Advantage and Disadvantage of Technology In Our Daily Lives 2024

There are various things advantages and disadvantages of technology. The impact this has had on daily life is practically immeasurable.

Technology has enabled progress in many areas, so it can be used in many different ways in everyday life. However, it is still generally used although it can negatively affect people and society.

The benefits are certainly facilitated and improved communication, universal availability of information and enhancement of people’s lives on many levels.

On the other hand, some of its disadvantages include the loss of work, as machines can perform increasingly complex tasks, problems with the confidentiality of various personal data and dependence on the same technology.

Technology is constantly evolving; there are always old technologies that can be replaced by newer and more efficient technologies.

Today, almost all things are more convenient and affordable thanks to technological advances in many sectors. Despite how much technology has taken people and how convenient it is, there are many disadvantages that accompany this level of success.

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Discoveries in all industries

Technological advances allow people to find a more efficient way of working, and these processes produce positive results.

For example, education has progressed because of advances in computers. Students can learn globally without having to leave classrooms. Online learning in the future may take over the primacy completely.

Thanks to progress, the processes of peasants that once required dozens and dozens of human workers can now be automated. This implies a higher cost-efficiency for farmers. Technology has changed the way the data collection method. instead of face to face or telephonic data collection now data extraction tools  like Prowebscraper has taken place for extracting data from any website

Medical discoveries occur much faster, thanks to the fact that machines and computers can assist in the research process; can enable intensive educational research on medical issues.

There are also major advances in science, such as the Large Hadron Collider, in space we reach places that were not even possible in SF films.

Cost effectiveness

In this way, processes can be improved and new ways of completing tasks can be accomplished. Thanks to this, machines can produce the same results as humans – or even better results – in certain industries.

This results in cost savings for business owners, as it enables them to invest in the growth of other areas of business, which in turn has a positive impact on the economy as a whole.

Easy access to information

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Access to relevant information at any time and anywhere has become commonplace. This is possible thanks to modern technologies such as broadband internet.

A lot of information is published and added to the websites; Many websites have original content that can be used for research or entertainment.

Small devices, such as smart phones and tablets, give users easy access to information as these devices use the Internet. And such devices have become available to everyone, the prices are no longer high and the distribution is huge all over the world.

These elements make it easier to access the network and this simplifies the way we get information.

Digitalization is a process that has already impacted almost all industries, and the number of businesses that choose to utilize digital transformation solutions grows continuously. According to Jelvix experts, dollar voting is the concept that reflects consumers’ choice of goods and services, and only those businesses that provide excellent online experiences may win this market competition.

Better communication

It can be said that communication is like life: we cannot develop without communication. Modern technology has developed many advanced technological tools in the field of communication.

These tools include email, cell phones, video conferencing, instant messaging and social networking applications.

All these modern communication tools have simplified the way people and business people communicate. People can communicate with their friends and relatives wherever they are in the world.


It is possible to trade on any stock exchange in the world. Cryptocurrencies have also emerged, a brand new version of money, increasingly popular. Many applications are available to help you manage your personal finances. Combine applications and track finances through a flowchart, which you can create for free at ZenFlowchart and see how you can save more than before.

Travel improvements

Modern transportation technologies make it easy to travel long distances. Transportation is an important element in the lives of people and the business world. For instance, the founder of MarcsMobility states people with limited mobility are able to travel flawlessly with travel wheelchairs and accessories.

In the past, it was expensive and slow to travel long distances. You can currently travel 10 miles away in just minutes or hours, using planes or trains. Low cost companies now transport us by plane cheaper than by bus or car. Tourism is on an unprecedented expansion and because of the easily accessible reservation of accommodation.

Instant remote healthcare

An efficient healthcare alternative during pandemics and other crises has been the rise of telehealth services by remote video interpreters and other certified medical translators and interpreters. These telehealth technologies have increased dramatically, and as more people and even businesses are forced online, look to increase in use and popularity. Besides just being an efficient healthcare alternative during pandemics, these remote video interpreters have also proven themselves in other capacities beneficial to businesses and individuals alike. Find out more about telehealth and an efficient healthcare alternative during pandemics.


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Social isolation

This is one of the primary problems. We see children playing in the parks less and less, and spending more and more time on their computers. The elderly also did not avoid this problem. They search the internet, spend hours watching various videos, and more and more people in the IT industry are complaining about alienating themselves from other people, especially when working from home.

Technology has replaced the old way of interacting. For example, if a user can easily communicate with 100 friends online, they may not feel the need to go and make friends in real life. Unfortunately, this later leads to loneliness and depression.


As society progresses more in the technology field, people begin to rely more on computers and other forms of technology for their daily existence.

This means that when a machine breaks down or has a malfunction, people can become almost useless until the problem is resolved.

This dependence on technology puts people at a very disadvantage as they become less self-sufficient.

Lower value of human workers

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While technological advances in industry and at work, human workers have less value.

Machines automate processes and can handle ten people with one computer; companies may not have to hire so many people to do the work.

As machines and computers become more advanced and more efficient, this will continue to become a major technology flaw and will be a problem that has a global impact.

Decrease in creativity and change in reasoning

Increased dependence on modern tools, such as calculators, has reduced creativity.

This can be clearly seen in both young people and adults. Generally, you cannot perform a simple mathematical equation without the help of a calculator.

It affects the way people use their brains and reduces their level of creativity.


It should absolutely be clear to us that the positives far outweigh the negatives. We just need to be smart and rational and make the best of what is offered to us, while minimizing the negative effect as much as possible.