Become the Master of Deep Learning by This Orogram Offered by IIT Bombay – 2024 Guide

There has been much hype lately about machine learning, AI, and Deep Learning. The market is making a shift towards deep learning at lightning speed. Companies across the globe have started to bend towards artificial intelligence for many tasks including language recognition, object detection, image restoration, image segmentation, autonomous driving, etc. Thus the requirement of professionals who are well-equipped with deep learning techniques is touching the sky.

With the emergence of demand for professionals in this highly lucrative field, deep learning has become the sought after course among students. Great Learning has come up with a 3-month intensive deep learning program that works towards laying a foundation of deep learning, NLP, neural network, computer vision and other core areas. Read on to know more about this program and the gateways it opens for you.

What is the program about?

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The Deep Learning program offered by Great Learning has a comprehensive curriculum, which is designed for working professionals by the faculty of Great Lakes and The University of Texas at Austin, IIT Bombay, and many experts in the field of artificial intelligence and data science. The prerequisite to enroll for the Deep Learning program is to have at least two years of programming experience and familiarity with algebra, probability, statistics, and data analysis.

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Students will learn from the top-notch faculty by enrolling in this course. The faculties of IIT Bombay who have worked extensively in the industry and have been major contributors to popular deep learning frameworks like Theano and Torch will be a part of this course. Dr. Arjun Jain has previously worked with the founding father of Convolutional Neural Networks, Dr. Yann LeCun during his postdoctoral, whereas Dr. Amit Sethi has experience working with ZS Associates in Chicago, a leading US management consulting firm.

About IIT Bombay

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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay is among the best engineering colleges in India. The college is ranked 3rd as per the rankings of  NIRF Ranking in 2019. It is also one of the best colleges in the Deep Learning program. The college has been a premier institute in the last 53 years. The college boasts of nearly 39000 graduate students from a plethora of fields and sectors. Currently, IIT Bombay boasts of 7202 students along with a high-quality faculty and administrative staff.  The strength of teaching and non-teaching members stand at 673. For all programs starting from undergraduate to doctoral ones.

In 2019, the opening and the closing cutoff for various courses for admission to B.Tech programs were between 1-63 and 10-313 for boys and girls students. The college also a great placement record over the years. It had at least 1200 placement offers in the last season only. This is quite commendable. The average median placement package offered at IIT Bombay was 17.49 Lakhs INR per anum across all the departments. The top employers who visited the campus last year were all notable players in the IT industry. This includes organizations like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Uber, IBM, Samsung, and etc.

IIT Bombay General Admission Criteria

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The other important question concerning students is what is the admission criteria for this prestigious college? Well, to take admission to this premier institute you will require to sit for some National Level Entrance Exams. All the courses in IIT Bombay have specific criteria. These criteria for admission to the various courses are mentioned below:

  • Any, B.Tech\BS\ will need JEE scores.
  • Admission to M.Tech\M.Tech + PhD will require GATE.
  • For MBA, you will need to take up CAT.
  • For, M.Sc and M.Sc + PhD, you will need IIT JAM.
  • For, Mphil, you will need MET scores.

What will you learn from the Deep Learning program?

The comprehensive Deep Learning Program offered by Great Learning has been a game-changer for students. Here are the major highlights of this program

  • Guidance under the IIT Bombay faculty who have worked extensively in the area of image processing and computer vision. Students will have access to 80+ hours of learning.
  • The course curriculum will help students in understanding the concepts of neural networks and deep learning, and how they are applicable in face recognition and detection of fake news, etc. Students will have a better understanding of deep learning technologies and their application in the real world.
  • Apart from the guidance of IIT Bombay faculty, students who enrol for Deep Learning courses will have hands-on experience with frameworks such as TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch. The course will also help them understand the implementation of gradient descent in Python. The popular data visualization of Python such as Tensor Board, Matplotlib to name a few are used in deep learning workflow such as Pandas, Numpy, Scipy etc.
  • Students will also have access to the computing infrastructure with GPU enabled labs that will help them learn and solve problems efficiently.
  • As a part of the program, students will be asked to make a portfolio on GitHub. The main aim of this exercise is to encourage students to showcase the deep learning projects they have built in a period of three months and attract potential recruiters with it.

What are the future prospects of Deep Learning?

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As discussed earlier, Deep Learning skills are highly sought after by the companies today. For the year 2024, approximately 2.3 million jobs are expected to be created in the AI industry. If you have a potential of more than understanding of fundamental concepts of deep learning, you could be the right pick for the recruiters. Some of the career prospects include Machine Learning Engineer, Deep Learning Engineer, AI specialist, NLP Engineer, and many more.

So, if you want to learn a very innovative course that will test your skill and enhance the knowledge, you may enrol to the Deep Learning program. Besides, the rich legacy of IIT Bombay will definitely help you gain that exposure and also the scope prospects post completing the course. Thus, banking on a deep learning course at this point may open a gateway to the bright professional future.