9 Ideas to Make Your Gaming on Macbook Better – 2024 Guide

It is no secret that Macbooks are not meant for gaming. However, given how their specs have improved recently, it is no surprise to see that more and more people are looking to try playing some video games on their Macs.

Having an older model is a bit difficult because you will struggle to run the most recent titles. However, it does not mean that giving up on the idea is the only option. There are plenty of things you can do to salvage the situation and at least enjoy some games. Here are some ideas on how to accomplish that.

Idea #1 – Tweak Your Software

Sometimes, the biggest problem lies in the software. Applications that are running in the background are consuming more resources than you expect. You can read an article or two about how important it is to shut off apps that you are not using, especially if you want to play video games at the time.

A computer that is overworked because of poor software management will not be able to run video games optimally. Launch the Activity Monitor and sort processes to determine what you can close or even remove from the Macbook.

Idea #2 – Scan for Potential Malware

Performance problems may stem from cybersecurity threats like malware or viruses. If the system is infected with malware, gaming is going to be impossible.

Scan the system using a reliable antivirus and if it finds any potentially corrupted files, get rid of such data immediately. You can fortify a computer’s security by having the firewall enabled and becoming more careful when you are surfing the internet.

Idea #3 – Check Mac Specifications

Each game has minimum system requirements. If your Macbook is not good enough even for that, you are better off not even bothering with the game because it will only end up as a bad experience.

Instead, look for other games that your Macbook can actually handle. Of course, there is an option to add new hardware and improve the Mac, but that will cost money, and not everyone would be willing to invest just because they want to play some video games.

Idea #4 – Free up Hard Drive Space

A few gigabytes of free space will not cut it. The hard drives of Macbooks are not that spacious, and a lot of people struggle to keep files on the computer. And when you consider the fact that most games require a lot of disk space, better drive management becomes even more important.

Remove useless files, like temporary junk or email attachments, regularly. Transfer data to clouds and external storage devices, subscribing to media streaming platforms to avoid needing to keep large media files on the Macbook, and make use of other ways to have enough disk space on the Macbook.

Idea #5 – Install Updates

Even a small patch can make a big difference. It is possible that stuttering and other problems you experience while gaming are related to a lack of system updates. And it is not just the OS updates. Even other apps can directly influence what you have to deal with while trying to play video games.

Make sure to install updates as soon as they are released. And even if it takes longer than usual, let the system do its thing because you can never be certain about the implications the computer might have because of the missing updates.

Idea #6 – Try Full Screen and Windowed Modes

You have an option to play games in full-screen and windowed modes. The difference is quite noticeable in terms of what you see because windowed mode takes time to get adjusted to.

The reason why you need to try both options is that the performance of a game could change by quite a bit, depending on whether it is in full-screen or windowed mode. If you are looking for the most optimal performance, take some time, and try both options to see how each does.

Idea #7 – Declutter the Desktop


Desktop clutter is something you need to remove in case it is present. Every icon consumes resources that could go toward making improvements to your gaming experience. It may be convenient to keep some files on the desktop because you can access it with a single click, but there is the search function on the Macbook, so finding what you need should not be an issue.

Idea #8 – Remove the Filth Inside the Macbook

Source: youtube.com

The dirt that you can find inside the computer tends to accumulate quicker than one expects. And the problem can get out of hand when you are not careful.

Make it a habit to remove the dust and dirt from inside the computer into a regular thing. Also, if you lack the necessary experience and are afraid of taking the computer apart yourself because you might damage it, why not take the Mac to a service store and let people who work there handle everything?

Removing all that filth from inside the computer will help with the overall performance and reduce internal fan noise. Speaking of which, purchasing a cooling pad would also be a good idea as it is one of the best accessories, especially when you consider how much it provides for the price.

Idea #9 – Adjust Game Settings

Source: 9to5mac.com

It is not always the computer settings that determine the outcome. Games have options as well. Reducing graphics and disabling effects like shadows, anti-alias, reflections, water, and even the resolution of the game tends to make a positive impact most of the time.

The quality of the game drops in terms of how it looks. However, if you are looking to get the most out of the performance and enjoy gaming without stuttering, freezes, and constant crashes, reducing the graphics is one of the best ways to go about it.


To sum it all up, there are quite a few aspects that go into ensuring that one has the best possible gaming experience on a Macbook. It is understandable why so many people want to play video games, especially now when there are so many great titles released every year. And you need to optimize everything properly to enjoy gaming, no matter what device you are using.