Revolutionizing Poker: Unveiling the Next Generation Digital Poker Table at the 2024 World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is unquestionably the largest, richest, and most prestigious gaming event globally. It is part of Ceasars Entertainment’s Caesars Digital operations. The event awarded over 3.63 billion USD in prize money, and the prestigious gold bracelet recognized worldwide as the sport’s top prize.

The tournament features a comprehensive slate of tournaments in all major poker variations making it poker’s longest-running event globally, which dates back to 1970. In 2022, the WSOP attracted over 197000 entrants from more than 100 countries to the Horseshoe Las Vegas and Paris Las Vegas. The 2022 event awarded over 347 million USD in prize money.

Additionally, the WSOP has formed revolutionary partnerships in broadcasting, corporate sponsorships, and digital media. It has also successfully expanded the brand globally with the launch of WSOP Europe in 2007 and WSOP Asia-Pacific in 2013. They also launched the WSOP International Circuit Series in 2015.

WSOP 2024


This year’s event kicked off on May 30 and will run through July 18. Click here to learn more about the tournament. Furthermore, this year’s tournament will have an event that will revolutionize poker.

It is expected that this year’s tournament will be the biggest. The two host venues are buzzing and are ready to offer revelers a summer to remember.

Where the WSOP 2024 Will Take Place

Also, the 2024 WSOP will be the first ever at Horseshoe Las Vegas, but not the first in the same establishment. Last year WSOP shifted from the Rio to the Las Vegas Strip’s Bally’s Hotel & Casino, which has been refurbished and rebranded as the Horseshoe.

The two properties are linked and are connected to the broader Las Vegas Monorail. This allows patrons to travel between the two establishments and other properties on the Las Vegas Strip, such as MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, and the Convention Center. Additionally, the two venues have 150,000 square feet of tournament and a capacity of 600 poker tables.

The Main Event

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The defending champion of the WSOP is Norway’s Espen Jorstad, who took home $10000000 in prize money. He topped a poker battle list featuring 8663 players, which is the second-largest in the history of the WSOP.

Unveiling the Next Generation Digital Poker Table

During the WSOP 2024, Jackpot Digital will exhibit its dealerless Jackpot Blitz electronic table. Jackpot Inc is a highly-rated manufacturer of electronic table games used in the regulated casino industry and on cruise ships. The company is known for its multiplayer gaming products, such as poker and casino games.

Jackpot Digital’s Next Gen digital poker table supports the Slot Accounting System (SAS) protocol and the Ticket In/Ticket Out (TITO) feature, which can accept cash/voucher and print vouchers at each seat.

The TITO and SAS protocol integration means that Jackpot Blitz ETG meets the industry standard criteria required by most large casino operations. Consequently, top casinos can install and integrate this new poker table into their casinos.

Word From the President


Jackpot Digital President and CEO Jake Kalpakian revealed they had received overwhelming reviews from casinos on Jackpot Blitz because of its touchscreen display, intuitive design, and clear operational benefits.

However, he claimed that some casinos couldn’t use this new table because they needed to integrate it with their casino management systems and let their players fund gameplay directly with cash. The CEO also stated that the new poker table would address these critical requirements and open new markets for the brand.

Features of the Next-Gen Poker Table

Players who enjoy games without a dealer can try a new experience with the Blitz tables. Blitz tables feature an 84-inch, 4K resolution touchscreen having over 100 sensitive touch-points to replicate a traditional live poker experience complete with gesture-based gameplay.

Players use hand movements to manipulate cards like in a real game. For instance, you can cup your hands around hole cards to take a peek and tap the table to check. The company has set the tables to include roulette, baccarat, and blackjack.

Additionally, if the gambling laws of your jurisdiction allow, you can drop a few bucks on the night’s basketball or football game. The CEO, Jake Kalpakian, revealed in the past that the company intends to enable casinos to offer their customers poker games without incurring additional expenses.

A Table for Millennials?

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Casinos have been brainstorming strategies to reach younger gamblers. According to Kalpakian, Jackpot Blitz allows casinos to engage this market segment used to play video games and online poker when growing up.

The new table’s format offers online poker and a live experience hybrid. Mobile device players accustomed to multitasking are drawn to the game’s ability to maintain engagement between hands.

The technology is something the millennials are used to, and it offers numerous features that keep the players mentally stimulated at all times. There have been scenarios where players come to a poker table with their iPads to play online while they are at the cash table. Thanks to the new tables, you no longer have to do this.

The Jackpot Blitz tables differ from those prevalent in casinos because they offer the latest technologies and address most player concerns. For instance, the other casino tables lack many features that modern players expect and use archaic payment systems. The tables lacked real features, did not have other games, and had no tracking or comping. In short, they have outdated technology.

Jackpot has been working on developing more dynamic and interactive tables since 2015, and that’s how they created Jackpot Blitz. Some of the exciting features include a touchscreen, which is more immersive to use. Additionally, you can play other games, including baccarat or blackjack, when sitting out a hand or waiting for a hand to start.

Kalpakian – We Don’t Want to Replace the Dealers


Kalpakian stated in a past interview that the company’s aim was not to replace all the dealers. Instead, they want to complement the growth of online poker. At the time, he claimed the table was the future of poker, and the future has come!

As they unveil the table in the biggest poker event globally, time will tell whether players will embrace betting and bluffing on the digitally felt casino. Based on the benefits it offers and player concerns it addresses, you should watch out for Jackpot Blitz tables-they are the next big thing!