Best 10 Mobile Marketing Apps to Use in 2024

Every business requires a special approach to marketing in order to grow in its niche. Marketing trends and methods evolve dynamically, so every company needs a suite of instruments that can evolve too and help brands to keep up with the everchanging market. At Freepps, we are convinced that the rational use of mobile apps can help to make brand marketing more time and cost-efficient. Developers do the lion’s share of monitoring for you and transform their toolsets to simplify your campaign.

1. Facebook Ads Manager – Control Over Multiple Ad Campaigns

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Running a marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram is an excellent choice for many types of businesses. However, managing advertising over user-oriented apps of these networks has multiple management limitations. Using Facebook Ads Manager, you can control several campaigns at the same time.

The toolset features a convenient scheduler, a budget tracker, and even a robust space for creating ads. Moreover, all features of the app are totally free. It’s a good solution for businesses of any size to stay on top of their Facebook and Instagram promotions.

2. Facebook Pages Manager – Convenient Business Page Management

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Unlike the FacebookAds Manager app, this application is focused more on local page management that includes posting, replying to comments, inserting links, and messaging with users and business partners. You can do these things via the main Facebook app and Facebook Messenger, but they are too bulky for average enterprising chores. In addition, Facebook Pages Manager provides rather in-depth statistics for free.

3. Buffer and Hootsuite – Best Social Media Scheduling

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You’re a lucky marketer if your business feels ok with 1 or 2 accounts in social networks, but it’s not likely to be true. Having 2 or more accounts means sharing news, updates, offers, and other things on a daily basis without weekends. There are 2 ways to handle it. You can either hire a marketing department or use Buffer to automate tasks.

Buffer supports Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and a bunch of other popular networks and lets you access all your accounts from a single place. With Buffer, you can create automatic schedules for periods of any length and switch to other tasks, while it shares content for you. experts recommend you to set custom intervals between posts to make the flow look natural, and boost your monthly efficiency.

4. Mention – Know What People Say

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Reputation is one of the key parameters for any venture, so it’s vital to monitor it as deeply as possible. Mention is designed to help you with that and be aware of everything that users say about your brand publicly on the Internet. Besides, you can monitor the reputation of any competitor at the same time.

Mention can notify you when it intercepts a message that involves your brand name and lets you answer users’ questions, refute misinformation, and give thanks to customers for being supportive. You can even share positive comments and reviews (including articles) on Tweeter and Facebook. Due to smart filters, you can separate meaningful feedback from empty mentions and not waste time, viewing ‘noise.’

5. Later – For Instagram Marketers

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Unlike other social networks, Instagram can easily become a one-and-only platform for raising brand awareness and sales. However, it’s too hard to do daily posting manually. Later lets you schedule posts for days, weeks, and even months and assign appropriate posting time for each of them.

Another convenient feature is the image-sourcing. It lets you link posts with particular images from your Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, etc. A paid Later account is much cheaper than Buffer and analogs, so it’s recommended if your campaign is focused on Instagram.

6. Bitly – Link Management and Analysis

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Believe it or not, but the way the links that you share look can affect brand reputation in social media. Using Bitly, you can easily edit your links and replace cumbersome code-like URLs with neat branded text.

Years of publishing experience shows that proper link design can significantly boost the number of clicks. Bitly can integrate into your social media accounts, SMS service, and other mediums for simple link-sharing. Besides, it can monitor users’ link-related behavior and links’ overall performance.

7. Canva – Pro-Looking Images On The Go

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Canva is not a complicated marketing tool, but it’s still an indispensable instrument. It lets you create beautiful arts for social media, using thousands of templates created by professional designers with the latest marketing trends in mind. Due to a powerful integrated stock of images, GIFs, PNGs, and other elements, you can give up Photoshop for the majority of creative tasks.

8. Clover – Boost Sales With Freebies

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Customers that don’t like getting products for free don’t exist. Say your customers “Buy 3, get 1 for free,” and you will see how sales rise in a moment.

However, while nearly every brand uses this and similar tricks, your offer may get lost, amongst others. By integrating your business into Clover, you provide users with an opportunity to keep track of their purchases and track what they buy in your physical and online stores.

9. GetResponse – Email Ads Still Work

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This app is part of a bigger email marketing system. It lets you manage current email campaigns, collect and generate leads, and analyze statistics (including click-throughs). Besides, you can use it to create, manage, and schedule emails. It’s both useful for individual and mass mailing and monitoring on the go.

10. Yelp For Business – A Global Scope on Your Brand

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Yelp is another rep-monitoring service that analyzes ranks related to your brand all over the web. It lets you manage your Yelp business account, view real-time ratings, user engagement, the number of reviews, ad click-throughs, and many other crucial stats.

They Really Work

Neglecting marketing mobile apps in 2024 is equal to throwing away the future of your brand. strongly recommends you to integrate at least the free solutions into your marketing strategy to be able to run your web campaigns effectively.