5 Reasons Why Cloud Storage Is Better for Businesses than Local Storage

We can all agree that there is too much data, and those running any type of business are well aware of this fact. Namely, gathering as much info as possible is simply a must today, as it is the only way to get an insight into the clients, their needs, and preferences and, at the same time, to stay competitive in the market.

The good thing is that all that data can be easily stored, and the only thing to worry about here is picking the right type of storage. That is why cloud storage is so highly valued, as it makes everything much easier, more efficient, and more convenient, but let’s focus on the specifics.

Much Higher Accessibility

One of the best characteristics of cloud storage is that we can access them from different devices any time we want, even if we are not physically close to the storage. Namely, they use the internet for their operation, and all we need is a stable internet connection and a password to access all the data. Regarding that, we can check on some important information from our office, and our home or a bar too, if necessary. On the other hand, we need to have physical access to local storage to see the data stored on them or/and download them.

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It makes the entire process much slower, which is pretty ungrateful, especially in bigger companies when more people need to see important data at the same time. Keep in mind that having the right info is important, but having 24/7 instant access to it is also something that every modern business needs. Besides that, accessibility of the data increases overall productivity and efficiency, which can only be beneficial for your business.

It Is Cheaper

The price can be a determining factor when we make daily decisions, but this shouldn’t be an issue with cloud storage, as when you look at all the perks and benefits and compare it to other types of data storage, it’s much cheaper. Many people have the wrong opinion that cloud storages are much more expensive than local ones because, in most cases, we need to pay some monthly or yearly fees for their maintenance, but the truth is much different. Big companies usually need a lot of space to store their important data, and expanding local storage can be pretty expensive, as they are not cheap at all.

On the other hand, cloud storage can be easily expanded by simply changing the plan, and the fees we need to pay for it are much cheaper than buying local ones whenever we need more space. Besides that, it is much easier, as everything can be done online in a few minutes, without going to the store or waiting for local storage to be delivered if ordered online. Overall, the prices, along with accessibility, should be reasons enough for you to go with cloud storage, but let’s check other perks as well.

Important Data Are Much Safer

Safety and data security are some of the most talked about topics today, and the trust of clients relies solely on the safety aspect. Namely, that trust is difficult to gain, but it’s pretty easy to lose, which is where cloud storage can also be of much help, as all the info you want to store is protected by the latest tech. The safety of sensitive data is something that most people are worried about, and we are all aware that local storage can be easily hacked or physically stolen. Luckily, cloud storage is much safer, as no one can steal it physically or access it without permission.

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Information is uploaded and stored on the internet, which means we can see them only if we have an appropriate password. Thanks to encryption algorithms, all the data are protected, and it is almost impossible to hack any cloud storage. Depending on the type of service and IT company you go with, there are various types of data protection they offer, but this is where one should never make a compromise, as the more secure the data is, the more trust and profits the company will gain. Of course, it is important to find the most reliable one to be sure that sensitive information is stored and protected properly, and when it comes to secure cloud storage, Nordlocker is one of the best ones available.

There Is No Need to Worry About the Physical Loss

As we have already mentioned, local storage can be easily hacked or stolen, and we can face the loss of necessary information and be left without the possibility of recovering it. Besides that, it can be easily damaged by many factors that we cannot affect, such as fire or water, or simply broken, which leaves us in the same situation.

On the other hand, cloud storage uses the internet to store data, which means that all of them can be recovered easily, even when the device we use stops working, as we can simply access information from another device. In essence, with cloud storage, there is no way to lose any data stored there, as there is always a copy you can rely on, and since it is not something we can physically remove, there is no need to worry about any wrong actions and removing data by mistake.

Synchronization Is the Key

As much as accessibility is important, it is still something that relies on synchronization. Namely, the main thing here is that we can synchronize the storage with any device we want. Of course, it’s password protected, meaning that only those with a password can access it, but this synch feature is where it all starts. It makes every action much easier and more convenient, as you can be at any place in the world and still have access to certain data.

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Another benefit is that copying info from one device to another is not a must, and the only thing needed is a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection so that you can perform synchronization and access the required data in a matter of seconds.