Flintstone, Maryland – Explore the city – 2024 Guide

Flintstone is a small unincorporated town set within Allegany County in the state of Maryland. It belongs to the Cumberland, MD-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area. This town is a quiet place where the residents and tourists can enjoy a good rest or find some relaxation and recreation options. Since the settlement of the area, Flintstone is considered an agricultural town, with the rich, fertile land ideal for the cultivation of various plants and crops. It is also a scenic place whose picture-perfect areas are wonderful for quiet vacations and picnicking.

Tourist Attractions

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Although a very small town, Flintstone has its own tourist attractions. Travelers can enjoy a glimpse of the life of the town and its residents in these attractions. One such popular destination is the Breakneck Road Historic District which holds the distinction of being listed on the roster of the National Register of Historic Places in as early as 1980. This place offers visitors an authentic look into the farms and associated lands that had thrived in Flintstone since its settlement. The rural landscape of this historic district is nice to view as well.

Best Hotel Accommodations

Flintstone does not have a lot of hotels to offer travelers, but as Reservations.com suggests, it does have some good options for travelers to enjoy. Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort are considered to be the best hotel in Flintstone, offering travelers with wonderful luxurious rooms, all with soft beds, high-speed internet access, and cable TV plus a golf course on site. 7 C’s Lodging is also a good option, although not as impressive as the golf resort but still provides travelers with soft beds and great accommodations.

Exploring the City

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Flintstone is a good place to explore, with lots of open spaces where travelers can stop by to take pictures of the picturesque scenes. During months close to harvest seasons, the farms come alive with beautiful colors that are also nice to capture on film, so don’t forget to bring a camera. Since the attractions and destinations are far from each other, it would be a good idea to explore the city aboard a motorized vehicle. Travelers can also rent vehicles to bring them to this town and to be able to explore the city easily. Public transport is available but not as easy to find compared in other areas. Thus, it is still best to bring your own vehicle or rent one, anyway.

Things to Do

Tourists heading to Flintstone can enjoy a challenging game of golf at Rocky Gap Golf Course. It is also a wonderful idea for tourists to explore Rocky Gap State Park where the golf course is also located, hiking up the mountains and hills to enjoy the views below. Camping can also be enjoyed at the state park, with mini cabins provided with basic conveniences such as electricity and comfortable beds. With some water bodies within its borders, fun water activities can be enjoyed by those traveling to Flintstone. There are some areas perfect for fishing and boating. Don’t forget to sample the delightful dishes that are served by the restaurants in Flintstone.