Tech Essentials to Bring for Your Beach Adventures – 2024 Guide

Are you planning a trip to the beach? It can be tricky knowing what to pack. With limited space in your car or on public transport, it’s important that you just take the essentials that will ensure you have a good time… And perhaps throw in a couple of gadgets to really make your trip fun too, of course.

In this post, we’ll take a look at things you should bring to the beach. Hopefully, it will help you plan your trip and make the most of a fun day out with your family and/or friends. Let’s take a look!


1. Bluetooth waterproof speakers


If you can’t spend a day without loud music, waterproof speakers are a perfect solution for your day at the beach. They are especially suitable if you go on vacation with friends, then a good time is guaranteed. These speakers are made of quality materials that are resistant to wetting, sun, and sand, so they are perhaps the ideal beach gadgets. Depending on the model, portable speakers can play music continuously for up to 16 hours, which can be perfect for a small beach party.

2. H20 Ninja Mask


H20 Ninja Mask, which uses fairly advanced technology, is one of the must-have gadgets for the beach that allows you to breathe underwater as easily as if you were on land.

It consists of two parts, where the snorkel stays above the water while you swim, while the mask itself enables clear vision underwater.

3. Waterproof smartwatch


Apart from being ideal for swimming, smartwatches with activity tracking and navigation are equipped with the most modern sensors and functions that can also be ideal for other sports. Different models of smartwatches offer you different functions such as tracking activities, heart rate measurement, suggests various programs for physical activity, measures calories, etc.

Smartwatches can connect to an app in your phone that processes data, gives you a detailed overview of your training, and makes plans for further training. In addition, the smartwatch notifies you of all your missed calls, messages, and social media activities.

4. Waterproof Camera


Don’t forget to take pictures of your beach adventures! Waterproof compact cameras can be taken to the beach or pool and used in the water, whether for fun in the shallows or diving. This gadget is on the wish list of many tourists, and it is no surprise – who doesn’t want to have memorable images of their great undersea adventures?


The first thing you’ll need to decide is what type of bag you’re going to use for the beach. If you’re on vacation, don’t be tempted to take your suitcase as it can be a real drag to transport it across the sand. Check out these instead.

1. Backpack


A backpack is the best and easiest way to carry the equipment that we’ll get on to further down the list. It doesn’t need to be a huge traveling backpack, just a daypack will do.

Though you might be delighted at the amount of space you have, it’s best not to fill your backpack more than 75% full – otherwise, it can cause strain when you’re carrying it. And no-one wants that!

The convenience of a backpack makes it a must for any day out – not just the beach.

2. Duffel Bag


An alternative to a backpack is a duffel bag – they’re light and flexible. Because of their soft exterior, they can be easily fitted into small spaces on public transport or in the car. You could even use it as a pillow on a long journey! Duffel bags have the added bonus of being easy to pack.

3. Dry Bag


If you’re planning to do some water sports at the beach, there’s nothing better than a dry bag. It’s like a backpack, but waterproof. The outer material keeps everything dry inside, as long as you close it properly. If you’re stand up paddle boarding to another beach, cove, or far-off island, there’s no better way to transport your stuff.

Beach Essentials

Hopefully, you’ve made a decision on the right bag for you. Now let’s look at what you should put in it.

4. Sunscreen


Want to know the easiest and quickest way to ruin a trip to the beach? Getting sunburnt. It doesn’t just put a downer on the day, but can leave you in pain for days and weeks afterward. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to avoid that – sunscreen. Be sure to protect your skin from harmful UV rays by regularly re-applying it throughout your day out. If you’re going into the water, reef-safe sunscreen protects any coral reefs in the area – a great eco-friendly product.

5. Microfibre Towel

Whether you want to lie down for hours on the sand or just give yourself a quick but thorough dry off after a paddle, a towel is one of the top beach essentials. However, they can take up a lot of space in your bag and regularly remain damp afterward. Avoid that when using a microfibre towel. Not only are they quick-drying, but you can fold them up into tiny packs. You won’t even notice it’s there until you need it!

6. Swimsuit


Imagine the scene… you’re on a white-sand beach, the palm trees are swaying behind you, and those warm azure waters are calling your name. But oh, no! You’ve forgotten your swimsuit. A swimsuit should be one of the first things you pack for a trip to the beach. It doesn’t even need to be anything fancy – an old pair of shorts will do!

7. Sandals/Flip Flops

The beach is a great day out, but there are some annoyances – such as getting sand in your shoes. Rather than wearing your best trainers and emptying them for seemingly weeks afterward, swap them for a pair of sandals or flip flops. You’ll barely notice having them on, and they’re super easy to clean.

8. Spare Clothing


There are so many things that can make you feel a bit disgusting as soon as you get off the stand. Not fully drying off, having your clothes packed with sand, or feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. A great way to freshen up is with a change of clothes for the journey home. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy – just enough for you to be comfortable.

What to pack to have fun at the beach

With all of these essentials, it’s easy to forget to pack things that will make your beach trip fun. Here are our top 3!

1. Stand up paddleboard


If you’re looking for a gentle introduction to water sports, then check out stand up paddle boarding. It is a fabulous way to give your body a big workout and possibly see more of the beach than you’d initially intended to. Beginners to the sport can look for rental shops and see if there are any lessons, while more experienced paddlers can see if there are nearby islands or coves to explore. Check related info here about what SUP size is right for you.

2. Bucket and spade

For those who are traveling with the family, a bucket and spade is a simple but versatile piece of kit to have. You can use it to make a sandcastle, explore the rockpools, or it can even double up as makeshift goals or bases when playing a game of soccer or baseball. They’re really cheap too – so if you forget one, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one at a shop near the beach.

3. Snorkel


Last but not least is the snorkel. This is especially good if you’re on a beach that’s known for its marine life. Take a look at what’s under the waves – you might see turtles and tropical fish. This is another fun activity to do with children.