8 Technologies & Trends That Are Helping Businesses Survive the Pandemic – 2024 Guide

The current pandemic situation has largely affected businesses across all industries.

Indeed, many of us were hoping that the situation will normalize within a few months. However, more than half of 2024 has gone, and we are nowhere near normal.

Amidst all this chaos, modern technologies and trends have played a vital role in keeping businesses and employment alive.

In this article, we are talking about a few of those technologies and ideas. So, let’s take a look at our saviors in this pandemic.

1. ePayments and Online Shopping

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We know that the concept of eCommerce was not born yesterday. And ePayment services like Paypal and Payza have been around for ages. But we must accept that we have used these services more than ever during the lockdown.

As cash transactions carry a huge risk of virus transmission, the importance and popularity of ePayment methods has dramatically increased.

Considering the current scenario, these methods are safe.

Plus, the facility of online orders has helped people stay inside their homes and still have all the essential items safely delivered to them.

Many services have also been using drones and robots for product deliveries.

These technologies have surely helped ecommerce giants survive and grow even in these tough times.

2. Work From Home

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Favorite to some and celebrated by many of us, the remote work culture has saved companies and their employees.

What once seemed like an infeasible idea with lots of complications, has now become the “new normal.” And admittedly, people are enjoying it. They are getting to spend more time with their families, and to pay attention to their personal interests.

Also, we can’t forget the money and time saved on commuting.

And yes, all of this is keeping us way safer than we would have been while working in our offices every day.

3. eLearning

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eLearning has long been helping learners and trainers across the globe. Be it for employee training or for a learning program involving students, it has brought about an educational transformation.

During these times of the COVID lock-down, online learning methods have played an important role in helping companies successfully implement employee onboarding and training programs.

It has also enabled schools and colleges to remain in function with the help of online classes. Check out the list of elearning examples to inspire yourself to create a course of your own

4. Video conferencing

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Bringing all our important meetings to us from across the world, video conferencing technology is helping us connect to our clients and employees without any hassles.

As many of us are working from home and attending meetings through video conferencing tools, we don’t have to wake up hours before the meeting. And in the worst case, if we wake up moments before the meeting, we can still attend it.

Video conferencing is surely connecting businesses to their prospects, customers and employees. Companies just need to ensure the use of right video conferencing solutions based on their needs. You can check the best video conferencing solutions by clicking here Otherwise, they may end up making a lossy purchase.

5. Online Streaming Platforms

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As theatres in most countries are closed, the movie industry across the globe is affected by the pandemic.

Thanks to online streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube. They are keeping the audience entertained and allowing creators to still create and launch their content.

It’s a fact. These days, online streaming platforms are being used more than ever before.

6. Robots and Drones

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As mentioned in the first pointer, a number of companies are using robots and drones for completing order deliveries.

But that can’t be the only use of robots and drones, right?

From police to hospitals, from railway stations to airports, robots and drones are being used for performing a large number of tasks.

In many infected areas, drones have been used for delivering food items to people. Apart from this, they have been walking dogs across the streets. The police departments in many countries are using drones for surveillance.

Robots at airports and railway stations are helping passengers safely travel to their destinations, with the least amount of human interaction.

Amidst all this, the robotics industry has undoubtedly been able to prove their mettle in contributing to mankind.

7. Sanitizers, Face Masks and other COVID Safety Equipment

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Since the lock-down started, a number of chemical plants came at the verge of being shut.

This was pretty much expected as the demands for their products went down. Plus, many governments had declared a strict lock-down for industries apart from those providing essential services.

The high demand for sanitizers, face masks and PPE kits saved these plants from being shut as they were allowed to remain open for manufacturing these products.

This is helping many employees stay employed during the pandemic, and many companies are being able to survive the situation comfortably.

8. Telehealth

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The whole world needs to maintain social distance from people. And the whole world needs medical advice and assistance during these tough times.

Telehealth makes the perfect technology for such situations.

Many smartphone apps and wearable devices have been launched for notifying people when they are around an area where the risk of COVID spread is high. Also, many applications request users to update any signs or symptoms that they might have. Then with the help of geotagging, the system is able to notify other users when their physical location is near to a symptomatic person.

This surely helps in prevention and awareness.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, a large number of companies are severely hit. Many are trying to overcome the ill-effects that this pandemic has caused. And many are enjoying the “new normal” culture of working from home.

Amidst all of this, a number of technologies and trends have been helping save the world of business from drowning. In this post, we discussed a few of those technologies and trends that have played a significant role in keeping businesses and their employees on their feet.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article and found it informative.