How to Identify Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Scams – 2024 Guide

The Internet is a place where virtually anything can be done. It offers opportunities for information, information sharing, learning, entertainment, but mostly for trading. Online commerce has been available since the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Today, literally everything can be sold but also bought online. Online you can buy literally everything, from a sewing needle to a truck to transport large quantities of goods. Especially online commerce is developing in the last year after the world is fighting the invisible enemy, ie the whole period after the global coronavirus pandemic.

During this time a large number of websites selling online were launched around the world. These are mostly virtual food and clothing stores, but you can also find trade and other websites. The opening of these websites was an occasion and a great opportunity for the appearance of fake pages for trade in products that do not exist. There are more and more of them all over the world, and the fight to overcome and punish them is ongoing.

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Suspicious websites are constantly looking for ways to commit fraudulent fraud. Wondering what a fake trade is and how it works? It is a trade based on lies and untruths and is organized by thoroughly trained fake traders. They post photos of products, services, or any trade item as well as questionable conditions that you have to accept and meet to get what is being traded. The subject of fake trade can be found in literally everything, even tourist arrangements for exotic places at low prices, life insurance for 5 dollars, but also shares in well-known companies, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrencies.

It seems that cryptocurrencies are the most interesting object to deceive all naive buyers. They are an interesting and relatively new field of internet commerce. They have been around for about ten years and offer many opportunities to trade and make money, and thus offer opportunities for fraud. This instills distrust in all those who want to start trading cryptocurrencies. But no more! We are here to help you learn to recognize all the scammers in the world of cryptocurrency trading. How to learn to distinguish fraudulent sites for trading new currencies? Which sites are safe? It is up to you to follow this article from the comfort and warmth of your home because in continuation we bring you the most important parts that you should pay attention to when trading cryptocurrencies online, which will protect you from scammers:

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  1. Trade on Already Checked Websites – Before deciding to trade on any of the websites, consult someone who has already traded on a website, find out their experience, and ask for suggestions. Once you have received the offers you need to open those websites and look at the offers and opportunities they offer. If you find a site that you have not already received as an offer from an experienced trader with these hybrid currencies, then you need to research and browse the site together to make sure. Many web sites are secure, respect the restrictions associated with cryptocurrency trading, and offer great terms and conditions, including, a site where you can only hear positive reviews and experiences from people who have already been users of it. And you rely only on secure crypto service providers and be careful in trading.

  2. Secure is every page or every e-wallet that has a certificate safe – are you looking for trading sites or wallets to store purchased currencies? Be careful! Always review and analyze in detail all the pages you will come across. At first glance, they look attractive, but they are often deceived. Always check that the sites are security certified or monitored by a state security authority. This information can usually be found at the bottom of the page in the form of text or as a badge indicating that the site is secure. Always check this and do not get into an unwanted situation!

  3. Always choose a safe wallet for your currency – many wallets are circulating on the Internet that are so similar in what they offer, yet different. They vary depending on the device you are using, whether you are a beginner or already experienced in trading, and many other benefits. But beware, you may also come across a scammer wallet or money storage platform. Always check the terms of use of the site, as well as whether the site has security certificates. Some of the safe e-wallets for storing your coins are: Coinbase as the best in all conditions, Trezor as the wallet with the best and most reliable hardware wallet, Ledger as the best hardware wallet with many benefits, SoFi is recommended for every beginner in this, Edge is best for use on your smartphone and many more.

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  4. Find out about cryptocurrencies only from reliable sources, so you will avoid scammers – always look for information about cryptocurrencies on secure and relevant sites and insecure magazines. We say this because they often open websites that offer fake news and news, as well as fake banner ads that lead you directly to scammers, and further, it is easy because they have enticing web pages. These web pages will instantly make you believe what they are offering you. So be very careful and save your money! As safe sources, we recommend well-known business magazines, magazines from the world of economics and finance, as well as the websites and TV channels of the most specialized news TV houses.

  5. Follow the stock exchanges, fraudsters often publish – always draw information from the stock exchanges. They often know to make research on their own or in collaboration with other bodies and organizations about fraudsters. So many times in their statements we can come across the names of fraudsters and the names of sites and organizations that participated in organized fraud and extortion by offering cryptocurrencies on terms that are non-existent or illegal. Open your eyes and be careful, trust only the proven sources, trust the stock exchanges!

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In the world of finance, fraud is inevitable. So be careful! You have all the points and moments that you need to commit to and pay attention to. Get informed more often and make contacts with experienced people and thus get the right information. Save money by investing more time in information from reliable sources. Only careful handling of currencies and safe handling of them will bring you success.