Explore The Best Aussie Games: Unveiling Authentic Experiences And Local Talents

Few would suggest that national stereotyping is the most sophisticated form of humor. In some cases, it is an area that is dangerous to tread in an age when so many are so quick to take offense. However, if there is one nation that relishes in its national stereotypes, it is Australia. Back in the 1980s, Paul Hogan became an official ambassador for Australian tourism and he took delight in exaggerating the already clichéd Mick Dundee persona even more.

40 years on, we still picture Australians as work hard / play hard outdoorsy characters who love nothing more than a barbecue on the beach followed by an evening playing the pokies in the local pub. The saying goes that life imitates art, and if so, the Crocodile Dundee franchise has a lot to answer for.

Either way, Aussie culture is something that continues to be celebrated across multiple entertainment media. As well as movies, that includes music, TV, books and, especially in recent years, games. Here, we have carefully selected a handful of bonzer fair dinkum games that are Aussie and proud.

Dinkum is so Aussie it sleeps in its boots

Australia is a nation of 25 million souls – some US states have higher populations. It is also a country that tends towards early adoption. This makes it an ideal place for limited or trial releases of new titles. That’s exactly what happened with Dinkum. It soft launched with practically no fanfare in Australia last year, and it was only thanks to the marvels of social media that it received the attention it deserves.

Dinkum was developed by James Bendon, an average Aussie bloke from rural Queensland. In this age when even indie developers seem to have plush offices and seven figure marketing budgets, that is a miracle in itself. As for the game, yes, it takes inspiration from titles like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Rune Factory. However, it is eminently playable in its own right, and, most importantly, the setting is naturally Australian without seeming artificial, in much the same way as GTA’s setting is unmistakably American.

Dinkum went on general release last year and has already become a cult classic on Steam. James Bendon continues to develop it, which is just as well because there is nobody else to do so. No worries, mate!

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is reaching a new audience

At the risk of making some readers feel very old, the original Ty the Tasmanian Tiger game recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its launch on the PS2. From a gameplay perspective, this was a platform game that was quite typical of the era – similar to titles like Crash Bandicoot. As was so often the case with games like these, it was the little details that made it stand out from the crowd and that make it as much of a hoot to play today as it ever was.

From the character names to the scenery to the background creatures to the in-jokes, this is a game that basked in its Australianness and shouted it from the rooftops. It also spawned a series of sequels over the subsequent decade and a half that made Ty Australia’s first genuine mascot hero from the gaming universe.

The last game in the franchise was Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 4, which was released in 2015. But that wasn’t quite the end of the story. In 2020, Krome Studio, the original developer, launched a kickstarter project to finance the creation of a new digitally remastered version of the original classic.

Their vision came to fruition a year later, when it was released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in October 2021. It is now being discovered by a whole new generation – as well as being rediscovered by an older one!

Bondi Break gives new meaning to an Aussie pokie

Source: cnn.com

Pokies, or slot machines as they are otherwise known in the rest of the world, have a special place in Australian culture. Despite their growing popularity online, they are still a common sight in pubs, truck stops and other public places.

Australians are serious spenders when it comes to playing slots and there are dozens of titles available for Australian audiences. Have a look through the best casino reviews at AustraliaOnlineCasinoSites to find out more about the different pokies and places to play them.

In our celebration of the most Australian games, it would be impossible to leave out pokies, and one title in particular sticks out. Most popular pokies are time-honored friends that have been around for years, but Bondi Break is a relatively new title. Released in 2021, it has nevertheless earned a strong following in a relatively short time.

It is based, of course, on New South Wales’ most famous beach, just outside Sydney and the game greets you with fantastic sharp artwork that transports you to the golden sand and the azure water of the Pacific. There is also a fabulous relaxing guitar soundtrack. Gameplay centers around a fairly standard five-reel format with 25 paylines. But the area in which it really stands out from the crowd is in its bonus games and free spin round.

The free spins round offers the best chance of making a significant return. It is triggered when you collect three or scatter symbols, depicted by the surfer. This triggers 10 free spins straight away, and if more scatters appear while the free spins are rolling, this in turn triggers the Surfer Collect bonus, which applies a multiplier of whatever the free spins deliver of up to 50x.

Soaking up the Aussie culture

From its wildlife to its beaches to its unique sense of fun, there is nowhere quite like Australia. It’s a place everyone should visit at least once. Of course, it’s a long way from almost everywhere and these are tough economic times. If you want a taste of Australian culture that can be experienced whenever you like, then any one of the above three games will fit the bill.