7 Reasons Why Cybersecurity is Important Now More Than Ever – 2024 Guide

Every year we have an increased number of cyber-attacks, and although that’s something a lot of people are concerned about, we can’t say that it wasn’t really expected. When you really look at it, it’s easy to see that younger generations are growing up with machines and computers. In fact, the entire world is now so dependent on technology that it’s a bit “weird” if you don’t really know much about these things in the first place. It’s almost 2024, and the number of computer enthusiasts in our world is larger than ever.

But, doesn’t this mean that the number of people working at cyber-security companies is increased as well? Well, yes, but it’s well-known that those with malicious intent are always one step ahead. You cannot find a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist yet. Basically, someone needs to endure a cyber-attack so that it can be later analyzed by professionals and prevented in the future. Something similar with the airline industries. Until a catastrophe happens, nothing’s changing.

However, since we live in an era where successful businesses and corporations store everything important in their virtual databases, cyber-security is now more important than ever. Here’s why.

1. Data is even more valuable than money

Source: atlas-network.com

A few decades ago, people were stealing money and gold. Today, hackers are stealing data. Why? Because a few charts filled with statistics are a lot more valuable than that. Nowadays it’s all about analytics and data, which is why everyone is trying to collect yours. E-Mail lists, statistics about product sales and audience targeting files are priceless. When somebody breaches into the database of a business, they steal information, but that information can be used for a lot of unwanted things, which is why we stress this so much.

2. The number of computer experts is increasing

With the number of computer experts increasing, so does the number of people who know how to breach into databases, social media profiles and a lot more. But, that also means you can now find someone to help you fight off against it much more easily. It’s a balanced situation. The more hackers grow, the more cybersecurity grows at the same time. Not to mention that some of those hackers are being offered jobs at cybersecurity companies quite often. Cytelligence is a website where you can learn more.

3. Social media is becoming mandatory these days

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Almost everyone nowadays has a social media profile, especially those who are influential in today’s corporate world. These are places where a lot of sensitive information is being exchanged, and sometimes a breached profile can mean a lot of trouble. This is why social media profiles of popular people are pretty much the most targeted things for hacker attacks. But, it doesn’t mean that your profile is safe just because you’re still not very popular and with millions of followers. Investing in cybersecurity nowadays is more important than ever, even for casual purposes such as protecting your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

4. Almost everything is done through the internet

Even school nowadays is something that we’re doing through the internet. Most businesses are doing meetings and file transfers through the internet as well. The same thing goes for communication and sending mails, letters and everything else. So, it’s safe to say that we are now more vulnerable than ever. Sensitive information in E-Mail inboxes such as credit card statements and purchases are just a part of what’s contained there.

5. It is easier to find the right service nowadays

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A few years ago we had only one or two popular cybersecurity companies that we could trust. But, today it’s an entirely different story. We have tons of startups operating in this sphere, and the entire industry is growing rapidly. The already-popular brands and companies are now even bigger, offering their service to millions of people. Needless to say, it’s very easy to find the right service for your business or individual, personal needs in 2024. Prices are also more affordable now than they were before.

6. There are more ways to compromise your security

We had just a few methods in the past that could be used for breaching security, but today there are so much more. This means that hackers now have hundreds of tools in their kit, and if you are not countering that in any way, your security can be easily compromised. With so much more methods that can be abused, every one of us needs a cybersecurity expert by our side. Software nowadays is a lot more available as well, so that’s one of the positive things.

7. It is impossible to build a business without cybersecurity

Source: modernnetsec.io

Last but not least, building a business in these modern times without outsourcing or collaborating with a cybersecurity provider is basically an impossible task. Every expert recommends against it. Why? Because even the smallest startups are now targets of security breaches and attacks. And, the sad truth is that this won’t slow down anytime soon, unfortunately. But, as we mentioned above, your choices are now much broader when it comes to finding someone that can use their skill and knowledge of computer and network technologies to help you.


Investing in cyber-security is the first thing that you as a business owner should do if you’re planning to take your work on the internet, which happens to be the best way of expanding and connecting with the world nowadays. If anything you’re planning to do involves computers, this is an unavoidable investment that you have to make before you suffer a huge setback.

Even the most popular companies such as Sony and Microsoft were the targets of really harmful hacker attacks in the past, and although we don’t want to scare you off by providing this information, it’s important to let you know that nobody is safe in the virtual world. Raising awareness about cybersecurity is our priority for 2024 and the upcoming 2024. It’s just what we have to get used to living in these modern times.