Growing Plants in Small Spaces with Concrete Planters 

The Urban Gardener’s Guide to Growing Plants in Small Spaces with Concrete Planters (2023)

A passionate gardener never worries about the small space for growing plants. Even a tiny gardening space is enough to produce valuable and beautiful plants. You only need sunlight, fertile soil, and a good plan. You can make a beautiful garden on your balcony or terrace with constant effort and knowledge.

Urban gardening is the term used for growing plants in small places. You can put the small saplings in concrete planters and nourish them per their requirements. You can click here to buy beautiful concrete planters for your garden.

The planters are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. You can get beautiful ones to make your garden more stylish and appealing.

If you are a passionate gardener but do not know how to start building your garden, this guide will help you with everything. You must understand that the small space in your apartment is not a problem at all, but management and proper planning are what you need.

Mark the Space with Enough Sunlight

Concrete Planters


For plant growth, sunlight is an essential element to be considered. Keeping every flowering plant under sunlight for four to six hours is mandatory. Sunlight helps in preparing food and blooming flowers. If you neglect this element, your saplings will not grow properly, and you cannot expect to get fruits or flowers.

Before preparing your garden in any small space, you must mark the spots with plenty of sunlight throughout the day. But you should not feel disappointed if you do not find any spot with direct sunlight.

Many vegetables are there that can grow well without sunlight. You can also switch your plants every day as per the requirement of the sun.

Buy High-Quality Seeds

After planning the space in your apartment, you must choose the plants you will grow in your garden. You must understand that you cannot produce all your favorite plants on your balcony. In any way, the space should not be compromised.

You can choose vegetables, such as chilies, beans, tomatoes, okra, spinach, coriander, mint, etc. If you are interested in flowers, you can go with Mogra, rose, marigold, etc. These plants can grow quickly and require low maintenance. Invest in high-quality seeds if you have decided on the vegetables and flowers to be produced in your garden.

You can also get seeds of certain vegetables like tomatoes from your kitchen. You can sow them and wait for some time to germinate. It is necessary to have planting skills and knowledge before starting gardening.

Prepare Mineral-Rich Soil

Mineral-Rich Soil


Before you sow seeds in any random soil, it is mandatory to test their fertility. You need to prepare mineral-rich soil so that your seeds grow well into plants in an estimated time. You can either buy good soil or make it on your own at home. It is good if you invest in natural fertilizers to enhance soil fertility.

You can invest in coco peat or compost to grow plants and make your garden beautiful. The soil should be well-drained and have enough moisture to germinate the seed effectively. You can also watch several videos and learn how to prepare soil before sowing seeds. The better the quality of your soil, the better your plants will grow.

Get a Watering Can

You need to water seeds regularly when you sow seeds in your concrete planters. Through sunlight and drained soil, your plants will get nourishment, which will help them grow. You must invest in a good watering can to properly sprinkle water on your plants.

It will also cleanse your plants and remove dirt. You can also access all the plant parts and avoid wasting water. In different seasons, you need to change your watering schedule and habits. You should also know the amount of water every plant requires and provide it accordingly.

Prevent Pest Attack

When you build a garden in your home and grow various plants in concrete planters, there is a risk of pest attacks that can damage the fruits and flowers. It is mandatory to prevent and control pest attacks. You can buy a natural neem oil and spray it on the leaves of your plants. You can also consider using castor oil or soapy water to safeguard your plants.

Pests like ladybirds, spiders, etc., will no longer be attracted to your plants. But make sure that the insecticides you use should be organic, and the amount you use should not be too much to ruin your plants.

It is essential to acquire deep knowledge regarding gardening and other tricks. It is better not to disappoint when you do not get the desired results and keep trying until you get it.

Save Space by Growing Plants Vertically

Growing Plants Vertically, saving space


When there is a shortage of space in your garden, you must consider growing your plants vertically. You can use raised beds or grow vines that can climb walls. You can hang them vertically and get all the fruits easily.

It will let you manage the small space and allow you to grow more saplings. Managing them can be a massive challenge because it leads to branch traps, and it is hard to separate them. Therefore, manage them properly to avoid further challenges.

Take Up the Challenge

Gardening in a small space is quite challenging; you can do it if you are a passionate gardener. So, it is the time to take up the challenge and grow whatever you like on your small balcony or terrace. You can grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers in a planned manner with just a little help from concrete planters.

Planning things and gaining knowledge before setting up your beautiful garden is mandatory. Undoubtedly, you will experience many ups and downs, but it is essential not to disappoint and do well even if you are not getting appropriate results.

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Final Thoughts

This guide on urban gardening is helpful for all passionate gardeners looking forward to making their terrace or balcony a beautiful garden. With proper planning, you can grow many plants in a managed space. So, take up this challenge and work on your gardening goals.