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5 Best Online Sweepstakes Software for Growing Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

Finding enough space in an online world for your business can be difficult, and one really needs to have a good understanding of how the internet itself works. Of course, there are various tools companies use in order to stand out from the rest, but advertising-wise, not that many things can compare to sweepstakes software. This type of software gives you plenty of options to promote businesses, and it can be a great way to draw even more people to what your business is offering. With that said, let’s check some of the best sweepstake software options.



Source: woorise.com

As already mentioned, there are various sweepstakes software you can find online, meaning that finding the best one can be a bit tricky. Now, for those who are not that familiar with how this type of software actually works, let’s start with the basic one, the one that is suitable for many contests, surveys, giveaways, and quizzes. Namely, Woorise is probably one of the simplest software to learn the basics for such purposes, as everything is pretty much highlighted, and you only have to follow instructions depending on what the end goal is.

On the other hand, the fact that makes this software so popular and one of the best is how you can use it not just to connect with an audience and collect leads since you can also use it to increase sales. That is why Woorise is among the leading sweepstakes software for business and e-commerce brands, as it integrates with popular marketing platforms like Hubspot and Google Analytics, which can be of great use.

The cost-efficiency ratio is also something we must mention because all of this you can get at a price of 29 dollars a month, which definitely sounds tempting.


Even though this is a bit more specialized type of software, as it’s primarily created for companies interested in marketing via SMS and other messaging platforms, it is still one of the highest-rated sweepstakes software. The main purpose of this software is to empower companies to offer messaging marketing engagement campaigns to their clients. It’s ideal for both online and offline purposes, and what better way to send the message and provide detailed info than by sending an MMS or SMS?

This type of interaction is set aside due to the many different apps we use, which leaves enough space for this type of marketing campaign and interaction to be extremely efficient. Overall, this can be a great tool that you can use to get in better touch with possible clients and also to create a stronger bond with them. Understandably, since this software differs a little bit from the rest, the monthly fee is also a bit higher, and you can get this software for a price of 50 dollars a month.


clique prize

Promoting online and finding enough space to send a message that will draw people to what your company is offering can be tricky, but online, if you don’t use everything at your disposal, CliquePrize can be a great software that can help businesses grow. It is an iOS mobile app that you can use to create various digital promotions like contests and quizzes.

Giveaways are always the best way to interact with your audience, as everyone will be interested in something they can get for free, which you can use to create a much larger audience. As for how it all works, by creating such promotions, you will not just give some rewards as this can be used to promote special offers and provide detailed info regarding your services/products.

There are plenty of things you can do with this software, which means that you only need to be creative in order to get in touch with potential customers and make a tighter bond.


There are many advantages Whishpond offers to its users, and it can really help small to medium businesses become competitive in the market. The first thing that is important is the simplicity of its usage and the fact that it is not necessary to spend a little fortune on learning how to use it. However, its simplicity should trick the users, as it is truly a powerful tool that can help marketing automation and leave more time for business improvement and new ideas.

It is perfect for building a website and various marketing campaigns with one purpose – to attract new users and increase traffic, and, the best thing is that you can always reach the team of specialists willing to help you. The price of $69.00/month is pretty affordable, and future users can even use the trial 14-day period to try this software and decide whether it is the best choice for them without spending money.


rally up

Source: nonprofithub.org

Sometimes, we do not need to spend money at all to improve our small business, and for those who are new in the market and want to save some funds for many other things that owning a company takes, RallyUp can be a great choice. This software is absolutely free and can be pretty useful, especially for those who want to create a fundraising campaign.

The interface is easy to use, and thanks to step-by-step explanations, one can create a personalized campaign in a few minutes. Of course, it is not used only for fundraising campaigns since you can create sales, auctions, events, and much more. Once again, it is free to use, and there is no reason not to try all the benefits it offers.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that sweepstakes software is something every growing business should consider using, as it has many benefits. Of course, finding the reliable one that suits all your needs can be pretty challenging, as there are many on the market, and choosing the best one requires a lot of research.

We hope our guide was helpful and has made things much clearer, but if you need more information about choosing the right sweepstakes software for your business, visit RiverSlot.