5 Reasons Why Robot Vacuums Are Worth it – 2024 Guide

Robots are slowly taking over, but not in a bad sense. We’re not talking about evil robots went manic and trying to conquer the world. We are saying that there are more and more appliances based on the latest technology giving us a helping hand. One of the first ones that came into our lives and improved many people’s quality of life is a robotic vacuum. While this small robot proved itself to be truly useful, many individuals are still doubting it.

In this article, we are going to give you five reasons why robot vacuums are worth it – the 2024 guide. There are quite a few reasons to think this way, and if you continue reading, you’ll find the ones we find to be the most noteworthy. Yes, there are issues that can be considered as flaws of this vacuum cleaner, but they are quite a few and are overshadowed by its positives. But, the question are they worth it always remains. So, be patient, stick with us, and see are they.

It Cleans on a Schedule

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This is one we would like to single out as the first reason, and a somewhat savvy one. Your house needs cleaning, but it doesn’t require you to get up from your bed? This is not a utopian dream. Thanks to the robotic vacuum cleaner, this can be achieved. All you need to do is to program it to start cleaning on selected days, weeks, or months. This option is made possible by the fact we are talking about a robotic computer. A vacuum cleaner as this one is going to listen to your orders. All you need to do is to give them. It is possible for this machine to do simple tasks as these without a need for human interference.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is Affordable

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Same as with most thongs on a marketplace, once you have many to choose from, the price goes down. Unlike a couple of years ago, today, we have many competitors on the market fighting for customers. Manufacturers now have a vast range of models and prices that can fit in almost anyone’s pocket. While there are still models that range in thousands of dollars, there are many affordable options such as The Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner (PURC25 V2), which goes for about $100.

This is something anyone can afford and should afford without delay. If you look at the entire market, almost 30% of available models are priced below $400. One of the most popular manufacturers, iRobot (don’t let the movie scares you, Will Smith will protect us if the need arises), sells one of the most in-demand models Roomba I goes for a fair cost of $318. As we already told you, there’s no way you can’t afford yourself a piece.

Higher Functionality

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Don’t be fooled that now that robotic vacuums have become affordable that they’re no longer useful and functional. The best part of the whole story is that they now function better than ever, as technology advanced sufficiently to make them better and cheaper at the same time. Remember how people often complained that their robot-vacuum often falls down the stairs? Stairs are no longer an issue. Thanks to the latest tech used in improving their cliff sensors, this rarely ever happens anymore.

Furthermore, the round shape is no longer the only option at your disposal. Today we have cleaners wit sharp edges and even those with side brushes that make the hassle of corner cleaning go away. Besides all these improvements, you must believe us there is more. The oversized rugs and carpets used to be trouble makers for robotic vacuum cleaners are no longer the nightmare of these small robots. Yes, this technology still has a couple of glitches, but the number of them decreases every day with all of the work put in.

Numerous of Options Available

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As we said, the market is now saturated, and there’s plenty of models to choose from. All you need to do is not be lazy. If you have space that needs to be cleaned frequently, but you don’t have the time nor desire, this is an ideal solution. These little machines can clean all the dirt and different debris from floors, matrices, wooden surfaces, or whatever you have the need to clean.

Just some of the models you’ll find interesting include the iRobot’s Roomba I, we mentioned above, Eufy Anker RoboVac 11S T2108, Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, and Mop, or Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner (R550+). The choices are multiple, and we guarantee no person won’t find even one that will be unsatisfying. If you want to search further on your own and you have hardwood floors, Thehousewire advises people to select one of the models we mentioned above.

The Best Part

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If you are still not persuaded, we have more in store for you. For one, they are not heavy, as they weight less than most regular models. The maintenance is automatic on most models, and this is something you need to look forward to. Furthermore, you are going to spend less time on cleaning, which allows you to pursue other interests. Time is the most expensive commodity, and robotic vacuums can give you plenty of it in return for their service.

What most users praise as the best thing about them is the fact they can be connected to Wi-Fi. Thanks to this feature, you map the rooms of your house for it to conduct maintenance entirely on its own. This option also allows them to return to the starting position once they’re finished, which really leaves you with nothing to do. Another fabulous option is the one where you can control it with your smartphone. Imagine being able to set a robot in motion to clean the house after you picked up a lady at the bar but left the house in disorder. Priceless!