6 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2024

The cryptocurrency market has always been an unstable environment notorious for wild fluctuations in value. Digital coins took a hard hit in the first half of 2024 due to the pandemic when Bitcoin lost more than half of its value. Six months later, the market seems to be recovering, and cryptocurrencies are bouncing back slowly. Current rates are still not great but it’s speculated that in the next year exchange is about to reach levels from 2019. Wavering values scared off some investors who planned to try their luck and skills in the crypto world. However, many are coming back now, realizing that the market, in general, is volatile and ever-changing. Speculators are back in the saddle and their prognosis encouraged traders to invest in cryptocurrencies. Here are some that are supposed to bring the biggest returns in the next 12 months.


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Bitcoin is how the whole open market started, and regardless of what all the nay-sayers criticized and challenges it went through, we can say that it is still one of the best digital currencies to invest in. The past few months were trying times for many, including Bitcoin. At the beginning of March, the going rate for 1BTC was over $10,000, and by the end of the same month, it dropped to a little over $4,000. It looked like the exchange was about to crash, but coins somehow pulled through and today we see the rise in value again. Bitcoin is the safest cryptocurrency to invest in simply because it has the highest liquidity out of all coins. This means that it can be converted into real cash quickly without affecting its value on the market. Some speculate that Bitcoin is going to gain a massive value by the end of the year, with some prognosis going as high as $50,000 for 1BTC.


Litecoin showed up on the market in 2016 and rapidly started to gain value. It was supposed to be the next big thing after Bitcoin. At one time it reached over $200 per coin, but the pandemic brought it down to only $30. Like every other digital currency, Litecoin is on the roll again and today it’s considered one of the smartest investments with its liquidity and marketing capitalization. There are 84 million coins available at any moment, and the value is rising. Some predictions say that by 2025 the rate should be almost $15,000. The lowest forecast is set at $700 in the next five years. In any case, it is going to rise, and investing in it seems like a good move. Despite the harsh competition, Litecoin is supposed to be going strong. It’s one of the most trusted coins, and it seems like it’s here to stay.


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This is one of the more stable cryptocurrencies available that has a loyal base of investors and developers. It launched in 2016 reaching its peak value of a bit over $1,300 in January of 2018. Today’s value is affected by the coronavirus pandemic and is standing at around $400. However, Ethereum launched smart contracts, letting developers create dApps, which in return have to support Ethereum blockchains. A smart move that stabilized the value and boosted liquidity which today is right behind Bitcoin. It seems like there is a bright future waiting for Ethereum, and the predicted prices are anywhere between $3,500 and $4,000 in the next few years. There is no preset limit for the number of coins available, but despite that investors have full trust in the currency and it remains one of the most favorite among users.


NEO is seen as the Chinese version of the Ethereum and is a highly trusted digital coin on the market. It’s also more than just a coin, it uses smart contracts and applications. Today’s value stands at $18, but it is expected to rise significantly since it was proven to be one of the most liquid currencies on the market. There is a 100 million cap for NEO, more than any other coins. Its creators are well-known and respected in the crypto world which only adds to the value and security of the coin. Since it’s been such a stable currency, the only predictions speculators made in that by the end of 2024 the value of NEO should reach $21. After that, the rise should stay slow and steady. It’s not considered a risky move to buy NEO, never was, so investing in this coin should pay off in the long run.


EOS is thriving due to the fact that creators simplified trading with EOS, as well as removing the prerequisites of being the developer in order to create dApps. Users love this coin and EOS is boasting a huge community of supporters. They claim that the EOS is much faster than BTC. Whatever the case might be, EOS remains the beloved cryptocurrency among investors, developers, and commoners. Many predict the coin to spike in value up to $100 in the next year. If you’re not an experienced enough trader, EOS might be the right choice for you or try using one of the services like click-moneysystem.com.


Ripple is a bit different than other cryptocurrencies. It’s mostly turned towards banks and large financial institutions enabling fast transactions from every corner of the world. Many banks started implementing the Ripple protocol, thus making it one of the most stable among coins. Not many people invest in it since it’s made to serve global fund transactions. Ripple is out of reach for the SEC making it very attractive for banks. Its liquidity is right behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, and its uniqueness boosts its price and secures a safe future.

One of the pieces of advice every investor will give you is not to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification is the key, so don’t get stuck trading with only one currency. Try out different coins, trade in various markets, and success is almost guaranteed. Each currency presented here has the potential to become a prosperous investment.