A Beginner’s Guide in Flying a Drone in 2024

Admit it. It cannot be denied that drones are popular in the field of videography all over the world. They are also being used by many professional filmmakers and photographers. But still, there are lots of individuals who are using drones for recreational purposes. So, if you are one of those individuals who want to perfect the drone controlling or a starter who wants to know how to fly one, then you are at the right place.

In this post, we are going to provide you with the things that will help you to learn how to control a drone properly. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy it.

Basic Functions of a Controller

Generally, a drone is being controlled with the use of a transmitter or remote control. This kind of device imitates the remote controls being used for gaming. It comes with joysticks and buttons that will provide you with various uses. There are lots of high-quality and expensive devices that feature an overwhelming controller. Thus, you need to understand its basic control and functions.

These are the right and left sticks. On the other hand, they are being controlled similarly with the other models out there. These are being used to maneuver most of the drone’s controls. So, each user must learn and comprehend the basics of using one.

Right Stick: Pitch and Roll

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The right stick that you can find on the controller or transmitter of your drone is the one that controls the physical movement of your device. The pitch works for forward and backward, and the roll works for side to side.


When you push the right stick that you can find on the y-axis (down and up) will make your drone to move backward and forward. You might think that this is quite easy, But if you are going to use it with a throttle, you might find it more difficult. So, it is important for you to have an allotted time for practicing this control.


When you push the right stick that you can find on the x-axis (right and left), it will make your drone roll and fly along with the right and left areas. This will give you a helping hand to prevent crashing from different obstacles, such as trees. This can be done without notice of any changes in the position and altitude of the device on the y-axis.

Left Stick: Throttle and Yaw

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The left stick is the one that controls two factors. These are the throttle or the altitude and the yaw or the rotation.


When you push the left stick that you can find on the y-axis (down and up) will alter the altitude of your machine. Individuals who have drones usually control this factor when flying. This is usually being done with the help of the right stick functions. This only means that it is crucial for you to understand and get comfortable with this function.


When you push the left stick that you can find on the x-axis (right and left), it will trigger the rotation of your drone to either counterclockwise or clockwise. This will give you a helping hand to place your device to face another direction without changing the current location of it.

Essential Things to Keep in Mind Before Flying a Drone

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Register Your Drone

One of the important things that you should keep in mind is to register your drone. Your remote-controlled aircraft should be registered to have a registration number that will be given by the FAA or the Federal Aviation Administration. Any aircraft device that is weighing for about 0.55 pounds to 55 pounds should be registered. Registration will make the drone owner be accountable when it comes to emergency situations, such as accidents.

Secure a Pilot License

A user who wants to use the device for commercial reasons is always required to have the Remote Pilot Certificate that is being given by the Federal Aviation Administration before you attempt to fly it. Users of these devices whose ages are 16 years old and above need to pass the exam. The cost of the examination is currently 150 US Dollars.

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Download the “No Fly” Applications

Some of you might know that some areas restrict the usage of a drone. This is because they are enforcing a “no-fly zone.” In connection with that, if you are going to break the rules, you will get fined. Luckily, different applications can be downloaded for you to determine the “no-fly” zones in your area. Try searching for the trusted apps for this job and download it.

Read the Instructions

Another thing that you need to consider when using a flying device is to read and understand its manual. Even though it is not your first time to fly one, it is still important to read its instructions. This will enable you to familiarize yourself to the flight features of the drone. Aside from that, you will also understand and learn how to solve some inconvenience and problems that might occur in the future.


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Controlling a drone is easy, not unless if you are using a new with different features of remote controls. If you want to fly your drones appropriately and adequately, then you need to follow the steps we have provided above.

There are lots of brands and models of drones that you can see on the market today. One of these is the Drone X Pro. This has a user-friendly control that will enable you to manipulate it even if you are a starter or an expert. Aside from being user-friendly, another thing that you will surely love about this product is that it is very inexpensive. This only means that even if you are on a tight budget, you can still avail of this high-quality aircraft device.