7 Interesting Gadgets that can Improve our Lives in 2024

Everybody loves gadgets. We love them the most because they represent extraordinary innovative things designed to make our lives easier and make everyday activities faster and more enjoyable. And just like different eras, they change at lightning speed. Everything that was good yesterday will be much better today, and only true tech enthusiasts know that these devices are not only supposed to make life less difficult and more beautiful, but also to change the look of reality. Just think about it – over a decade ago, smartphones were nowhere in sight, and today we literally can’t function without them.

In any case, the technology is advancing faster every day, and scientists are working hard to amaze us with new inventions. And as it might be difficult to get a handle on all these innovations, we’ve chosen to show you some of them that you might have never seen before. You’ll find seven examples of unusual scientific inventions below, which can already provide us with a ticket for the next millennium.

Zipper earbuds

Img source: shopee.com.my

Remember spending minutes or even hours trying to untangle those stubborn earphones? Or maybe you are still experiencing the magic of this tiring ritual? Well, with the zipped ones this nightmare should finally come to an end. This is the most outstanding feature – they’re rather practical and easy to use thanks to a zipper between the earphones that prevents the headphones from getting tangled or broken by closing up and down.

It doesn’t only look good – there’s also extra bass, high-quality sound and some fibers for lasting durability. You’ll be able to use them with iPhone, Android and even tablets. They also support all multimedia devices with 0.138 in. If we can make a long story short, this one will at least save hours and hours of unraveling as well as the money we normally give twice a year (or more often) due to broken earphones.


Img source: livescribe.com

Yeah, this happened as well. A smartpen was designed by Andy Van Shaack, who let the Livescribe company develop his idea – and the advantages of the new tool are many.

Just imagine this – a pen that records everything that’s written thanks to a tiny camera on its tip, which recognizes handwritten text on special paper. In addition, it has a microphone that simultaneously records the sound with a capacity of up to 100 hours of recording. And, thanks to a mini speaker, this little tool can reproduce in audio the things you just wrote. The files can be transferred to a computer through a simple USB connection, while the pen occupies the same space in your bag as any other traditional pens would.

And the best part? It works while working on different subjects, as well. These types of pens could be used while studying physics or mathematics, but they can help with languages, too.  And the ideas are coming up with each new day – a couple of young inventors developed a pen capable of warning the user through vibrations if he or she makes spelling mistakes or has bad calligraphy. Marvelous!

Stickers with Bluetooth sensors

Img source: estimote.com

Bluetooth stickers shouldn’t be called “new gadgets” as they exist for some time now – these sensors allow us to monitor and interact via BLE with certain objects that don’t offer this capability themselves. In short: it gives them connectivity. The only step to take is to place stickers with Bluetooth sensors on any item in order to be able to locate it somewhere in the house. It works great with those items that you constantly lose somewhere near, like smartphones or keys.

One of the manufacturers, Estimote launched its Estimote Beacons, since they’re interested in revolutionizing the market with a more advanced and sticker-shaped version. With a much smaller size than the first products of this type (they claim to be only 3 mm wide), the great novelty of these stickers is that they also include an accelerometer, a temperature sensor and a motion sensor in each one. And the price? Well, around $99 for a pack of 10 stickers.

Remote control mop

Img source: bitrebels.com

How many times have you glanced at all the brushes, mops and cleaning products waiting for you and wished you just had some kind of magic wand that would allow you to sit or lie and clean at the same time?

And what if we tell you that your wish has just come true?

It’s not a joke – the house cleaning will never be the same after this invention.  The Japanese company, Kyosho, has made many people’s dreams come true by creating this unique remote-controlled mop, in addition. That means that you’ll be able to clean your floors without having to get up from your seat. A significant help, don’t you think?

The gadgets are not so expensive – you need only around $21 to afford this pleasure. It requires four AA batteries –  two for the remote control and two for the utensil.

Bluetooth hearing protection

Img source: radmoretucker.co.uk

You might already know what hearing protection devices are – mostly “shells” with padded seals that are designed to fit the ears. They’re connected with an adjustable band that maintains a firm fit against the ears or can be incorporated into a safety helmet, if necessary. The pads contain liquid or plastic foam that reduces the noise level but still allow you to hear normal conversations. In addition to that, if you work in noisy places, it might be quite irritating and also harmful to the ears, either temporarily or permanently – especially if it’s prolonged.

Some new updates on these appliances include their connectivity with Bluetooth technology that enables the sound to be directed to your ears. On this page,  you can find some Bluetooth hearing protection devices and their reviews. Simply go through them and see which one suits you best.

PowerCube Original USB

Img source: icentre.com.mt

This original cube-shaped plug has a very practical function that will help you organize your desk better, as it will allow you to charge several devices at once. This gadget includes several USB ports and plugs input, which guarantees that your battery problems will disappear. Forever.

In addition, you can combine it with another PowerCube – this way, the number of devices for charging can be expanded. Its price is approximately €11.

Portable scanner

Img source: amazon.com

Alright, imagine the following situation: you’re out of the office and you receive a call from your boss asking you to pass him some documents, but you won’t be able to get home until the end of the day. Or: you simply need some notes that you don’t have in electronic form, but you don’t want to carry a bunch of papers around.

These types of things don’t represent a problem anymore – because now it’s best to carry a portable scanner in your own purse. Today’s technology introduces us to a pen-like tool that lets us scan books, notes, magazines and papers of any kind –  at any time, from anywhere and without having to tear the pages.

You’ll simply need to slide the scanner over the document – and the content will be automatically saved on the included MicroSD card, being ready for transfer to a computer. This pleasure costs €99: but it’s worth it.