Best 7 Apps for LG Smart TV – 2024 Guide

It was not that long ago when we used to live in “not-that-smart” world, where the TV’s were used only to watch the usual channels, the cell phones were only about dialing and receiving calls and for SMS, we didn’t have tablets, smartwatches, and in almost every household there were not more than two computers (one desktop and one laptop). We surely lived a nice life that wasn’t that dependent on the technology. If you wanted to check your Facebook profile, you needed to wait until all the other family members finish their job on the family computer, and then you only have about an hour to chat and like posts.

But back then in 2007, Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone ever and it changed the world we lived in forever. The people could hold a small device that can be a portable mini-computer, with all those apps ready to use. The other brands developed their smart devices quickly after that. The market then also required something new, bigger than the phone, and smaller than the computer, so the tablets gained their popularity immediately. When the streaming services became available worldwide, people were first using their computers to watch movies and shows. But, later, almost every hi-tech company offers smart TV models, that you can use to access these streaming services, to log in to your social media profiles, listen to music from YouTube, or even syncing the TV with your phone or tablet.

LG is one of the leading companies in this business. People who follow their job know that they usually offer high-quality devices, including smartphones and TVs. Almost every device can be synced with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. That feature fixes a lot of problems people had previously when synchronizing their Apple devices with other OS based computers, phones, and television receivers.

Here are the most popular and useful apps for your LG smart TV:

1. Netflix


Can you imagine the world without Netflix? How did we use to live without all those great shows, movies, and documentaries? We all love it because we can browse the popular shows, watch every episode, stop it, and even pick it up from the same place you left the last time. According to what you choose to watch, this app will tailor customized suggestions, helping you find similar content easily, without having to browse for hours to find what you’ll watch next.

2. Apple TV


You don’t have to buy an Apple receiver to use their exclusive features and watch the original shows that were produced just for them. You may have a problem if you own an older LG model, but with the newest ones, this Apple app works great. You can access many movies and shows since Apple TV+ owns a large content catalog. When you want to buy some movies or subscribe to some channel, it will be charged from your Apple ID account as a regular purchase. The fee will be charged every month until you decide to cancel that feature.

3. Mirror Mac to LG Smart TV


When you mirror your screen, even if you have a big device, some details are still hardly visible. This app provided by allows you to stream anything from your MacBook to the LG smart device, without even using cables or remote controllers. You can download a free demo to see if you like it. Another good thing is that the app provides a magnifier option so you can focus on some important details. And, of course, you won’t have to download every app you have on the Mac on your TV, because you can simply mirror the content and control it from the computer.

4. LG Remote App


When you buy a smart TV you receive a remote device too. Also, you can use your smartphone as a remote control, only if you have an appropriate application for that. No matter if you have an iPhone or some Android device, you can download it from AppStore/Google Play and sync with the television set. You know, people often lose their physical remote devices, or forget where did they put them, and apps like this will help you use the TV without getting very nervous because of the controller.

5. YouTube


This is another service we can’t imagine our life without it. Everyone knows YouTube, and use it regularly every day. People who own smart television receivers often use YouTube on it, because they can turn the volume louder, and also to watch the videos better. Most of the time, this popular video service is pre-installed on these devices, so they won’t have to download it from the store.

6. Amazon Prime Video


This is another one streaming service that provides a lot of high-quality video content, shows, movies, and many other exclusive features. As you know, Amazon also has original shows, so we can recommend you to try with “The Man in a High Castle”, which was their first and it was received pretty well by the public and critics. All the videos are available in 4K quality.

7. Twitch


This is the most popular game streaming platform, and it’s usually used to live stream interactive gaming processes. It’s a product that was invented by Amazon, but today it’s a standalone platform available for game streaming and broadcasting. People can also watch the saved games later by accessing the interactive library on-demand.

If you don’t like the idea to use your television set as a smart device, don’t worry, it’s normal. We are overwhelmed by all the smart things on the market, so it’s totally understandable if you just want to turn on your TV and watch the regular cable, news, political debates, or cooking shows. You don’t even need to buy a smart television at all. But, if you want to turn your whole life into smart, then go for it! Choose your favorite model, install your applications, and enjoy it.