5 Reasons A Smart Pool Is The Right For You – 2024 Guide

Modern technology has affected our lives in almost all spheres. Today it is no longer unusual to have smartphones, smart TVs, or smartwatches. But have you heard of smart pools? We are sure you’ve heard about them –  although many people still do not know exactly what they are. We will try to explain this to you and point to 5 reasons why the smart pool is the right one for you. Let this text serve as a guide through smart pools for 2024.

Smart Technology In Your Pool

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The new age has brought with it new technologies whose benefits we feel at every step, even in water. Yes, you heard right – in the water. These are smart pools, and according to experts in this field – this technology will very soon take precedence and be installed in almost all future pools. Of course, there are several ways you can improve your pool, but also ways in which a smart pool can improve your life. If you’re already used to smart household gadgets, then why wouldn’t that apply to your pool as well? One thing is for sure – you will enjoy more of all the benefits that a smart pool offers.

Why Opt For A Smart Pool?

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All of you who own a swimming pool – know very well how much time, effort, and even money you need to set aside for maintaining your pool. Cleaning, buying chemicals, determining the pH value of water – all these are things that take a lot of time. Then why not invest in building a smart pool? We all want to extend the summer season and enjoy our pool to the max. New smart technology will help you do this, greatly reducing the time we spend on maintaining the pool. We no longer have to spend hours and hours adjusting your pH, chemical balance, or pool heating. Now, just by using a smartphone and new pool construction technology, we can work on pool maintenance easier – with just one click.

All The Things At One Place

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The biggest advantage of smart-pools is the centralized management of functions. This is most often applied in practice through the use of a mobile application. According to localpools.com.au, this way, we can easily manage all its features from one place, that is, from any place we want to. This is quite simple because we will do it over our smartphones, or any other portable device – for example, a tablet, laptop, etc. This method saves us a lot of time. Also, since we can control all the features remotely – we shouldn’t have any fear that we will find ourselves in trouble if we forgot to turn off the water heating or the lights. Also, we can “program” our pool literally from anywhere – so when we get back home, we can enjoy the pleasant water temperature.

Reasons For Having A Smart Pool

1. Smart cleaning

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The main thing when having a pool is its maintenance – and we primarily mean cleaning. You cannot find a worse or more boring job than that. However, we all need to do it regularly if we want to keep it clean and safe. Now, can you imagine what it would be like if you don’t have to do that but still keep your pool hygienically safe? Today, that is possible thanks to smart- tech. Nowadays, we can find smart pools that have previously installed nozzles – that have the cleaning purpose.

They are installed in a way that they are not visible – and therefore, they will not ruin the look of your pool or disturb you while swimming. However, with just one click over the smartphone -we can activate the jets – which will start the cleaning by letting the water circulate from the bottom to the top. Such a method of cleaning is very efficient because the nozzles are pushing the dirt to the drain – cleaning and injecting a new amount of fresh water into the pool. It is so much better than the filters that clean only the surface layer of water.

2. Smart water heating

The days we were worried about whether we will forget to turn off the water heating in our pool are gone. So far, that has mostly cost us significant money for wasted energy. Now it’s over because thanks to smart technologies, even when we forget to turn off the heating in the pool- we are able to do that remotely. Of course through your mobile device. Also, if you are situated someplace else, you can easily please yourself by setting the water in the pool to your desired temperature when you return. Very convenient and practical, isn’t that so?

3. Using new smart tech pumps

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We certainly know that pump is the heart of every swimming pool. Pumps are the main drivers of water circulation – which is very important because that way swimming pools are spared of bacteria, algae, or unpleasant stains. However, we must keep in mind that pumps are large energy consumers. Each pump consumes an average of 1,600 and 2,000w. Therefore, it’s not surprising that a lot of pool owners do not turn them on for a long period – which means the water is not quite as clear and safe as it should be. By using the new smart-tech you will overcome this problem because smart-pumps utilize almost 85% less power and energy compared to ordinary ones. Although their price is not negligible – the use of smart-pool-tech, in this case, pays off in the long run.

4. Smart chlorinators

The pool cannot function if there is no chlorinator in it – which is used for chemical water purification. When we do it manually, it can be a painstaking job – because you need to have a precise and correct level of this chemical in the pool. Chlorine can be found at a precisely determined level that kills bacteria and is safe enough for people to bathe. Also, of great importance is the pH value of the water, which must be in balance. Otherwise, swimmers in the pool may get skin or eye irritation. When you have a smart pool with a smart chlorinator – it will automatically manage the chlorine levels and maintain the pH of the water in the pool. In this way, you can enjoy it carefree, without fear of bacteria, but also without fear of skin and eye irritation.

5. Having such a pool will raise the price of your real estate

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Although this is not closely related to this topic- it is very relevant. Each and the especially smart-tech-pools are extremely attractive details on the property. Therefore, the fact that you have one, can be important especially if you decide to sell the property. Therefore, such a pool will certainly have an impact on a better price of the property. It is because buyers who are looking for real estate with a pool – opt for smart pools rather than ordinary ones. Potential buyers already know that this is a long term saving – when it comes to maintenance.