so that the audio quality will be the best.

6. Smart Pool Cover

Every homeowner needs a cover for their pool. It aids in maintaining the cleanliness and also keeps leaves and other debris out of the water. Smart pool covers are beneficial like conventional covers. However, they are more high-end as you can control them using your mobile or any gadget.

You can easily open and shut the puddle with the touch of a button if you have a smart cover. You would not have to be concerned about forgetting to wrap up the pool when it is not being used, thanks to this method. In addition, a lot of smart covers have sensors that can recognize whether an object or a person is on the cover. Due to that, you can be confident that your pool is always secure.

Throughout the day and night, you can save time and energy by simply pressing a button in order to open and close it. It will prevent water loss which happens due to evaporation and energy expenses associated with frequently reheating your pool. It is a method to make the most of your swimming pool all summer long without spending a lot of money, time, or stress.

7. Pool Heater

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You would no longer need to wait for the pool to catch the ideal temperature because of the smart heater. The temperature adjustments can be made with your tablet or mobile. Regardless of the weather, it is possible to maintain the water at the ideal temperature for swimming. This way, you can save energy and money over time because it is a quicker and more efficient way to heat the water.

8. Smart Water Monitor System

If you forget to keep a check on the chlorine levels, your leisure will turn into a disaster where everyone will start to have red, prickling eyes. You may prevent these scenarios and maintain constant control over the chlorine levels by installing a smart water monitoring system.

This system operates by continuously checking the water quality and notifying you via your tablet or mobile, so you can pour extra chemicals. Additionally, it contains a feature that enables you to program the system to automatically change the pH and chlorine levels depending on the day time and the weather.

Motorized Kids Swimming Kickboard


Children often like to play in the water, especially on beaches and pools. To make it more enjoyable, acquire long-lasting motorized swimming kickboards for kids. The kickboards can be used at sea and travel at a pace of around one meter per second. Children can also benefit from it by learning to swim or conquering their fear of the water.

Bottom Line

In order to make your pool more functional and get the most enjoyment, you should invest in smart and latest gadgets. You can choose from the above-listed things depending on the usage and your preferences.