5 Best Tech Businesses in the UK – 2024 Guide

Whether you belong to the older or newer generations, it is certain that by now you have realized to what extent technology is evolving in various fields. It is true that younger people are more interested in tech things and are therefore more knowledgeable, but there are more and more mature citizens expressing their enthusiasm for new technologies. What these generations have in common is an affinity to established tech companies and startups.

Whether you decide to go in this direction and start a business project on your own, we want to provide you with some insights about the best tech businesses in the UK. When we say the best, we actually mean the most profitable and in high demand.

Even if you don’t have significant funds initially, founding a startup can be a feasible option. If you have a great business idea, you will likely receive help from known or unknown investors. This kind of support is provided by big companies, but also by wealthy individuals who want to support ideas because they find them amusing, and of course, potentially profitable. It is our intention in this text to encourage everyone interested in starting such a company, and we will provide some potentially fruitful ideas that can be gradually developed in big business and profits.

1. E-commerce

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The idea of establishing an e-commerce business has been on the rise. We are living in the time characterized by different dynamics of living compared to let’s say, 20 or 30 years ago, and we often hardly manage to do ordinary, everyday things that people used to do. Shopping seems to be one the most challenging activities in this regard. For this reason, e-commerce is a great business idea.

Making online stores is not only a lucrative business but also a humane act. Really, imagine how many people a day avoid crowds and queues in stores thanks to the ability to add everything they need (or sometimes don’t) from the comfort of their armchairs to an imaginary shopping basket, in just a few clicks. Of course, establishing a virtual store requires you to have programming knowledge, otherwise, you will have to hire a programmer to work for you.

2. Recommendation websites for small and big businesses

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The purpose of these websites is to refer a buyer to quality services from small and large entrepreneurs. If someone is looking for a good restaurant, a reliable doctor, a clinic, or a fashion consultant, recommendation websites are the places to go online. To see how some of them work, visit Kevsbest.co.uk for more information. Such websites don’t deal with sales or services, though. Instead, they contain a handful of useful information and users will be very grateful. Establishing such a website, you can make decent money advertising different products. Later you can also create an application that will be convenient to use by Android and IOS users.

3. Video surveillance cameras

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As you have probably heard, we live in the age of the big brother, so why not turn it into business anyway? If you don’t read this text from the privacy of your home, it is very likely that a camera placed either in a cafe or a public space you are visiting is keeping an eye on you. Scary, right? The technology has improved so rapidly that it is now possible to see very small details enlarging the recorded footage. This is is very convenient when it comes to exposing criminal acts, which are, unfortunately, very common nowadays. All companies and individuals that care about their property, goods and, of course, employees, will likely install this type of protection. Security comes with a decent price tag today, so this kind of business is likely to be profitable for a long time.

4. 3D printing

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This is something very interesting, in our opinion, even creative. 3D modeling and printing belongs to the modern technology and it is becoming more and more easily available to smaller companies. In 1986, the American inventor Chuck Hull was the first to print a three-dimensional object – a plastic cup. Three years later, Hull patented the technology and started 3D Systems, the world leader in the field of 3D printing. Although it has been a little over 30 years since the invention, this branch of technology has also advanced significantly.

Today, 3D printers provide great potential to produce various parts in different industries. For example, jewelry, footwear, industrial design, architecture, automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries. A wide range of applications of 3D printing has increased the demand for 3D printers. Also, one of the most popular applications of technology is creating prototypes of new devices and objects. Designers today can have objects they have imagined and designed in their hands in only a couple of hours instead of waiting for days.

5. Artificial intelligence

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This is probably the most expensive business idea. In addition, if your tech experience is modest it will be very difficult to start such a business. Artificial intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace and is becoming more sophisticated, which is both fascinating and frightening at the same time. Remember all those human-like robots with human-faithful voices that answer engineers’ questions? Or the cute dog-like robot? Let’s be honest, they make us uncomfortable at times. Not to mention their strange names. However, this is a very serious branch of the tech industry that will be significant in not so far future.

The tech industry is one of the most profitable, although initially often requires significant investments. If you start such a business, you will be witnessing constant innovations because this is a branch of business that is developing very, very fast. Of course, don’t forget the competition lurking nearby, ready to offer new ideas and turn them into trends. The decision to start a business like this is a courageous one, as this is a work where you will have to make a lot of decisions on the go. Good luck!