World of Warcraft Patch 8.3 Class Changes

The new 8.3 patch for World of Warcraft is here, and it marks some of the major changes in one of the most popular games worldwide. With the patch comes the implementation of pets that hunters can train, a possibility of you becoming an evil, unique creatures, and the continuation of the Darkmoon Faire storyline.

If you are a WoW fan, you are probably interested in seeing what exactly did the patch change, as well as what new things it offers. And, if you are in this situation, this article might be quite helpful. The text below will feature everything that you should know about the new, 8.3 patch for WoW. Let’s take a closer look at the article:

  1. There Are New Allied Classes + Death Knights!

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If you ask any fan from all over the world what they have been waiting for the most, they will probably tell you that it is the implementation of 2 new allied classes – Vulpera and Mechagnomes. It should not be difficult for you to obtain the new classes, especially if you played the game during the previous expansion pack.

In order to unlock the Vulpera race, Horde gamers will need to obtain the “Secret in the Sands” achievement, however, you will also need to obtain higher rep with Voldunai. If you are a Horde player, it is quite possible that you have done this already. Hence, from there, you will only need to finish the chain quests and you can get a new class.

Now, getting the Mechagnomes is a bit more complex. But, if your game has been running on the previous patch (8.2) and if you already obtained “flying”, you just made things easier for yourself. Firstly, you should obtain the Mechagon achievement. This can be accomplished by improving your Rustbolt reputation. Once you finish that and when you boosted your rep, you can again finish the chain quests and from there, you can recruit your robot friends.

You can also play Death Knights for each class that is allied, and finally, you can play it for Pandaren as well! At first, this new option was meant to be implemented in Shadowlands, but, if you order it now, you can easily gain access to all the Death Knight classes for this new patch. If you are interested in seeing more information about the WoW 8.3 boost, check this website out.

  1. A New Cloak, Not Just Any Cloak, But a Legendary One

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It is pretty clear that Wrathion was busy for quite some time – a few patches – however, you can see him again in this patch. His purpose is quite clear, he reappears to give us an additional, legendary cloak! Shroud of Resolve is the most essential thing that will help you clear your way through a storyline called Horrific Visions.

It has been hinted that this cloak can help players battle N’Zoth, however, that might have changed by now. But, when you consider it better, this can easily be a good decision, especially since balancing the raids can be difficult and trying to implement the cloaks just makes things more difficult and complex.

Another thing that you should know is that Wrathion will not only reappear to give us an amazing cloak but, he will also sell some useful and interesting items, items that can be purchased with the money you got from passing the Horrific Visions storyline. Hence, you might opt for purchasing the Wicked Swarmer mount, additional openings for the gems, and a knapsack that can be quite useful. Furthermore, wow boosting is never out of the question, as indicated by Boosthive and it is something most people look for.

  1. The Last Raid Level And Access to an Extra Part

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With the latest patch comes a new division as well! It will implement the brand new Mythic, and the last season that will finish this expansion storyline – one that can introduce players to the Shadowlands. The fresh raid will bring us to the stronghold where you will have to battle twelve (12!) bosses in one assault.

Like with the previous seasons, the booty and vaults will be leveled up. Keep in mind that the dungeons will be balanced up by more than 50 percent, hence, the keys will definitely be four times harder. However, fear not! There are various chances to receive various awards and weekly caches.

You can expect corruption on all prizes except for trinkets, and of course, you can decide whether or not you should purge them. Since you will have your legendary coat, there will be no additional cloak drops, and even if there were, you would still probably choose your new and improved one.

  1. New Animals And Mounts, And The Heritage Armor That We Have Been Anticipating

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Praise the WoW Gods, you can finally get the Heritage Armor for Goblins and Worgens. Of course, unless you gained one by now, you will not have to level up, but, ensure that you are at the maximum level before starting the quest. There are also additional vendors that will trade Salvage Crates in which you can find various loot.

If you are looking for a specific transmog object, animal, or mount, purchase the crates since you might find the item you are looking for in one of them. With this patch, there will be new mounts as well, including the all-time-favorite alpacas. Normally, you will get fresh pets that will accompany your mounts, however, there are also animal fight changes.

And lastly, although it seems like a small thing compared to the others in this list, a new change is coming, one that we have been waiting for a long time – a totally improved Auction House UI. Fans worldwide have been asking for this for years, and the revamp will make things easier when it comes to buying items from the auction house.


As you can see, the new 8.3 patch will bring a wide range of things to one of our favorite games – World of Warcraft. So, now that you know what you can gain, as well as how beneficial it is, do not waste any more time, get this patch, and continue your journey in the World of Warcraft!