How is Modern Technology Changing the Future of Video Editing?

What are you doing right now? Who cares, right? You’re probably reading this article. How is that possible? Well, I’ve sat down on my laptop, found a few sources on the internet, and conjured up this piece.

Was it an easy task? You could say so. It was much easier than it would be a few decades ago. What changed in the mid-time? Well, technology advanced. It reached heights that were unimaginable to the people living as far base as in the 80s. each year, the tech advancements go as far as a year, compared to what occurred in decades starting from the 50s.

Thanks to the latest technological developments we can say that we truly live in an advanced era. Some things can be compared to sci-fi movies. What surprises you the most when it comes to modern technology and the spheres it changes?

For us, it’s video editing. Just look at the number of movies that are 90% CGI. This tech made it possible for Marvel Cinematic Universe to thrive and becomes what it is today. Remember when all of us thought that the T-1000, or liquid metal Terminator was the state-of-the-art creation when it comes to movies? How far have we come?

We can say, that we’re moving forward in light years when we compare today with the days of the 80s and 90s. While one could argue that things were better back then, or at least more simple, we can’t say that in the sphere of video editing that things aren’t going for the better. Each day you have a new development, and we just can’t get enough of it. Have you ever thought about how is modern technology changing the future of video editing? There are many ways this is happening, and let us stroll through some of them.

New Software


Video editing is not an easy task. But, thanks to the recent developments it’s coming down to earth to even some of us beginners. New software makes it easier to create and edit videos than it was ever before.

You could say that making a video is easier today than it was ever before. Yes, all of us have laptops with web cameras, smartphones that have great cameras, and even real cameras that are more available than ever. Thanks to all of this making a video is an easy task. But a straightforward video leads you nowhere. This is not the 80s when you could film anything on your camcorder and sell it as

a movie. These days, you need to be sophisticated. Videos are money-makers in the world of social media platforms. So, is there an easy way to approach editing when you’re a rookie or even a pro in editing with little time on your hands?

Of course, there is. As we said, software in this department has come a long way, and if you’re eager to see how far has it come just click here and you’ll see what we’re talking about.



Yes, drones started as gadgets, but now, they have found their way to the film industry and they’re not going anywhere. Filming scenes with drones is amazing. You can do this with a small drone and a small camera as an amateur right now. Imagine filming a wedding with a drone. Why imagine, this is done daily now?

Back in the day, you’d need a helicopter for this trait. So, it’s no wonder only rich people’s weddings were covered in the air. Today, movies, weddings, and any type of video are taken with drones. It allows the one who’s filming to add a new, bird-view, perspective to any video he’s making.

This is what does wonder when it comes to editing. You can combine the aerial footage with the one you’ve taken on the land. Only a few years ago there was no way you could do all of this on your own.

Now, you can add another dimension to your editing skills with little to no effort. All you need is a drone. It’s hard to think that a gadget made for fun went so far in its development that today it’s used in almost all spheres of life starting with entertainment and ending in military usage.



Yes, artificial intelligence is entering all spheres of our lives, and video editing is no different. AI is still not fully developed, but you can argue that it will be in all of our homes in no time.

Luckily for those who are living in the world of video editing, it’s making great strides there, and it can already be applied to an extent. This brings us back to our first paragraph.

There is numerous AI software that can provide aid in making and editing videos. If you select a proper aid in this domain, you can save yourself the trouble of matching colors, sounds, and sequences in making a video. Today’s AI can do all of this for you, making the effort you need to put in much smaller.

Algorithmic Video Editing


This is where things get complicated. But, algorithmic video editing has already made its way to the film industry. In no time it will be a tool used by amateurs too. Its popularity is undeniable and it’s only getting bigger as we speak. Do you know what AVE is? It is editing software. What it does do? Well, it is a great aid when it comes to editing videos but in an automated way. It’s what saves editors time and effort.

All of it is done by using a set of predetermined algorithms. According to forgehub, it’s popularity lies in the fact that sometimes the need to end projects faster is needed more than the quality of the end product. It’s mostly used when making promotional videos and advertisements. But, let’s not downplay its quality. When you use a quality product and in the all right ways, it will release a quality product, even on the level Hollywood is satisfied with.

Bottom Line

The best part of all of this recent development in video editing is that it isn’t stopping. What we see today will be improved or replaced shortly. If history taught us something is that the video-making industry never sleeps.