How Technology is Changing the Modern Education – 2024 Guide

We are witnessing how technology influences all of the aspects of our life. There are no reasons for education to be any different. At the same time, in some of its element’s education looks pretty much the same it has been for many years now. We still have a teacher that lectures its students who are sitting in rows and carefully listening to what he has to say. This is not much different to, for example, an illustration of university lecture in medieval Italy, which was painted by Laurentis de Voltolina. Classrooms are pretty much the same nowadays. However, they are filled with tablets, smartphones, and laptops instead of pens and handbooks.

Moreover, technology indeed has a significant effect on modern education. For instance, technology made education much more accessible to people. We can say that the days of expensive education are long gone in some of the instances. Naturally, we still have universities that have expensive scholarships. Nevertheless, with features that emerged in the last couple of decades like audio, images, e-books, courses, videos, etc. we have many more possibilities. This is always going to be a very important topic. Therefore, we decided to give you an insight into how technology is changing the modern education. Without further ado, let us begin.


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Sometimes we ask ourselves, do we even need to buy certain books in order to learn something. This is definitely the case since all we need can be found on the internet. One of the most impressive ways of technology impacting modern education. Nowadays, you don’t need to wait in line in a book store or at university to buy a certain book. Almost all of them can be easily found online and read through your mobile phone or laptop. Moreover, we can always use audio-books, videos, enlist in some of the popular courses, etc. All of these technologies game a new chance for students who have some sort of condition, like dyslexia. Also, not everyone has schools or universities near their home, so online schools or courses are making up for that. This is a massive potential for our generation to be educated more than any generation before. Maybe we can make a world a better place with higher education. This is a chance we need to take.

Internet of Things

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We all heard the stories about the Internet of Things, or IoT is going to much the future of humanity much fruitful with its smart cities. That doesn’t mean that IoT doesn’t already have a massive contribution to the education systems all over the world. Today, schools are connected more than ever, which gives students many more options. By using new technologies, students could have more resources when it comes to writing their assignments, share them with their professors and other students from the comfort of their home. If you would like to learn more about writing papers and assignments check The conclusion is that IoT can help us be more connected than we ever were. When we say this, we are thinking about professors, students, schools, parents, etc. The possibilities are limitless.

Online Schools

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Online learning is closely tied to the previous one, the Internet of Things. Modern education has slowly started to erase the line between reality and digital. It’s like we have all the information we need on our mobile phone, laptops, PCs, etc. Do we really need teachers and lecturers? Yes, we do. Today, their role is somewhat changed in recent times. They are more like a coach and facilitators nowadays. But that doesn’t mean that they are not equally important. Thankfully, we have online schools. Like in real-time schools, lecturers are equally important to guide you through the subject you are learning about. You can re-visit a lecture as many times as you want, and after it, you have an assignment or a quiz you need to take in order for you to pass it. More importantly, you can do it from any device you want, and from the comfort of your home. The best thing about online schools is that you can enlist in any school you want. This is closely tied to the next part of our article that we will discuss now.

Personalized Learning

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We can say that traditional classrooms are slowly going to die out. This is the harsh truth, but that doesn’t mean that this is necessarily bad. Just take a look at the examples of Amazon Prime or Netflix. They are providing us with personalized and on-demand television experience. All of the limits in terms of devices, timing, and location are now erased. There are no reasons why this can’t be applied to the educational system. Traditional classrooms are based on lecturing a group of people doesn’t help every individual. Every person has its weaknesses or strengths and the pace of lectures is not suiting everyone. It all depends on a person liking a particular topic or subject. This is one of the elements that is slowly introduced in modern education and we believe that it will not be long before it becomes the dominant one.

High-Tech Classrooms

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By using technology in the classrooms, teachers and lecturers will have the opportunity to do experiments in pedagogy. Moreover, they will have instant feedback from the student. This means that technology is allowing more active learning. The whole dynamic of the classrooms is going to change in the future. Furthermore, with introducing technologies to the classrooms, we will get ensure full participation. Features like online polling are going to help with engaging all of the students, even those who are feeling a little bit shy, to present the teacher will their knowledge. A lot of tedious tasks in the classrooms can be automated with the use of technology. When we say this, we mean tracking the performance and attendance of the students.