Where to Get an Online Degree? 6 Best Universities with World-Class Programs – 2024 Guide

Online education becomes more and more relevant in today’s world. It makes a degree accessible to the large population, which is especially important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. What are the benefits of online degrees? First of all, you will receive the same diploma as your counterparts who study in traditional settings. Yet, the learning process will be more flexible. You will be able to combine it with work, quality family time, and traveling. Even though such courses are no less demanding and challenging than traditional classes, online format makes them more convenient in terms of time management.

Besides, an online degree will give you additional qualifications, making your CV more appealing to potential employers. The online format of education is also a great option for those who want to study abroad but have certain challenges related to relocation. Also, we should not forget about financial benefits. If you study from home, you can save on additional fees that campus-based students need to pay. Therefore, online degrees are not only more convenient but also much more affordable.

Nowadays, a lot of universities offer online programs. Choose an option that will serve you best based on the values, courses, and accreditation that a university has. Here is a list of reputable institutions with high graduation rates.

1. Purdue University

Source: purdue.edu

The university developed more than 200 online programs for different degree levels. The Purdue University system is organized in different campuses. Each of them offers programs in various subject areas. The cost of tuition starts at $371 per credit hour. Yet, the price depends on the courses you want to take.

Undergraduates constitute the larger part of the student population there. At Purdue University Global, you can choose one of 11 concentrations and pursue a bachelor’s degree. The average duration of a course is 10 weeks, which will require you to spend about 16 hours studying each week. Usually, students take 2 courses per term, but you can take more or less, depending on the time you have to spend on studies. Purdue University also has master’s degrees and doctoral programs in education, computer science, law, and nursing. They have accreditation given by HLC. Therefore, you can expect to get a world-class education.

2. University of Florida

Source: phys.ufl.edu

The University of Florida is one of the education leaders. They started to work with online programs in 2001. Thanks to numerous accomplishments since then, the institution got into the list of the best online programs according to the 2024 U.S. News & World Report. Students speak highly of law and medical majors. Yet, their range of programs is much more diverse, including more than 200 online programs.

The university has a helpful and friendly support system, which is especially relevant for people who attend only online classes. Regardless of the subject area that you want to study, the University of Florida encourages all students to focus on research. Besides, the cost of tuition is reasonable. The price starts around $129, but it varies depending on the major and courses you take.

3. University of Illinois

Source: chicagotribune.com

The University of Illinois has a flexible list of programs for students: online and hybrid, part-time and full-time, national and international. It serves 1,745,574 active learners from 60 different countries around the globe. However, the University of Illinois is more suitable for those who want to get a master’s or doctoral degree because the range of graduate programs and certificates is more diverse than the choice of undergraduate ones. You can get a master’s degree in anything from bioengineering and computer science to health communication and translation. The university claims to have more than 1700 course sections available for online learning.

4. Johns Hopkins University

Source: chronicle.com

Being a private research institution, Johns Hopkins University becomes a place where more than 20,000 students choose to continue their studies. It is not the cheapest option but being able to learn from world-famous professors is worth it. The full-time programs for pursuing a master’s degree include arts, humanities, education, healthcare, engineering, etc. There are also part-time options for those who cannot dedicate all their time to studies. The university has different divisions where distinguished professors share knowledge and advance scientific progress. Through world-class teaching, they encourage research and help students become experts in different subject areas. As America’s first research university, it has made numerous important discoveries and continues working on its academic mission.

5. University of Missouri

Source: kbia.org

If you are looking for a place with a diverse learning environment, check online programs provided by the University of Missouri. They offer almost 160 options for graduate and undergraduate students. The tuition cost is about $288 per credit hour. You can choose self-paced courses of different formats: 6-month courses, 8-week sessions, 16-week sessions, and semester-based courses. A bachelor’s degree is available in arts, business, education, engineering, nursing, and environmental studies. Their options for graduate students are even more varied with a larger number of programs.

6. University of Oklahoma

Source: twitter.com

The University of Oklahoma offers affordable graduate programs, providing valuable instruction. Even though their courses are self-paced, students still have a lot of homework and papers to submit. Tight deadlines can be overwhelming. In such instances, you can find outside support and let DoMyEssay do some work instead of you. Yet, the support system of the institution itself is commendable. They work to ensure that students have everything they need, even if they do not attend campus. Over the 130-year history, the university gathered industry experts in different fields, including aerospace, business, criminal justice, global affairs, and many more. At the University of Oklahoma, you can find the sphere that interests you most and get the desired degree.

Choose Wisely

Online education options are numerous so take the selection process seriously. Decide on subjects that interest you most and determine which courses will help you start or advance your career. Do not forget to research information about universities and check their accreditation and reviews. This will bring you to an institution that will make your dreams come true.