How Technology Has Affected the Process of Paper Writing?

Technology’s significant role in our culture today has enormously impacted how students and professional writers approach their work.

Technology has also boosted writers’ creativity, allowing them to generate original ideas. On the other hand, this has had a significant negative impact on the quality of the work, which has, in turn, harmed the writing. The prevalence of plagiarism is also evident in many course papers when authors no longer create original content but instead choose to plagiarize it.

Students can now quickly type in the search bar “pay someone to write my paper” and find some service like WritingAPaper to help them with their writing. Or, they can find a lot of online tools that will make the writing process more manageable. Both positive and negative effects of electronic devices have been observed in how we think and approach problems. Particularly in writing, writers have mastered techniques that have resulted in the development of numerous quick cuts for various jobs. The use of technology has enhanced writers’ research abilities, enabling them to cover and address more information.

The article will analyze both the advantages and disadvantages of technology’s impact on writers’ writing abilities.

The advantages of technology


Written communication has largely flourished thanks to technology. The prevalence of messaging services on social media has helped authors become better writers. Writing professionals have benefited from more written communication because they develop writing confidence.

Many writers worldwide have sharpened their research abilities thanks to the Internet. Regarding research, the Internet has grown to be a vast resource that serves as a one-stop shop. Critical information can be found on the Internet, where writers can quickly access whatever material they need.

As a result of having access to more knowledge, writers have produced more explanatory essays. Technology allows writers to be more inventive in their writing. This is because they are exposed to fresh material that they might use to produce work that challenges their technical proficiency.

The quality of revisions for finished work has improved. This implies that authors can quickly finish an evaluation of their work. Additionally, writers can contact various people and view their work, which motivates them while they produce their own content.

As a result of not spending enough time editing, writers are completing an excessive amount of work. Group tasks can now be completed by writers thanks to technology. Working in groups is essential since it raises the standard of authors’ work. Thanks to tools like Skype, writing professionals can now chat with one another on tasks they might need assistance with.

Because of technology, students now hire writers to assist them with their writing while they finish other duties. To improve originality and informational quality, writers acquire fresh ideas and notions. Through technology, students can delegate their writing assignments to the best writing services and get their papers done professionally.

Disadvantages of Technology


Although technology has had many benefits, there have also been certain drawbacks that have resulted from its use, including consequences on writing abilities. First, writers use short forms and shortcuts more frequently to finish their writing projects. The use of short papers in writing has decreased the overall quality of academic writing. Adopting programs for fast text messaging has been heavily blamed for this. Writers frequently incorporate their texting writing style into their written work. This impacts the quality of the work that certain writers produce.

Second, the use of technology by writers has increased. It indicates that people struggle to process basic ideas in the jobs they are required to do. Over-reliance on technology interferes with authors’ independence to the point where they cannot correctly hone their writing abilities. Additionally, writers are unable to find information from written material that is not visible online. As a result, they cannot search through books and journals to find crucial information needed to finish their assignment.

The overuse of technology, particularly social media, may make writers’ work appear too casual. As a result, authors may find themselves using abbreviations like LOL, OMG, and IDK in their writing. As a result, the writing becomes utterly unstructured, making it challenging for readers to comprehend the writer’s point of view. This significantly impacts the quality of the work because such expressions are wholly improper for formal studies and may negatively affect an author’s writing abilities.

Because of technology, a lot of writers’ work is now plagiarized. Information can directly be accessed very quickly, thanks to technology. Because of this, writers no longer need to pay as much attention to their work. As a result, many writers’ work has lost a significant amount of its clarity. When writing, people frequently get sidetracked by other problems they can run across online. When a writer is not paying attention to what they are writing, they often lose the direction of the information they intended to convey, impacting the level of their work and writing abilities.

Writers are now unable to produce original content on their own. Their writing abilities suffer since they rely on other people’s ideas for their papers. Because readers can recognize other people’s works in the stuff these writers produce, copying also equates to the poor work quality. Because of their low level of originality, writers have been known to struggle with plagiarism. Online tools, in particular, have enabled writers to automate their tasks thanks to technology.

While additional writing formats like APA and MLA exist, many writing platforms urge writers to follow a particular format, like Harvard. Because people are accustomed to one form and find it challenging to use others, this has negatively impacted the talents of many writers. As a result, many writers have lost their sense of creativity and excellent writing abilities.



Technology has impacted writers worldwide in both beneficial and harmful ways. On the bright side, many authors can spend less time on tasks like proofreading. Technology has also aided writers in conducting better research, with most of their knowledge coming from the Internet. As a result of the ability to discover new information through technology, writers are also innovative in their writing.

On the downside, technological advancements have reduced writers’ independence by making them depend so much on the Internet. The overuse of digital technologies has made it difficult for writers to go through fundamental ideas due to technology. Additionally, there has been a rise in plagiarism, when writers submit work that is not their own.

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