Best Custom PC Builder Websites for Building PC in 2024

Have you ever thought of building your own PC, but your mistrust in your abilities stopped you? Yes, it happens because it requires a lot of knowledge and expertise to handle those expensive components and check their compatibility. But the good news is that there are many custom PC builder websites that build your custom PC for you. You can choose all the components yourself to boost up the performance and enhance cost-efficiency.

If you are here in search of the best custom PC builder websites for building PCs in 2024, I’ve shared the most trusted options with you. Some of these websites will allow you to check the component’s compatibility, and others may offer on-door shipping, making the process even simpler.

Best Custom PC Builder Websites for Building PC in 2024

1. Origin PC


Origin PC, founded back in 2009, is a familiar name for gamers of every grade since they have made their name through selling pre-made gaming PCs. Being one of the most trusted names in the gaming PC industry, they allow you to customize the PC as per your preferences. Origin’s four famous Gaming PC are Millenium, Genesis, Neuron, and Cronus.

You can customize both internal and external designs according to your liking. Origin offers a wide range of exterior hardware including, mid-tower, small form factors, and Big tower cases. Additionally, you can choose from various colors, lighting patterns, and designs in PC casing. In addition to building Custom gaming PCs, Origin also collaborates with Corsair to develop highly reliable cooling systems and internal components. Origin PCs are backed by a 1-3 year warranty and 30-days money-back guarantee.

2. iBuyPower


iBuy Power is another professional custom PC building website based in California. iBuyPower has been manufacturing a wide selection of desktop systems, gaming PCs, and laptops since 1999. They have remained so popular in the last 20 years in the USA since they have offered extensive customization options to a large group of customers including gamers, small and large businesses, students, and everyday users.

When you visit the iBuyPower website, you will find an Easy Builder tool. This tool contains easily understandable information regarding the computer architecture and internal components. Even with very less technical knowledge, they allow you to develop a fully costumes PC perfectly in line with your needs and demands.

In addition to Custom PC building, they also spell high-performance gaming accessories. You can fine-tune your choices according to your needs and budget since they house a wide selection of system parts and internal components. The iBuyPower warranty policy varies from product to product. In general, you can expect a 1-5 year warranty on labor and a 1-3 year warranty on parts.

3. CyberPowerPC


CyberPowerPC is one of the leading computer system manufacturers in the USA. This California-based company was founded in 1988 and is known for manufacturing a wide range of gaming high-end gaming PCs, Workstations, notebooks, with the needs of gamers, businesses, and high-end users in mind. The best part is that CyberPowerPC manufactures PCs at a wide range of prices, from low-end to high-end.

You can find inexpensive options for e-sports and high-performance gaming workstations on the same platform, which is impressive. To help customers build custom PCs, they have a very user-friendly custom configurator. Even with very little computer knowledge, you can order a custom PC according to your needs and wants.

CyberPowerPC owns high-performance components and advanced cutting-edge technologies, making it easier for you to build a powerful and competitive PC for this modern era. Almost all their products are backed by 3-year labor and 1-year parts warranty. However, it is advised to read their full warranty and exchange policy on their official website before you make a purchase.

4. MainGear


Mian Gear is an innovative custom PC building platform based in New Jersey. They offer nationwide Custom PC building services and specialize in manufacturing laptops, small form factor PCs, gaming PCs, and high-end workstations. They basically sell pre-built PCs with an option of extensive customizations. On visiting their website, you will discover multiple brands, including Rush, Vibe, R1, Turbo, and F131.

In addition to pre-built PCs and internal components, they also sell cooling solutions and high-performance gaming accessories. They have added their PCs in multiple categories to help their customers build their custom PC with little or no technical knowledge. These categories are made based on prices and performance.

You can check the compatibility information of components on their websites and fine-tune your choice to design your dream PC within your budget limit. MainGrear also offers 3-24 month installments to help customers with limited budgets. The standard warranty provided by MainGer is 3-years on labor and 1-year on parts. Also, you can buy an extended warranty to make your purchase future-proof.

5. Xidax


Experience speaks for itself! Xidax is an online branch of a custom computer selling business in Utah. With an experience of more than 20 years and an impressive track record, Xidax has made its way to the list of Best Custom PC builder websites for building custom PCs in 2024.

Xidax owns an array of high-end computer components and PC building professionals, making it one of the most trusted custom PC building websites. On their very intuitive Custom PC building configurator, they allow you to select the components and system architectures of your choice.

You can also contact Xidax if you need additional information regarding the component’s performance and compatibility. All their PCs are built in Utah, Jordan, and they offer worldwide shipping. Xidax custom PCs are available in a wide range of prices between $800-$5000 to regale a wide range of customers. Finally, what I found most exciting about Xidax is that they also accept Cryptocurrencies.



NZXT, also known as BLD, is another California-based custom PC building website. They own plenty of high-end internal components, PC cases, architecture, and cooling solutions at a wide range of prices and let you customize your Dream PC while staying within your budget. They have hired highly trained builders who manufacture the custom PC with full customer satisfaction.

It is a user-friendly website with highly intuitive and straightforward information. They have labeled the exact prices of cooling systems and computer components they sell on their website. The PC building process is also pretty simple. They have divided the PCs into four types: Starter, Streaming, H1 mini, and Creator.

These four computer categories are explained well for their gaming and processing efficiency. With such an impressive division, they allow less tech-savvy users to fine-tune their choices. Also, they have speedy building services and deliver your custom PC to your doorstep within 48 hours. A 2-years standard warranty backs all the NZXT PCs, and customers can also buy an extended warranty.

7. Digital Storm


Digital Storm is a part of the list of best Custom PC builder Websites for Building PC in 2024, for many good reasons. The company specializes in building high-performance gaming PCs, notebooks, laptops, and workstations. It offers extensive customization to a wide range of customers and lets you choose from the industry’s best computer parts and internal components.

In gaming PCs, this company lets you select from five gaming PC brands, including Lynx, Lumous, Velox, Aventum, and Bolt. These options include Mid-tower, small form factor, and Ultra Tower systems, making it easier for customers to choose an option that suits their needs best. Also, they offer a straightforward customization process.

Depending upon the brand and case you choose, they show up the options for internal components. Clearly labeled prices and compatibility information guides you throughout the process. According to the company’s standard policy, you will get a warranty of 3-years on labor and one year on parts. However, customers choose to purchase an extended warranty on both labor and parts.

8. Falcon Northwest


Next on the list is Falcon Northwest, one of the oldest custom PC builder websites. Founded back in 1992, the company has come a long way since then. They have divided their PCs into three main categories, Talk, Friki, and FragBox. These options include mid-tower, small form factor, and sleek micro tower PCs.

They have a wide section of pre-built PCs on their website that you can customize further to make them perfectly in line with your needs and demands. All the pre-built PCs offer extensive customization both internally and externally. For instance, you can choose the paintwork, UV protection, RGB lighting, and casing design of your own choice.

In addition to pre-built PCs, they also sell high-end gaming accessories and internal components. Falcon Northwest is a premium PC builder website, and the lowest price level you will find is around $2000. The website is very engaging, and I found it pretty easy to navigate. The customization and configuration process is kept simple to help less tech-savvy customers build their custom PC.

9. AVADirect


AVAdirect is an Ohio-based custom PC building website that has been in the computer manufacturing business since 2000. They have specialized in building high-performance PCs in every budget range and also sell pre-built PCs. AVADirect has a configuration tool on the website that allows you to customize your PC as per your budget and preferences.

You can easily access the internal component’s compatibility information and prices to build a PC that serves the purpose and also suits your budget. Although they have specialized in building Gaming PCs, you can also find plenty of exterior design options, cooling solutions, and system parts from different brands.

Another good news is that AVADirect offers a 36-month installment plan making it easier for the on-budget customers to build their dream PC. All the AVAdirect PCs are backed by a 3-years limited warranty on labor and parts. Additionally, all custom-made PCs are backed by a lifetime warranty on labor.

10. Puget Systems


Puget Systems was founded back in 2000 and is among the most popular custom PC building websites today. Unlike other popular websites of the same niche, they don’t mainly focus on gaming. Instead, they are known for building high-performance workstations and professional-grade laptops and PCs for high-end use like video editing and software development.

Their website is straightforward and easy to navigate, making it a newbie-friendly platform. You can make a selection from 8 PC brands, and they have a wide range of options for computer cases, chipsets, and other internal components.

All their products are backed by a 1-year warranty on parts and a 3-year labor warranty. Customers can also purchase lifetime technical support and labor warranty along with extra 2-3 years warranty on parts. For more details about warranty and exchange policy, visit the official website of Puget Systems.


What is the best website for custom PCS?

CyberPowerPC is one of the best Custom PC builder websites for building PCs in 2024. They house a wide range of computer casings, exterior accessories, and internal components of multiple brands. With the help of configuration tools available on their website, you can build your custom PC as per your needs and budget.

Is it worth building a gaming PC in 2024?

Yes, it is worth building a gaming PC in 2024 rather than buying a pre-built one. Custom PC building websites purchase the high-end components in bulk and resell them at reasonable prices. Therefore it is recommended to build your custom gaming PC to get the best performance within your budget.


To help you build your custom PC, I’ve shared some of the best custom PC Builder websites. All these platforms are trusted and let you fine-tune your choices to create a custom PC that suits best your needs and budget.  I’m hoping that this guide on the best Custom PC builder websites for Building PCs in 2024 will help you find out the best platform. Finally, it is advised to carefully read the exchange, and warranty policy before placing an order on these websites.