Wroth of the Lich King

Main Features of World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

World of Warcraft remains unofficially the most popular and best MMO RPG in the history of the genre in the gaming industry.

The project has gone and continues to go a long way of its development, releasing major updates that have a different reaction among the gaming community.

So, for example, the current Dragonflight update was well received due to the large number of innovations and rethinking of old mechanics, while Shadowlands leads to a more obvious outflow of players.

The peak of World of Warcraft’s popularity fell on old updates like Wrath of Lich King, and it is not surprising that the developers thought about it and released the classic version of one of the most popular versions of WoW, but with updated graphics and all the innovations in the interfaces, but leaving the hardcore component of pumping and equipment mining.

What is special about World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

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Since this is a classic, and therefore more hardcore version, it will take much more time to level and extract resources and require more effort.

For comparison, level 80 has been conquered by only one player since the launch of the servers.

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Resources will also be more difficult to get, this rule also works for equipment, and it is advisable to start mastering professions as early as possible in order to accumulate useful resources and prepare for crafting equipment for your hero, or sell materials and get gold to buy everything you need.

Please note that good quality gear cannot be traded and must be dropped from bosses or crafted on your own. The usual quality can be bought on the marketplace from the masters. It costs not such a significant amount of gold that you bother with crafting it and mastering the profession only because of the basic equipment.

Things to do in World of Warcraft Wroth of the Lich King

In the classic version of World of Warcraft, you will have much more activities than in the main version due to the fact that pumping is more complicated and resource extraction also takes more time and effort.

What can you do in Wow WOTLK

  • Quests
  • Grind
  • PVP
  • Raids


In World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King, there is a big problem with experience and getting it. In terms of quests, this is an ideal source of leveling due to stability. Kill 20 monsters to get a level and gold – conditional of course, but it’s more stable than just grinding – farming has its own tasks and should be considered not only as a source of experience.

Try to find and take on tasks that are not related to the storyline. These are quests that are issued by the same NPCs, but the reward can be completely variable – from gold and experience to equipment items. Based on the offered reward, you can evaluate the value of the task and decide for yourself whether it is worth taking it on.


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Grind – or a method of pumping through the destruction of a large number of monsters to gain experience, gold and materials.

Ideally, if you find not only a good location for pumping, but also combine it with the main quests. For example, you take the main task of killing 40 monsters, but after accumulating the required number of targets, you just stay in the location and grind until your inventory is full of useful materials, or until killing monsters brings you a good supply of experience.

The main task of the grind in the first place is not pumping, but filling the inventory with as many resources as possible and achieving a good level of equipment for your hero at every stage of the game.

The main thing is, if you decide to focus on the development of the hero on the grind – strive to get, buy or craft bags that will expand your inventory – the less often you return to the city to unload the bags, the more resources you can take out in one go.


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World of Warcraft, regardless of its version, is directed towards PVP. If you wish, you can, of course, go into a full-fledged PVE, but you will not be able to completely get rid of PVP content.

Since the general emphasis in WoW is on factions, choosing your side will forever accept its banners and will represent it in battles in all disputed territories of the world of Azeroth.

Battles are one of the most consistent ways to get equipment in the course of a level.

For killing a representative of the enemy faction, you will receive special coins of valor that can be spent on equipment that has a stronger potential in PVP than in PVE. It is important that you fight with an enemy of your level and do not try to kill small levels and beginners – the World of Warcraft game system does not encourage such killings in any versions of WoW.

The enemy can be found literally at any adjacent location after completing the tutorial, and if you decide to dedicate your gameplay to the battles between players, then you can succeed in forming a full-fledged PVP equipment and mainly engage in battles and level up in game locations.


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Raids are special dungeons in the world of WoW that exist to add an element of interesting gameplay to the game mechanics in battles with difficult bosses and his guards in order to receive unique rewards and high-quality equipment that often cannot be obtained in any other way.

A raid is a long-term event that cannot be undertaken alone. You need to collect your own, or join a ready-made battle group that will go into the dungeon and fight one or three bosses of varying difficulty.

Each boss has its own unique combat mechanics and skills that it uses in the process. Someone is hiding from view, someone is attacking and killing everyone who is too far away, or vice versa close to the boss, there may be skills for healing, or strengthening basic attacks.

Players need to quickly adapt to the behavior of the boss, destroy the retinue and defeat the head of the dungeon in order to collect a rare reward in the form of weapons, armor, or jewelry, as well as experience. In the Wrath of the Lich King update, any character enhancement will be worth its weight in gold.