Best Free Apps To Limit Screen Time Android

Best Free Apps To Limit Screen Time Android

Most of the Screen Limit apps are not free to use. Most Good apps charge from their customers to provide this facility. In this guide, we will update you and tell you 5 best Free Apps to Limit Screen time. There are a lot of apps available, and it is challenging to choose which apps will work.

You can limit the screen time on the kid’s phone because it will not develop more habits in the kids to use the phone for a long time. You are here. Maybe you want to control yourself from using the phone for a long time.

On the other hand, maybe you are here for your children to use the best apps to limit screen time Android and IOS.

Best Free Apps to Limit Screen Time Android

In this guide, we will update you with the 5 best free apps, including BreakFree, Dinner Time Plus, FamiSafe, Unglue, Screentime. These are the best free apps to limit screen time android.

In the next section, we will discuss the best free apps to limit screen time ios. If you have an iPhone, then you have to install other apps that will consider later.

1: BreakFree – Parental Control Function

Mobifolio has designed this application, and it has many features. You can download the app directly from the play store, or you can go to their official website and download it from there. It will help your kids not to use the phone more.

Features of BreakFree App

  • It has a Parental Control Function
  • It will monitor the Usage of Phone
  • Helps in Management
  • Schedule Tools
  • Free Available
  • You can also download it on IOS and as well as Android
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • There are lof tips for using a phone. It reduces your addiction.
  • More improvements in the interface should be done
  • If you are a pro user, some of the features still limited.

2: FamiSafe – Effective Limit Screen App

From ComputerInspire, we have another fantastic application to Limit Screen Time. There are a lot of stylish features in the Famisafe app. It can help you in locating the phone no matter where it is. If you forget it in a car or a room.

You can track anonymous messages and calls. As a parent, you will always alert from such messages from your child’s phone.

Features of FamiSafe

  • Suspicious SMS Alert Function
  • Tracking of the Phone
  • GeoFencing Support
  • A lot of filters for locking
  • A lot of features updated frequently.
  • You can monitor kids remotely.
  • Easy to Install
  • Monitor many other devices
  • Trial Period of 3 days only

Download the app from playstore.

3: Unglue – Set Screen Time Limit

It is designed for the best parental control app, and therefore, it is in our list of Best Free Apps To Limit Screen Time.

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The app is designed so that kids can make fun of the phone with limited features.

Features of Unglue

  • Keep Kids activity
  • You can easily set Limit Screen Time
  • Help in Blocking Mature Content
  • Monitor all the applications and games
  • Simple navigation and easy to use
  • Free app with a bundle of features
  • It will balance kids screen time
  • 24/7 Service is not available

4. Dinner Time Plus

From Ncomputing Global, we have Dinner time plus with a lot of features, and it is one of these best free apps to limit screen time Android. The most exciting feature of dinner time plus is break-off the phone, and you can make dinner and bedtime.

It has perfect dinner time functions to control.

Features of Dinner Time Plus

  • Real-Time Display
  • It will give you a complete report on the usage of a kid’s phone.
  • It helps in blocking applications.
  • All the functions are user-friendly
  • You have a chance to control the phone usage of parents.
  • Your kid can take a break from the device.
  • It can control two phone functions at a time.
  • All devices are, unfortunately, not supported.

5: ScreenTime – Best screen limit app

You can easily make the Screen Limit App on Android and IOS. It has an almost half month trial period. Freely packages are available. You can explore yourself.

Features of ScreenTime

  • Kids can enjoy all the features freely.
  • Parents can allow and disallow apps to download and install.
  • Easy to share access to another member in the family.
  • Unlimited devices support
  • Exquisite Functions
  • It can support a lot of devices
  • Hefty Screen Monitoring
  • The interface is cool and easy
  • Limited Control of Web
  • Location Tracking features are not available.

Final Words:

These apps are available on Android. For IOS, we have a separate guide; you can read from here: best apps to limit screen time ios. Let me know if we can help you more. If you have something amazing to share, let us know.