AI Writing Assistants

AI Writing Assistants: How Technology Enhances Assignment Writing for Students

Studying is the most interesting part of every student’s life. Every day is full of new interesting situations and many new learned things that will serve positively in the rest of life, but is everything that easy?

No, studying in general is not easy, but it is necessary to find the right motivation and the right way to get to the end of the study with great success and many new things learned.

Students are always looking for ways to make it easier during their studies, and some of the ways are extra classes, extra courses, extra literature, and of course – help from artificial intelligence that is sufficiently developed.

Most people would say that artificial intelligence is not the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. In certain areas, it may not be the best solution, but for students, they are a great tool that can help them a lot.

That is why a growing number of students are using the benefits that artificial intelligence brings to them. They seek help from AI assistants for many things such as unknown questions, facts, information, and so on.

Recently, an increasing number of students are seeking help from artificial intelligence in another direction, and that is the tasks they receive from their professors. Is this good and is the AI advanced enough to get this kind of help?

There are already many AI assistants that are powerful enough to help with a lot of things and are especially willing to help students complete their student assignments that sometimes require research and more effort.

However, AI is here to help them best and fastest with the development of this technology and the improvements that are coming day by day. So let’s talk a little more about this topic to clarify things and bring a little more information and help to students. Let’s get started!

Technology has advanced so much that it has brought us AI assistants for students

students and AI


Although 10 years ago no one would have said that we would get so much help, we still got it. Technology is to blame for that, or rather AI, which has a growing number of tools that help children in the digital age.

One such tool that is of great help is student assistants, and a great example comes from Assignmentgeek, which is considered a great helper for any student. These sites are of great help to students, especially in the assignments section, offering faster and better access to the challenges that each student faces.

Wondering what these assistants can offer and help with? Find more information in the next section.

What can these AI assistants offer students during their studies?

AI assistants can generally help with almost anything, and those who specialize in students can help with more specific things.

AI assistants for students are primarily specialized in helping students with project tasks by providing them with information and data that would help them in the creation of the project task itself, then they offer help with homework, essays, competition preparations, and so on.

All this is a huge help and a huge relief that every student needs. It’s important to take every bit of information with a grain of salt, and we talk more about that in the sequel where we bring guidelines related to the output of these AI tools.

Is every piece of information provided by the AI true and verified?

The answer to this question is NO because in many situations it has been shown that AI assistants cannot provide 100% accurate information.

Why is that so? This is because each of the assistants based on artificial intelligence is filled with data, which the system itself “learns”, and then, according to what is in the system, it compiles an answer that may be correct, but may also is not correct.

Any AI expert advises whatever tool is used to compare the information with a quick Google check to be 100% sure that what you got as an answer is correct and you can use it in your student assignments, otherwise you will be hacked for using AI.

Be careful with usage

concern of AI in education


Technology is so advanced that every professor already knows how to handle the assignments they receive as finals from students. Why is that? Because if there is an AI that will help the student do his assignment, there is a tool that can perceive any document that was created by an AI assistant.

What to do about this issue? Regarding this issue we have one advice – be careful! Be very careful with any task you use AI for. Do a check, add your sentences, make changes, and don’t hand in completed papers without checking with your professor.

Always make small changes or add your own words to the papers

As we told you above, you need to be very careful. Technology helps, but it can often be a problem, especially when it comes to AI. All you need to do is first read the entire document you have and check it for accuracy and sentence structure.

Then we suggest you make small washes or retell what you have as a final. At the very end, you can use a tool to check content that could potentially be created with the help of AI. If you have a 100% clean document, in that case, you can submit it to the professor.


AI and Education


According to, every student deserves to go through the education process easily. It requires effort and investment, but at certain times it may be good to get a little help from the AI assistants who are good for this purpose, but caution is required.

Today we brought you many guidelines that would be of great help to you, but we also discussed the topic of AI, so keep each of the information in mind when using an AI-based assistant, to have a smooth, trouble-free, and feel the benefits of this advanced technology of the new age.