How Business Phone Numbers Make an Important Part of Business Growth Toolset in 2024

Wondering how to set up a business phone number?

Or, are you planning to get a corporate phone number?

Well, the process is pretty simple. All you need to do is lookout for a service provider, consult them, get a phone installed within your workspace, and grow your brand.

Now, this seems exciting!

But what is a business phone number?


In the simplest sense, corporate phone numbers give you the ease to connect with your customers remotely. They are cloud-driven and don’t mandate having dedicated hardware or software to host the solution. Businesses that have a global reach and wider audience base, having dedicated phone serve the purpose best.

Corporate phone numbers are primarily vanity ones and aren’t limited to a device or a telephone line. All of the calls are placed over the web through the IP network. This enables remote access to the system, giving you the ease to stay connected to your customers 24/7.

When it comes to selecting the ideal channel for business communication, leaders are often skeptical about the type. Whether to invest in a numeric or get a business phone number (vanity) from CallHippo.

Where a numeric corporate phone is the traditional phone number, vanity ones are designed to serve the needs of a corporate. With vanity ones, you can either have an only-digit number or one that has both digits and alphabets.

For example, the vanity number with digits could be 1800 2242 2242. And the one with your business code would say, 1800-SOFTWARE. This way you can link your brand to the number and create a difference.

Benefits of having a Vanity-like Numeric Business Phone Number

  1. According to a survey, it is seen that 58% of the customers prefer dialling a vanity-like toll-free number.
  2. 72% of the consumers recall a toll-free phone when heard over a 5-minute advertisement.
  3. Advertisements with toll-free phone have a better engagement rate as compared to normal one, 33% better to be precise.

Do the numbers suffice? It definitely does.

Knowing that toll-free phones help you reach a wider audience, let’s uncover the benefits in-depth to see how you can grow your brand with it.

How having a vanity number boosts growth?

1. Easily Remembered

Imagine putting up an advertisement for your business and highlighting your business phone. You expect your customers to view the add and connect with your business as per the need. But have you ever given a thought about how will they remember your corporate number?

You cannot expect people to have a photographic memory and so, a five-minute advertisement displaying your corporate phone number for a matter of seconds would not be enough. What you need to do is give them a phone that can be remembered easily. This is where vanity numbers play the game. As per the statistics states above, it is pretty clear that toll-free phones can be memorized easily and the likelihood of a customer knowing the number is high. This increases the engagement ratio of a business with a vanity phone and with a traditional numeric phone.

2. Be Professional

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for long, sticking to the professional end is a must. Having a vanity phone creates the impression that you are dedicated to your corporate and has a professional way of working. It adds to your brand value, vouching for your services.

In addition to the above, vanity phones are extremely economical and have features that aren’t offered by the local telephone. Having one for your business makes it easy for you to connect and engage with your prospects and potential customers.

3. Build Your Brand Name

One of the fascinating things about vanity numbers is that it allows you to integrate your brand name along with that of the number. But how does this help?

Imagine having a vanity phone of 2342 for your business. This is like any other number and customers might confuse a number with that of a different brand. On the flip side, vanity phone have the brand name. So if your brand name is XYZ, the phone would be XYZ2342. Now every time s customer dials the vanity phone, the image of your brand pops up, boosting growth.

4. Greater Reach Of Audience

Vanity numbers are a sure-shot way of attracting an audience. Not just because they are easy to remember and has a brand name linked with it, but because they are just one call away. Whether a local buyer or an international customer, vanity phone help anyone and everyone to connect to your company without worrying about how. Nearly every VoIP service provider has the option of choosing vanity ones. So, all you need to do is connect with them, choose one for your business, and get started. Check them out here.

Note that you can either go for full numerics or the combination of the letters and the digits.

5. Expanding Businesses


Imagine that your store has been operating in the local market only. Now that you are planning to connect with customers beyond the region, you would need to give them the ease to engage. Traditional phones are expensive and customers might not be able to recall them on the go.

With vanity number for your business, you make it easier for your prospects to connect and convert into customers. This is way leads to a greater reach with much of it coming from the international market. All of this adds up to the extension of company and increased sales.


Talking about brand growth and global exposure, the best way is to set up a business phone number. From toll-free phones to call tracking, effective recording, and transferring, these numbers encompass all. The fact that these are cloud-hosted and business-specific, you can connect with your customers 24/7. And when you are active throughout the day, you will never have to worry about customer engagement. All of this adds to your brand growth.