Why Airy is the Best YouTube to Mp3 Downloader for Mac in 2024

We are living in such an era that we could not stay away from the internet or the things related to it. We need it everywhere and every time, but the sad reality is that it could not be possible. 

One could feel the need for an internet connection extremely when they have nothing to do. In such cases, an internet connection helps you a lot in lifting up the mood. However, there is a permanent solution to this problem. If you have a good video downloader, then you could actually download videos and then save it for watching offline. To check out how to download on Windows, you could check out this site!

As we have mentioned in the previous line, that a good mp3 downloader could solve all your problems, we will be discussing the good video downloaders, especially for Mac in the sections below. 

Find a good one, is not that easy and if you talk about Mac, then it becomes way more difficult. So, here we have bought for you the option of a video downloader that could help you in downloading videos from various video-streaming platforms especially from YouTube. The name of this video downloader is Airy. 

Important points related to Airy 

If you take a look at the features of Airy, then you will come to know that the features that it has are not fanciful, but they are of utmost importance. The best thing about it is that it could download any type of video from YouTube and too to in any format or resolution. 

Even if you just want the audio track and not the video, you can get it easily with Airy. The reason, for which you will love this video downloader, is that you could actually download the videos by following really simple methods. It doesn’t have a lot of options within it and that is actually a good thing. 

It just has a drop-down menu from which you can select your choice and option and then can do the setting. To download the video, you just need to copy the link of the video to the empty box in the application and then press the download button.

The only thing that few of the users may not find good is the cost that they need to pay for the application. Watching YouTube is absolutely free, but one could get irritated when they see the number of ads. 

This is one of the best parts of the Airy, that you could enjoy your videos offline and that too without ads. The cost that you need to pay for buying this software is 19.95 dollars and you could use the upgraded version of this application in this amount only. For using the premium version of this application, you need to pay 9 dollars more. 

If you compare the fees that you have to pay for YouTube’s premium version and for the Airy application, then there is not much of a difference. Now, it totally depends on your choice as to which one would you prefer. The reason for which most of the people prefer Airy over YouTube is that it is easy to understand and simple to use.

Airy as a new video downloader 

In this section, we will focus upon the beginning of this software and how it’s version was. It was launched in the year 2013. The software company that started developing this software is known as Eltima software. 

In its initial version, it was a simple downloading tool that could process one video at a time. The download and other features of this application came much later. This is now able to convert the downloaded content into any of the resolutions that the user wants. Along with that, one could extract audio files too, from videos, using this application. 

The best thing that a Mac user will be glad to know about is that it was designed specifically for Mac OS, but now it supports Windows too. 

Preferences in the software

We have mentioned earlier that there are not much preferences or options in this particular software and it has a streamlined interface. 

You will just get a drop-down menu, where you could select the options of your choice and they could do the work required. 

Img source: YouTube

Airy for Mac OS

If you are that person, who loves YouTube and want its videos to be with you forever and if you are using Mac, then you should definitely go with this video downloader. It is the best solution for all your video related problems and this is the best YouTube video downloader for Mac. 

The process of downloading the videos here is very easy and one could down it in any format they want. What more one can ask for? Once you will start using you will become a fan of it, as the interface of this software is so apt and user-friendly. 

The first and foremost thing that makes this software one of the best options for Mac is that it was developed especially for this OS only. This is obvious that this particular reason makes it very compatible with the device. 

You could download videos from any video streaming platforms with the utmost ease. The one point which makes it different from all the other video downloaders is that it allows you to extract audio files too from the video files.

If you want to learn more about this product, read more here.