Let The Music Become A Part Of Your Everyday Life With Carvaan 2.0 – 2024 Guide

Think back to the last time you were listening to music. Isn’t it only just a short time ago? That is the beauty and power of music. We love music and keep listening to the favorites almost all the time. It permeates our being the whole time.

In India, whether you have a big family with elderly parents, young siblings, or little children, all have a special love for the quintessential old Hindi songs – which are romantic, innocent, and nostalgic. With Saregama’s premium digital audio player – Carvaan 2.0, music is with you wherever you go, and you can listen to it whenever you wish.

From waking up in the morning to lying down at night, music has become an indispensable part of everyday life. In India, homes, and places are brimming with music all the time.

Take, for instance, the devotional songs, mantras, and bhajans, which are essential spiritual requirements of a common family in India. The mothers and grandmothers insist on listening to them for a blessed day. These songs can be heard by dawn every day at home. Saregama has dedicated audio players like Carvaan Mini Bhakti and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita for everyone yearning for a devoted morning time.

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Instrumental music from movies available in Carvaan 2.0 can be very useful for meditation and removal of all unwanted noise. The easy to carry audio player is your best company for yoga, which is a system for the harmony of mind, body, and soul.

Listening to songs is the favorite pass time for most people all over India, irrespective of language, culture, or regions. If you visit any shop, big or small, the music playlist always contains the entertaining songs of the yesteryear — the legends like Kishore Kumar, Md. Rafi and Mukesh are forever alive. Carvaan, with the best collection of these legendary voices, is indeed precious for the music lovers who value the golden era songs.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear someone say that India is a musical country. If one is traveling in the car to a friend’s house or the workplace, songs are a must. One can easily find old Bollywood songs of Rafi Da, Lata Didi, or evergreen hits of Kaka (Rajesh Khanna), Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, or Kumar Sanu songs being played while traveling in trains, buses, and even auto-rickshaws.

Nowadays, people listen to their favorite tracks, even at workplaces. It is believed to increase productivity. With USB, Aux-In, and Bluetooth connectivity options, this player enables you to listen to your favorite songs anywhere, anytime.

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People listen to music more or less for two purposes. First -To improve concentration, get some motivation, and attainment of immediate goals. Secondly, music is used to relax, reflect, and bring back memories attached to it. This player, with its vast library of old Bollywood hits, is known for evoking nostalgia and offers all the modern features to achieve the goals mentioned above.

What if you were told that a single digital audio player could satisfy the musical appetite of all the members in your family.

That’s exactly what this player does for you with these exclusive features:-

*5000 pre-loaded songs
*150+ daily updated Wi-Fi audio stations

Genres – Devotional, Health, Lifestyle, Entertainment and more

*15, 000 Hindi songs via the playlist

*FM/AM Radio

*App Support – Download from Apps Store or Play Store

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Carvaan 2.0 has something for everyone at your home. While the elderly can listen to religious books like Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyays and popular Bhajans, Mahamantra, Aarti, Shloka, Gurbani, etc., there are several stations based on Travel, Food, Health, Poem categories to enjoy.

Wi-Fi audio stations like Rhyme Time, Bedtime Stories for Kids, Bacchon Ki Kahaniyan are for children in the family. You can play your fav songs anytime and sing along with your children. Make a beat along with the song and add rhythm and music in the lives. Play a high octane song like Khaike Banaras Wala or Bachna Aey Haseeno and let children dance and move around.

The regularly updated audio stations promise much more for everyone.

You can choose from a vast range of stations dedicated to singing legends, music composers, and actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Kapoors, Mumtaz, Dharmendra, and many more. Finally, when the day is done, turn a jog-dial in this player to listen to the soothing Hindustani Instrumental, Ghazal, Romance, etc. and end the night on a musical note.

When you have Carvaan 2.0, you have music as a part of everyday life. The digital audio player comes in Classic Green and Classic Black color and satisfies the music appetite for everyone. It is the perfect option for corporate and personal gifting purposes, as well.