Top 6 Handpicked Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels in 2024

Modern people are more and more getting news and analysis from YouTube channels and private blogs on social networks. But the most popular source is multi-million-user-base YouTube. Of course cryptocurrency enthusiasts and all sorts of people interested in the new digital economy are actively participating by creating YouTube channels and taking part in the huge YouTube community.

Some creators are more experienced others know not that much but want to learn something new or become an expert in crypto trading or technology. Having this in mind we have created this list of the best channels related to the topic.

Hopefully by watching these channels, and maybe even saving some videos as a reference you will always keep your finger on the pulse of cryptocurrency news and avoid scammers and cheaters of all kinds. You can check websites such as and find out more on how to save or download a video.

The Crypto Lark

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The founder of this resource is New Zealand resident Lark Davis. This channel covers the latest topics on the development of each currency. There are interviews/reviews and advisory information. The audience can ask questions under each video to put the knowledge into practice. Live communication with the audience certainly gives more popularity to this site.

This blog is ideal for all novice traders. There is a lot of information for beginners who can see the old releases and the dynamics of the behavior of a particular group of digital currency. Davis explains how you can make money on the difference in price, mining or investing simply and affordably.


Another popular channel is hosted by Omar Bham, crypto enthusiast and vlogger since mid-2016. It’s a good source of recent news and events as well as interviews with the most influential people in the crypto community, e.g. John McAfee and regular live streams.

Omar has experience in using and mining cryptocurrencies and tries to keep his vlog on the news and the most important topics so you won’t need to go somewhere else for information.

Crypto Daily

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This channel was founded more than ten years ago and since then has gained a reliable reputation as an informant about cryptocurrency. The author of Crypto Daily is a fun blogger who daily creates news and reviews about digital money. The advantage of this guy is that he does not use complex words and maintains his blog easily and effortlessly.

He explains various topics using understandable expressions and at the same time complex terms. Also on his YouTube channel, there are top selections of the best cryptocurrency music videos. Now he has gained 146,000 subscribers, while the number of views has reached nine million.

Ivan on Tech

This blockchain channel has over 218’000 subscribers and an incredible number of views – currently more than 18 million. The activity of this resource began more than ten years ago and every day its content and popularity are growing. The developer and creator is a professional miner Ivan Lilekvist.

He lives in Sweden and has tremendous experience with cryptocurrencies and is happy to share information with subscribers.

On his channel, there are training videos on issues related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He also appears in interviews with famous people in the world of cryptocurrencies, for example, Bitfinex Technical Director Pablo Ardoino or Bitcoin Cash supporter Roger Ver.

Crypto Zombie

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Owners of virtual wallets are interested in relevant topics that are discussed in this blog. There are the latest news and an overview of technologies of both popular and little-known crypto money. Such information helps users determine the direction of their activities in mining and investment.

Here, interested people gather who can calmly discuss with each other issues of relevance in the world of currency. Each user can find here interesting and useful information about the current situation on the digital exchange. It is the relevance that makes this channel so popular and in demand. Naturally, viewing such content implies some knowledge in this matter. At the moment, this channel has more than 100 thousand followers and this is not the limit.

Doug Polk Crypto

This popular resource has more than 177’000 subscribers and is managed by a real pro. Previously, the founder did review for poker games, but now he has changed his qualifications and helps beginners to get comfortable in the world of digital technology.

The creator of this blog covers the wide range of the latest news from the world of digital money and mining. Here you will find a forecast of the behavior of a particular unit on the exchange and information of a commendatory type. Bloggers try to answer questions from their subscribers under each new or old material.

The author especially emphasizes the topic of crypto scams, and often advises to carefully analyze all the ins and outs of fraud. Thus, he gives information about the traps that inexperienced investors fall into and advises on how to avoid them.

He not only knows a lot about poker but also advises on trading. In his last video Doud announced that he’s about to stop updating this channel, however, we still hope things will change and we’ll have a chance to watch more videos on the topic.


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Regardless of your ultimate goal, with the help of bloggers and their channels dedicated to cryptocurrency, you can get the latest data. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, it is extremely important to know how fraudsters act in this area.

Most likely soon, there will be more new bloggers who will do reviews about digital money. We have shown you examples of proven and best channels dedicated to this topic. Thanks to this information, you will always know the latest news.