5 Smart Ways Messaging Apps Can Transform Your Business – 2024 Guide

Online technology brought a huge number of changes in the life of an average person. The daily routine of people, as well as mentality, is different than before. However, the biggest changes of all are visible in the business world.

Not using online technology in business operations is simply impossible. Almost every field of business is competitive because of the opportunities that people have. They can easily reach their target audience with a proper ad campaign. You can promote your business through different channels such as social media, blogs, vlogs, etc. All these channels will bring benefits to your business in one way or another.

However, as mentioned, all of these tools are available to everyone, and even if you use them actively, it doesn’t guarantee you will stand out from your competitors. There is a big chance your competitors are engaging on these platforms just as much as you. With this in mind, you need to find another way to stand out from the masses. One of the ways to do that is by using messaging apps. ClickSend can help you communicate with all your customers via SMS, email, and direct mail by enabling you to integrate with all your favorite business apps in order to automate your company’s communications.

Unfortunately, these types of tools still don’t have the popularity they deserve. Of course, there are some businesses that have started applying this method, but others are still hesitant to use a new technology that isn’t familiar to them. Expanding your knowledge on the subject can help you feel much more comfortable about making this change. Let’s dig deeper to learn a couple of ways messaging apps can transform your business.

1. Digital Payments

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As we said, Internet technology changed the mentality and habits of people. A huge number of them favors online shopping over traditional one. Logically, it is always more comfortable to purchase items from the comfort of your room. Because of that, digital payments are a crucial aspect of every business field.

Fortunately, making online payments is not a complex thing. You can easily purchase things and be sure that your personal data will remain safe. Messaging apps made this way of purchasing even easier. Potential buyers will have the chance to pay for the items they want to purchase inside the app. Of course, this technology is still experimental, but some traces of improvement are visible.

2. Better Interaction with Customers

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Promoting services or products through the messenger app is easy and convenient. You can easily do that with messenger ads. They can help you promote your business in a couple of ways.

First of all, it can direct your target audience to the desired destination. Some of the customers would want to go directly to messenger chat. In most cases, they would want to find a solution for their “concerns”. On the other hand, some people would want to find out more about you and your products. The messaging app can redirect them directly to your website.

Despite that, you will ensure better engagement thanks to the features of this tool. For instance, you can audio and video promotional material which usually brings the most effective results. Entrepreneurs can also add a product link with a short text message that will call the customer to take some action.

In the end, every company can reach out to target customers one on one. The online world does not allow you to do that more often. However, the opportunity of that type will be quite valuable for your clients. You will establish a more trustworthy relationship and they can potentially become your loyal customers.

Also, every company will receive feedback in real-time. The satisfaction of clients is everything for each company in the world. Imagine that a first-time visitor comes to your website. He will primarily check the reviews and see if you deserve his attention. Through these apps, customers can share their opinion in real-time. You will manage to cover all the gaps that you making thanks to the feedback you get.

3. Improvement of Open Rates

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We don’t want to reduce the benefits of traditional SMS channels in any way. Yet, they have some drawbacks that were limiting the options of both sides. For instance, the users of traditional SMS can’t control them completely.
Things with messaging apps are a bit different. You can’t communicate with users if you don’t get permission from them. If they want to stop receiving messages from you, they can change their permission at any moment. Logically, this type of opportunity boosts open rates, read rates, and CTRs.

4. Better Customer Support

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We will continue in the same manner. As we said, so-called chatbots have a better open rate compared to emails. The opportunity like that will surely improve the quality of your customer support. Keep in mind that all of your clients will have certain questions. Your answer needs to come promptly. That especially counts if they are urgently looking for a solution.

There are four benefits of how you will automate your customer support with chatbots. First of all, they will solve the customer’s problems in real-time. Despite that, they will use interesting characters, images, or videos to keep customers engaged. In some cases, the solution to their problem can come in those forms.

The smartest decision of all would be personalizing your chatbots. However, doing that effectively is possible if you use the best possible practices for deploying them. Every entrepreneur needs to identify all the tasks that a chatbot needs to do. In that way, you will precisely determine the reason why a customer should engage with chatbots.

5. The Location of Both Sides is Irrelevant

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Let’s imagine that you are the owner of a traditional store. People that come into your store are the only ones with who you can interact. On the other hand, customer messaging apps are available to everyone who has a stable Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to their features, you can stay in touch with all your customers anytime and anywhere.

Bonus Tip: Messaging Apps Are Good for Finding Friends

Businesses are not the only ones who can benefit from messaging apps. An average person that wants to expend his list of friends can use it as well. Websites like chattoday.com are finding usernames of people near your location. They will contact you with them while keeping your privacy protected. In other words, you can choose who can see the details on your profile. You might want to check the website we attach and see how the entire process works.