Instagram Proxies: 5 Reasons you Should Use Them – 2024 Guide

Today many people use Instagram for marketing and to promote their brand or businesses. It has become one of the widely used social media platforms for brands to reach their target audience. Consequently, several marketing automation tools have been released to help marketers manage their businesses through Instagram. However, your Instagram account can get banned if you use the marketing automation tools or bots without proper security. Due to strict terms of use, Instagram bans fake and bot-driven accounts. Hence, if you use Instagram bots to gain significant traffic, a large number of likes and comments, send texts in bulk, or build engagement by any other unfair means, Instagram will flag your account as fake, and eventually, your account will be blocked.

Therefore, you should always use proxies for Instagram to bypass restrictions and to block. There are many other reasons for which you should use Instagram proxies. With this in mind, this article discusses the significant reasons for which you need Instagram proxies. But before getting into it, let’s first know a bit more about Instagram proxies.

What are Instagram proxies?


An Instagram proxy is a server that allows Instagram marketers to manage multiple accounts from a single device or vice versa. Due to strict social networking policies, there are chances of your account or IP address getting blocked if you access multiple accounts. For example, if you have 10 Instagram accounts, they can all be blocked if you don’t have a server to control them. In such a case, marketers can use an Instagram proxy server to handle multiple Instagram accounts. Learn more here.

So, How do Instagram Proxies work?


Instagram proxies shield your original IP address with the IP addresses of proxy servers. In this way, your data and the requests sent to Instagram from your real IP address are first passed through a proxy server to reach Instagram. The proxy servers act as intermediaries between your IP address and Instagram to mask your actual IP address with its proxy IP. In this way, your real IP address becomes challenging to identify and block. There are different Instagram proxies available in the market. You can choose a proxy that offers maximum security and reliability. Residential Instagram proxies are one such proxy. They switch your real IP address with that of a real residential user. As a result, flagging them as proxies become challenging for Instagram.

Why Do You Need Instagram Proxies?


Instagram proxies are very useful if you are a social media marketer or run your business on Instagram. And it is no exaggeration when we say that almost all Instagram managers use Instagram proxies. Are you wondering why you need Instagram proxies?

Below are the five reasons for which you need Instagram proxies.

1. To Use Multiple Accounts:

Because of strict social networking policies, most social media accounts are limited to a maximum of 5 per user. If you want to use more than five accounts, there is a need for an Instagram proxy server. It saves your multiple accounts from getting blocked by controlling through its server.

2. For Social Media Automation:

Instagram proxies are further used for social media automation. Managing multiple Instagram manually is both a time-consuming and tedious task. Moreover, you cannot reach a larger audience if you manually operate and control all the accounts. In such a case, Instagram proxies come handy. Their server automatically controls multiple Instagram accounts to reach a wider audience.

3. To Prevent your IP address from getting blocked:

There are high chances of your IP address getting blocked if you use the same address to access more than 5 Instagram accounts. To solve this problem, an Instagram proxy acts as a secure server to prevent your IP address from getting blocked.

4. If You are a Social Media Marketer or Works for an Online Marketing Company:

Almost all social media marketers and online marketing companies use Instagram proxies to not only help their brand/product/content reach a wider audience but also to reach out to other companies and agencies for promoting their brands or services. As a result, Instagram proxies are needed by them to connect with people on a large scale and target the right audience without any restrictions. It also helps marketers to work remotely or access the same Instagram account from different locations.

5. Security:

Security is another reason for which you need an Instagram proxy. An Instagram proxy prevents your IP address from blocking, and therefore, gives extra protection to your accounts.

You must be wondering how much an Instagram proxy will cost you after knowing so many of its uses. Aren’t you?

So, let’s see how much if at all, you need to pay for Instagram proxies.

Are Instagram proxies free?


You have the option to use both public and private Instagram proxies. While public proxies are free, private proxies are paid. However, free Instagram proxies are not that reliable in terms of speed and security. There are chances that your Instagram accounts get suspended.

However, if you want better security and reliability, private proxies are a better option. In this way, you get a much more safe connection, and you can access multiple accounts without any tension of blocking or restriction.


Instagram proxies are in great demand because many marketers are turning to Instagram to promote their brands. Many marketers need to use multiple accounts on the same device or access the same account from different devices. Whatever be the case, an Instagram proxy helps you manage multiple accounts through an Instagram proxy server. Besides being able to manage multiple accounts, Instagram proxies are needed for several other reasons as well. Five major reasons you need an Instagram proxy to include handling multiple accounts, social media automation, additional security, saving the problem of IP blocking, and social media marketing. We hope that this article gave you some useful insights on Instagram proxies and why you need a proxy for Instagram. Try using Instagram proxies the next time you enjoy their benefits.