6 Best Apps For Writers 2019

6 Best Apps For Writers 2024

Microsoft is not only in the game for a writer to write content. Many writers are looking for some special tools and apps that can give them more features and increase their performance of writing the content. Microsoft word is suitable only for limited functions. For example, if you are looking for writing an exam essay, assignment then it is easy for writers to use the Microsoft Word. On the other hand, if are looking for to write a book, the novel then no way, MS Word will not work. All the writing apps are not free of cost but yes there are some discounts, and you can apply these to buy the writing apps in discount.

Apps for writing should have all the features that ease the writer to write the content quickly. Here is our best guide; we are going to explain the five best Apps for writers.

1: Grammarly – Best App for All Devices

If you are a writer and you are not using Grammarly, then this is a big mistake. There are many specifications this app like you can write on this app. It will tell you all the grammar mistakes as well as check either your content has some plagiarism or not. Moreover, it will highlight all the lines in which plagiarism occur.

Grammarly also scans your documents entirely and tell the sentences and spellings. There is also a Pro Premium version of this Grammarly which check the content deeply and correct all the mistakes automatically. We recommend to use this tool; this is available for both Android and web. Moreover, if you are typing in MS Word, then this tool will work best.

2: Scrivener

Scrivener is one of these best apps for a writer. We have seen that many freelancers, copywriters, authors used this app. Many journalists and translators have also used this app for writing purposes. Moreover, if you are working on some complicated projects, then Scrivener has more features than the regular writing tools like MS Word, WordPad or NotePad.

Scrivener can write great content and save your data automatically. Moreover, you will not get distracted by using this app.

3: IA Writer – Best Apps For PC, Ipad, Tablets

If you want to focus on content while writing. Some tools distract the writers while making the sentences correct and correct the spelling. On the other hand, IA writer has nothing to do with distractions. It keeps safe you during the writing. It gives a pleasant environment to write. The best part of this IA Writer App is that it is available on Mac, IOS, Windows, and Android. It also displays the HTML view of the content.

For Android, it is available in the free version. On the other hand, for IOS and Mac, you have to pay little for it.

4: Day One – Best Apps For Writers

If you are working as a journalist or you are an author, then you must try day one app. It is freely available and has all the features. This app also acts as a social app where you can write your thoughts and share them in this app. Moreover, you can also print the daily life events, and this app will fix your everyday life writing problems.

Day One gives the new advanced journalist experiences. The best part is data is syncing with the multiple devices. It helps in saving your precious time. It also provides a productive multimedia environment where you can add photos, audio and draw different sketches.

5: Ginger software

Ginger is an alternative to Grammarly. It has all the specifications that are essential for writers to write the essay and other writings. If you are writing the essay and college resumes, then you have to use this ginger application. This ginger software has many features that it is necessary for writers who are learning English as communication as well as want to improve the writing experience.

On the other hand, if you are writing something on social media. For example, on LinkedIn, facebook, twitter or on Gmail then it will rewrite the mistakes words. It will also fix the misused words.

6: Text Expander

Text expander is the app or tool that helps in saving your time and money. Moreover, if you are going to write the email, essays, documents again and again then you have to use this app as it can save the time of typing the same thing again and again.

It also shows the text in different styles. You can also add links and images in the content.

Final Verdicts:

If you have time, you can visit Microsoft for many other writing apps by Microsoft. In the above article, we have discussed the 6 best apps for writers. We recommend that if you are not a writer then still you have to use this app. We recommend going utilizing the ginger software or Grammarly because these have all the features and fix your problems on run time.

Share your views with us, if you use these apps and you are using any other best app other than these.