The Best Crypto Games For Winning Big

Play-to-earn cryptocurrency games are both enjoyable and allow you to earn some extra money. Moreover, unlike traditional video games, it lets you profit from your gaming adventures in the cryptocurrency world, where your best accomplishments include gaining in-game items and leveling up, which isn’t useful in your real life.

Luckily, you can earn cryptocurrency by playing various games, including your favorite ones, such as pet games, 3D metaverse games, and even fitness games. What you do with your winnings is up to you, as you can simply transfer them to your preferred digital wallet and use them to buy goods.

The following article lists the eight top play-to-earn games and everything you need to know about them before playing. If you want to learn more about blockchain games and make some extra money, please keep reading. Moreover, you can also sign up on the website to find more games.

Axie Infinity


In the fascinating play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, users collect pets called Axies to use against other players in a virtual world, which is why many people compare it to Pokemon. Sky Mavic is the creator of this game, and it includes several enjoyable activities, such as kingdom-building, breeding, rearing, and combat. Moreover, it is a great way of obtaining NFTs.

However, in order to excel when playing Axie Infinity, you must be extremely skilled, as it is a highly competitive game. The first thing you must do is find an Axie that can destroy your opponents. There are six types of pure-breed Axies, and each of them has six different stats that refer to its body parts. In order to have a chance of defeating your rivals, you must be clever when choosing your pet.

Once you’ve decided which Axie to play with, it is time to start training for combat. During the training, your pet fights AI Axies to gain “Experience” (XP) for the Arena mode that will appear later in the game. In the Arena Mode, you will get matched with other players based on your Matchmaking Rating.

The Sandbox


Another fantastic crypto play-to-earn game that allows you to use your creativity to make money is The Sandbox. Players all across the world make money by playing this multiplayer metaverse game. However, it was first introduced by Pixowl to teach people about blockchain technology through virtual games.

Nonetheless, this blockchain-based game has developed a solid digital economy that lets users produce and sell voxel items through online multiplayer games.

The way you play this NFT multiverse gaming project will depend on your imagination. You can do as many things as you can imagine in The Sandbox, such as designing a virtual world and filling it with people, places, objects, activities, and resources. This causes the game to have an infinite library of games.

Moreover, to start creating your own world, the Sandbox needs you to link your game to a specific plot of Sandbox land. Furthermore, don’t have to necessarily purchase a plot of land, as you can just rent one and develop your game there.



One of the most well-known virtual game metaverses is Decentraland. Its in-game native token is called MANA. Ariel Meilich and Esteban Ordano made this play-to-earn game, which serves as a virtual storefront for digital items. Decentraland allows players to create and profit from immersive virtual real estate.

The 90,601 unique LAND parcels available are essential for playing on Decentraland. In these areas, you can construct beautiful landscapes, structures, works of art, and any other NFT your gaming imagination permits.

With the help of these digital resources, Decentraland users can design games and social gatherings where they can get paid if other players join them.

In order to bring the Decentraland games to life, the platform also offers a construction tool and a marketplace. You can make NFTs with the builder tool, then trade them in the market to gain MANA.

Splinter Lands


The trading card game Splinterlands is a standout player vs. player cryptocurrency game. Players in this game compete against one another using “Splinter” cards, which they can purchase, win, or trade.

Its co-founders, Jesse Reich and Matthew Rosen, launched this NFT video game in 2018, and since then, it has grown a sizable following.

Splinterlands attracts hundreds of card game enthusiasts because its gameplay relies on cards. Specifically, this game works with two types of cards: the summoner’s cards and the monster’s cards.

Although you can possess both cards, you can only use one of them at once. The player who has the monster’s card related to another player’s summoner’s card is called to combat when its pair is being used. Each card originates from one of the seven ecosystems featured in the game, also called Splinters. In order to unlock new creatures to compete with, you must acquire card packs by participating in daily missions and the game’s combat mode.

Winning these competitions boosts a player’s skill level, raising the quantity of Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) they can obtain from the game and earning card packs.



If you’re a fan of open-world adventure games, Illuvium is the best option for you. Kieran and Aaron Warwick created it, and it is no surprise that many crypto players think of Illuvium as one of the best futuristic crypto games, especially considering all its exciting intergalactic encounters.

When we compare it to other NFT games, we notice that it has one of the most intriguing gaming modes. It works through a remarkable fusion of RPG action and intergalactic exploration. The player wakes up on the decaying planet of Illuvium after escaping a crashed starship. Then, he finds out about the alien-like beings that live on the mentioned planet called Illuvials.

Your first mission after landing on Illuvium is to find an Illuviary with a list of all the Illuvials’ names. Then, you can create a strong squad and participate in PVP games and other missions using your Alluvials. These tasks allow you to earn battle points that you can then change for ILV, the native token of Illuvium.

Bottom Line

Although these were the most popular play-to-earn cryptocurrency games out there, there are many more that you can enjoy. Therefore, we encourage you to do a little bit more research and choose the game that works best for you!