How To Play Defense Paladin Class In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

World of Warcraft is rightfully considered one of the best MMO RPGs in the history of the gaming industry, and the undying popularity leads to the fact that new players continue to come to the project, who challenge the established rules and change the servers of Azeroth as they see fit.

All players can be divided into three types:

1. Active – such players from the first minutes try to get rid of game training and as soon as possible go on a free voyage and do what the soul lies in. They willingly spend hours and days in the fields, exterminating thousands of monsters in order to increase the game level, save up gold for good equipment and upgrade skills. They easily enter PVP and enjoy every moment of the game by spending them on the drive. They will also easily leave the project at the moment when it ceases to bring them pleasure.

2. Not ambitious – most of these players. They occupy the middle link between top gamers and players who don’t want anything from World of Warcraft at all. They pump and equip slowly, rather enjoying the process of the game as it is and following all the rules and quests, trying not to miss anything. They start new updates later, because they are always in the role of catching up – but this suits them quite well.

3. Donators are players that are somewhere between the first and second group. They have a drive from active players and a desire to break into the top of the best players on their server, but there is no absolute desire to spend days and months of their lives getting the best equipment and weapons. They want results here and immediately, which is why such players are more likely than others to turn to the services of professional services like Skycoach. Donators buy game gold, order coaching and boosting services, ask for help in raidcarry.

Basic information about the Defense Paladin class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

The Protection Paladin class is the strongest and most stable tank in World of Warcraft. He has many skills in his arsenal that allow him to take and absorb most damage, softening it, or fully blocking it.

Such a class cannot boast of a stable attack and options for single leveling, but not a single serious raid or mass battle can do without Paladins with the Protection specialization.

What has changed for the Protection Paladin class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight



Avenger’s Shield – A skill that attacks the enemy with a shield throw and interrupts spellcasting, can bounce to nearby targets. The skill no longer generates light energy.

Shield of heaven – blocks magical attacks with a chance, if successful, counterattacks the target with light magic. The skill no longer blocks magic damage over time.

Mastery, Holy Bulwark – has an action algorithm from the old Sky Shield from the Shadowlands update – absorbs periodic magic damage, provided that the block has worked, and you are in the circle of light from the Consecration skill.

Benefits of the Defense Paladin Class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight


  • Powerful abilities to reduce or completely block incoming damage. Some skills allow you to make damage predictable and be ready for it. Has the strongest cooldowns for self-defense.
  • Unique abilities and auras to protect and bless the entire group during battles.
  • Huge potential for focusing the enemy on yourself, dealing explosive damage and disposing of the threat.
  • Availability of emergency cooldowns – You can sacrifice your health and completely heal an ally, or apply a shield that blocks most negative effects.
  • Powerful healing spells that can be cast on yourself and allies.

Disadvantages of the Defense Paladin class in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

  • In the absence of basic defensive cooldowns, it is extremely vulnerable to constant damage.
  • If the character leaves the territory of the consecrate spell, he loses the benefit to defense.
  • Relatively weak mobility, which is compensated only by the Divine Steed skill.

Key stats for the Defense Paladin class in the Dragonflight Update for World of Warcraft


Each character has their own characteristics, the improvement of which will lead to guaranteed progress towards the character’s power. Some of the parameters are lagging behind, and they need to be strengthened for a comfortable game.

  • Speed
  • Mastery
  • Versatility
  • Critical Damage


Movement speed is the most important stat for all tanks, as they need to constantly catch up and taunt the target in order to keep it on them during the battle, especially for opponents with a long range of attacks. Also, speed affects the casting time of spells and attack speed, which will obviously not be superfluous for such a defensive, but wide-ranging class as a Paladin with the Protection specialization.


Mastery is responsible for the effectiveness of the use of skills and spells, gives a greater chance of a defensive skill working on you and increases the chance of passing a negative effect on the enemy. Skills will proc more often with a critical effect, have an extended duration. Mastery should be increased for those classes that constantly use offensive and defensive skills in their builds, which is the Protection Paladin.


Versatility is a balance between attack and defense and their harmonious development from the first levels in World of Warcraft.

Initially, each character has its own unique attack and defense parameters, and they increase depending on the levels and equipment worn.

The difference between these parameters between players determines the total damage in equal and unequal conditions. Mastery is what determines why a higher level player often beats a lower level player.

Critical Damage

Critical damage is a chance to inflict increased damage on a target. Since the Defense Paladin is essentially a tank and attacks targets more during a single leveling, this parameter does not play a serious role for him in PVP, but any chance to increase his attack should be seized.

Critical damage also affects ability power, but a Defensive Paladin doesn’t have many of them to bet on this stat – it’s better to focus on mastery and speed.

Conclusion on the characteristics

Most of the top Paladin equipment has bonuses to all the main stats and this is the main reason for going to epic raids. When choosing what to improve, always choose haste, or mastery, then versatility, and only then critical attack. Don’t forget to buff magical defenses as well – mages remain a dangerous enemy for all classes, without proper jewelry and buffs.